The best family style will always be these five words.

The best family style will always be these five words.

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"moral inheritance is more than ten generations, followed by ploughing, reading, poetry and books, and wealth, but three generations."

although the family style is invisible, it permeates in the blood of the descendants of the family like an invisible force.

and a family, if it can have these five kinds of atmosphere, will often be more and more blessed.


the family has righteousness, and the family style is fine

the best family style of a family is to be worthy of heaven and earth and to be a man worthy of conscience.

do you remember this picture?

when the epidemic broke out that year, 84-year-old Zhong Nanshan was ordered to Wuhan in the face of danger.

this scene gives everyone a shot in the arm. Everyone firmly believes that if Zhong Nanshan is there, there will be hope!

but do you know?

all Zhong Nanshan's unrepentant efforts stem from his father's words at that time.

at that time, Zhong Nanshan was still young, and his father was already a famous director of pediatrics.

many people specially come from other places to see a doctor, some of whom can't get on the list during the day and bring their children to his home at night.

most of the time, my father doesn't have time to eat during the day and doesn't take a rest after work.

Zhong Nanshan can't help asking, "is this necessary?"

but my father only replied, "the so-called duty of a doctor is to cure the sick and save the patient."

A single sentence stirs up thousands of waves in Zhong Nanshan's heart and cannot be forgotten for a long time.

in a family, the most supportive person is not wealth, but Hao ran Zhengqi.

in such a family style, what is taught is a gentleman of pure character, and a family will get better and better.

there are rules at home.


A family with deep blessings, affectionate but well-behaved, tolerant without losing the bottom line.

Chi Chongrui, who plays the Tang monk, once shared an experience.

in his family, three generations live together.

and there is a rule at home: every time you eat, if the elders are not seated, the younger generation should wait patiently.

if the elder has finished eating, the younger generation should get up and help the old man have a good rest, and then come back to eat.

this big family, from top to bottom, from old to young, when there is no chicken flying and dog jumping, everyone is always respectful.

I have always thought that those who behave at home will be educated outside.

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filial piety to parents should not be less, and the rules that should be observed should not be forgotten. To be a man and do things, you must not show off at home and be weak and incompetent outside.

only by behaving according to rules and keeping rules in mind can this family be at peace and happiness.


there is love at home.

someone once asked, "what do you think is the best feng shui for a family?"

after meditation, I replied, "Don't blame anything, but discuss everything."

the fate of a person's life is so wonderful that it is already signed to meet, let alone start a family.

I have seen too many families go through great winds and waves, only to be defeated by trifles.

either the husband has a bad temper or the wife is always willing to turn things over. As a result, the two people do not give way to each other and quarrel with each other.

Su Qin once said: "put a step under other people's feet, and you will see the world's double appreciation for you!"

it is hard to avoid some ups and downs when the family lives together.

when you encounter a major event, two people discuss it, and one more staff officer will have more peace of mind.

if you encounter innocuous trifles, instead of clinging to mistakes, try to forgive them.

in love, we need to go further with each other, while to stay together, we need to take a step back.

A loving family with tough armor on the outside and gentle arms on the inside.


A few days ago, the reader @ Orchid found me.

she said that after five years of marriage, she had less and less affection for her husband.

at first, I thought her husband was not doing his job and could not bear the burden of a family.

later she said to me, "you know, it's not terrible to be poor, the most terrible thing is to be poor at heart."