Why didn't the ghost come to eat me?

Why didn't the ghost come to eat me?

If I don't eat, I'll go to bed.

I was very timid when I was young. Afraid of the dark, crying as soon as it is dark, afraid of loud voices, crying as soon as the loudspeaker in the village sounded, afraid of people, whenever a stranger left my door.

at that time, as soon as my mother gave birth to a baby brother, I went to live with my grandfather. I had to cross a street from my house to my grandfather's house, about 500 meters away. Every night after dinner, Grandpa would pick me up to go to bed. One day, when Grandpa didn't come, my mother let me go by myself. I cried when I heard it.

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Mom said I was a coward. I cried and shouted to her, "I'm just scared. What can I do?" I asked my mother to take me there, but my mother refused. The reason is that my brother has fallen asleep for fear that he will fall out of bed. In my snot and tears, we both took a step back. My mother took me to the gate, and then she watched me go to my grandfather's house at the door.

standing at the gate, I was still scared. My mother said to me, "Don't be afraid. I'll just stand here and watch. I'll go home when you enter Grandpa's door." Go ahead, run fast, and you'll be there in one breath. "

after listening to my mother, I began to run forward. I didn't know my mother went home after two steps. I ran to my grandfather's house. I felt that someone was following me, but I dared not look back and had to run forward. The more I ran, the stronger I felt. Thinking about the result, I fell to the ground. I lay on the ground and cried, and no one came out to give me a hand.

I cried and thought that the ghost must have pushed me. The ghost must have wanted to eat. I was so scared that I closed my eyes and cried. Anyway, I just lay there crying while waiting for the ghost to eat me. I didn't know how long I had been lying on the ground. My tears were dry and my voice was hoarse. I was so tired that the ghost still didn't come to eat me.

I sat up groping with my eyes closed and said to the ghost, "Ghost, are you still eating me? if you don't eat, I'll go to bed with my grandfather." After saying that, I waited for a long time but there was no movement, so I secretly opened one eye and looked carefully at nothing around me.

as soon as I saw that there were no ghosts, I opened my eyes. I saw the bright moon in the sky. The moonlight passed through the branches and cast the mottled tree shadow on the ground. I could see a row of old hens lying on the tree. I was stunned by what was in front of me. It was really beautiful. Seeing that I forgot that the ghost was going to eat me, I stood up and patted the dirt on my ass, and went to my grandfather's house to sleep.

when I arrived at Grandpa's house, Grandpa was chatting with some old men. I told them how beautiful the moon was, and pulled them out one by one to see the moon in the sky.

since then I have not been afraid of walking at night, and I have become more daring.