Precepts (good articles in depth)

Precepts (good articles in depth)

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"what is a person? Full of desire. "

when we want more and more, people will be engulfed by desire unconsciously, but the real desire is difficult to achieve.

but natural abstinence does not exist. The really strong must be the master who fights with human nature.


people with good bodies give up greediness

when they are young, figure is only part of their appearance, but as they get older, figure becomes more and more a sign of excellence.

when people of the same age become loose and old, we want a light posture, not only for the sake of pleasing the eyes, but also for health and good condition.

but too many people acquiesce to their failure when they eat and drink.

many of my friends began to worry when they stood on the scale and asked for supervision with a sad face: "I won't eat so much next time!"

the next time I see dessert and hot pot, I can't help but have a big meal: "just eat once, don't get fat."

all "tasty but not fat" will eventually make people fat, even if they don't eat sugar, use instead of sugar, don't eat rice noodles, and eat coarse grains, it's all self-deceiving.

two days ago, I brushed a diet to keep fit. Bloggers often eat not only tofu and boiled vegetables, but also fried beef, mushroom chicken and steamed fish. The more I look at it, the more I feel that it is no different from the way I eat every day.

it's just that she ordered herself to have a full breakfast, 8% for lunch and 7% for dinner.

with proper exercise, she finally lost weight and now her weight is stable at 93 jin.

the good figure you envy never depends on the diet, but on the abstinence of the mouth.

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even if you are not on a diet, stop eating Haisai first. Even if you do not want to eat lettuce leaves every day, try to suppress your greediness every time. After a long time, you only need to look in the mirror and your self-confidence will be full immediately.

as the years get older, your well-proportioned figure is your best business card.


people who work smoothly have given up laziness

the epidemic has been going on for nearly two years now. All kinds of industries have their own difficulties, and work against a brick wall has become the norm, but smooth work has become a new thing.

you want to get lucky at work. God can't give it to you. You can only give up laziness and earn it on your own.

netizen @ Xue Yiqing arrived at the company just a year and a half before she was promoted for the first time.

her job has nothing to do with her college major, let alone interest, but she will never be careless when it comes to the work she has.

before the quarterly meeting, the leader asked her to help write the speech, and she did her best even though her writing was average.

after that, the leader remembered her.

when her colleagues ask her for help, she will work overtime even if it is not her job, and she does not feel that she is being bullied at all.

she has done all the work in the department except IT, and she has a clear understanding of the core operation of the company.

gradually, even when she asked for annual leave, colleagues asked for help, and the company became more and more inseparable from her. by the time the competition began, she was naturally promoted to management, with an annual salary increase of 50%.

We always think that if self-discipline becomes a habit, we will no longer feel tired.

in fact, no matter how long it takes for a person to exercise self-discipline, it is easier to fool into writing a speech than to weigh his words carefully, and it is more comfortable to earn a share of money and work harder.

fishing is something hidden in your bones.

but as Chai Jing said, "behind every smile is a soul with clenched teeth."

you enjoy the blessings you don't deserve, you always suffer the hardships you don't deserve, you are much more controlled by laziness, and opportunities are blocked by you.

gnash your teeth and give up excess laziness. When you have had enough bitterness, sweetness will come.


people who are stable have given up their anger.

there was a very popular video on the Internet. When the traffic police issued a ticket, a couple scolded him in turn, using aggressive foul language and swearing.

as soon as the video was released, the couple were said to have no quality, and the police officers' calmness was unanimously praised by everyone.

after digging into it, you will find that the video was taken by a cursing couple. At first, they were punished and sincerely wanted to make the video ugly to the police.

"it's so slow to write a few words!"

"if you want to praise, you don't have to be in such a hurry, do you?"

"how many more years do you have the ability to study for a sheriff?"

they constantly infuriated the police, and every word was enough to hurt people, but the police just calmly retorted: "I do things without praise. I also have the pleasure of being a police officer."

in this case, he is a law enforcement officer, and the couple are the masses. If the two sides quarrel, people will naturally think that he is bullying others.

what's more, the camera is aimed at the policeman, who can't argue as long as his anger is not suppressed.

keep your mood steady and not angry, it may not bring good luck, but it may save you from bad luck, manage your emotions, and be organized when things happen.

classmate Xi Xiping is often agreeable to everyone, likes people among friends, and brings his own popularity to work.

someone was talking about her behind her back, but she thought, "this is because those people have nothing to do, it's none of my business." in the twinkling of an eye, she couldn't afford to be angry with anyone.

the anger in my heart, though it cannot be hidden, can be dispelled.

other people scold, let him scold, others hate, let him hate to go, as long as he has a clear conscience, it is enough, as long as he loves himself enough, he will not be angry.

when you try to give up your anger, change the cornerIf you think about it, you will find that troubles may not be worth mentioning in your whole wonderful life.


people with a good heart have given up selfishness.

there are many people with ability and EQ, and the most respectable people are always those who are kind from the heart.

We have heard the word kindness countless times, but it is the most difficult to have good intentions all the time.

the anchor, "Brother Kuaishou," once sent a video saying that he would give 30,000 yuan to the 15 poorest families in the village, but the money he sent out in front of the camera was taken back off the camera.

Mr. Liu, a teacher from Yunnan Province, openly called the students "stupid", "stupid" and "mentally unsound" on his Weibo account, all with a sense of superiority.

keep saying that it is for the public good, but in fact it is to boast of yourself.

people who are too selfish, no matter how hard they rack their brains, are not worthy of the word "kind".

looking back at the tangerine merchant who was popular in the front, when he docked with the buyer, he hardly thought about himself.

the doctoral students of Zhejiang University need to ask carefully about the shape and size of the fruit. The shopkeeper didn't know at first, but answered all the questions patiently.

when they know the use of the fruit, the shopkeeper doesn't care about more money or less, insisting: "I'll donate a box to you to try. I can't help the country any more. If I encounter it, I'll think of something to help."

he packed the tangerines carefully and sent five more cartons. Apart from that, he didn't think about anything.

because of this, netizens have come to support him, and the sales of small stores have doubled, and he is worth it.

We all have selfish desires, but we can't be too selfish. only by putting aside our selfish desires and thinking from the point of view of others can you move towards true kindness.

get rid of the abacus in your mind, and your heart will shine.

when you give up selfishness, the people you meet will be kind to you, and every passer-by who passes by will be willing to back you up.


Life is a battle of self-conquest. Some people defeat humanity, while others are defeated by humanity.

if you want to live the life you like, you must be brave, maybe to give up gluttony, or to give up laziness, anger and selfishness.

because what is worth having is hard-won, and these inborn ailments are too heavy a burden for us.

Ji Xianlin said: "instead of living comfortably and ignorant for a lifetime, it is better to taste something different, like bitter but sweet."

have a fight with human nature, and you will eventually take control of your life and meet your own scenery.