Rely on yourself for the rest of your life.

Rely on yourself for the rest of your life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as the saying goes, "relying on mountains will fall, but everyone can run."

throughout ancient and modern times, people living between heaven and earth cannot live without self-reliance, and they cannot be strong without self-reliance.

as Mencius said, "if you can't do it, you will do it to yourself."

Destiny is a lonely river, and its true meaning is to be its own ferryman.

if you have no backing, let yourself become a backing;

if you have no background, let yourself become a landscape.




other people's prescriptions, unable to cure their own diseases

people always encounter all kinds of problems when they are alive. How to solve them is a barrier that life sets for us.

I have seen a piece of news. The frail Ms. Xu heard that her friend had got a good prescription for recuperating her body.

not only does the prescription come from a famous doctor, but also the medicinal materials are very exquisite, and the cost of medicinal materials is nearly 5,000 yuan.

the most important thing is that friends take it, the effect is significant.

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she took the medicine according to the prescription, resulting in not only a stomachache, but also a nosebleed.

physical diseases, according to personal physique, the right medicine; life problems, but also need to be combined with their own situation, targeted.

but the biggest blind spot in life is that we are so used to taking the path taken by others that we think that the path that others can take is right. But I often forget to ask myself whether this road is suitable for me and whether I can reach the desired destination.

writer Li Xinbin once said: "never be a beggar with opinions or ready-made answers, but be a pioneer and planner of your own life." "

nowadays, when we turn on our mobile phones, we can always see life advice from celebrities and celebrities on all kinds of software. But how many people have become winners through the guidance of these experts?

what is more is to make yourself more anxious and even get lost in the flood of information.

there is no universal truth in the world, let alone a way to use it directly. Talented people can enlighten you that the real method must be realized by yourself.

the first sentence of Tao Te Ching is: "Tao can be Tao, very Tao".


whatever can be expressed, there are times when it is not true.

the honey of A, the arsenic of the other.

when you encounter a problem, it is always more effective to explore, think and sum up on your own than to copy other people's answers.



other people's eaves cannot hide their own wind and rain

there is a strange woman named Shen Qiongzhi in the Outer History of Scholars.

her mother died young and her father made a living by teaching in Changzhou.

when he was about to get married, his father promised him the engagement of Yangzhou salt merchants, which was infinitely rich.

but it was only on the day of her marriage that she found out that the salt merchants wanted to take her as a concubine instead of a real wife.

the honorable hostess became a humble concubine, changing her life from marriage to jumping into the fire.


, Shen Fu sued the salt merchant, but lost the lawsuit under the collusion of government and business, and was taken back to Changzhou.

separated from the two places, Shen Qiongzhi could not count on his father. But instead of giving up, she opened a way to save herself.

first, she picked up the gold and silver, saw the time, pretended to be a mother, bribed the girl, planned all the way, and fled at night.

then, relying on her ability to be good at poetry and painting, she listed "Seiko taking care of embroidery, writing fan and writing poetry" in Nanjing to support herself.

in the face of salt merchants who refused to give up, she had a plan for a long time.

above the court, she wrote poems in front of the court, proved her identity, and was finally recognized by the government and exonerated.

Wu Jingzi spoke highly of her. In the list of Confucian scholars, he listed Shen Qiongzhi as the first of the top three. From a weak woman to a strange woman, her story tells us that the most reliable person in the world is always himself.

the Analects of Confucius says: "the gentleman asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."


it is the common sense at all times and at home and abroad that one is living and being self-reliant.

when the choice of life is in your own hands, no matter how many obstacles there are ahead, as long as you keep moving, you will always be blessed by fate.

those who fly with their own wings can fly higher, fly farther, and fly where they want to go.

A happy life gained by oneself is bound to be the most secure, down-to-earth and secure.



the scenery of others cannot become their own beauty

"Zhuangzi Qiushui" says: "pity, pity snake, snake pity wind, wind pity, eye pity."

A man with one foot envies a snake with many feet that can walk; a snake without feet runs very fast; a snake envies the immense power of the wind without form; the wind envies people's eyes like electricity, and they can turn around; they also envy the speed of the heart, and the heart arrives in a twinkling of an eye.

all things are entangled and miserable because of envy, just like us: looking up at others is an advantage; bowing your headLook at yourself, it's all inadequate.

but in fact, people are so different from each other, but in every kind of life personality, there is endowment to be found, strength to be found, and the future to go.

Geng Sang Chu says: "only insects can worm, only insects can heaven." "

only bugs can achieve all the properties that heaven has given them.

Don't envy others, don't improperly belittle yourself, and don't turn a blind eye to your talents and throw them away.

instead of looking up to the glory of others, it is better to keep your head down and manage yourself well, prop up a boat of life for yourself, and find a broad sky of your own.

when we really appreciate ourselves, trust ourselves, and improve ourselves, we are already the most beautiful scenery.

Zhou Guoping once said: "listen to the voice of life itself, enjoy life itself, and walk with fate, success is an accessory." "

so don't lament in looking up, get lost in envy, just shine in the sun and run in the wind and rain.

when you look back, you will find that you are also a beautiful scenery, and success and happiness will go hand in hand.




the Book of changes mentions a sentence many times: "since God blesses, there is no disadvantage." this is to tell us that God will help us if we work hard, that is, "God helps us".

when you encounter many puzzles in life, you must first explore your own solutions, which must be more effective than moving others;

when you encounter the ups and downs of the world, holding a sheltered umbrella must be more secure than under the eaves of others;

when you see the dazzling scenery of others, those who believe in and improve themselves must gain more than looking up to others.

the strong save themselves, and the saints go from one person to another. May you become the sun without relying on anyone's light. Even if there is no one around you, you can have the power to warm yourself.