Love a person, no matter whether he is scum or not.

Love a person, no matter whether he is scum or not.

He doesn't really like you that much.

I remember some time ago I saw a message backstage saying, "you know, there is only one kind of girl who really likes you, and that is the girl who really likes you." I sighed. Because although this sentence does not sound good, it is a true portrayal of a tragic love story.

is as stinging as the phrase "those who are moved deserve to be used".

I remembered the story my roommate told me.


A cousin of a roommate met a girl when he was on a blind date. At first, he was attracted by her temperament and knowledge, and they got along quite closely with each other, so the roommate's cousin planned to express his love to the girl at the right time. Once, when my cousin took the girl home after watching a movie, he asked her if she would like to be his girlfriend.


the girl did not refuse or agree on the spot, but just said, "think again." The


confession seemed to mark a watershed in their relationship, and after that night, their relationship became more intimate. At the same time, the girl also began to inadvertently ask her cousin for clothes and bags, and even jokingly said at dinner, "I want to launch a SLR crowdfunding program. Would you like to join it?" Instead of AA points as before, they were naturally treated by their cousin, and asked him to trust a relationship to find a job for her brother in the family.


all this, the roommate's cousin did all this in order to win her favor, but his identity is still only "friend".

  later, my cousin once again expressed his love, and the girl's attitude was still ambiguous, and the cousin gave up from then on. He said in his moments: "Why can an ordinary girl, who is not in a relationship with me, keep asking me to do so many things for her and take it for granted?" Isn't that what I like about her? Does love come from such a cheap thing? Should people who are tempted be taken advantage of by scum? "

that moments was deleted soon.

the next morning, there was an extra circle of friends: "good get together and break up, goodbye."

roommates said that at first the circle of friends seemed angry, but in fact it was all helpless after it was broken up. My cousin was really "scum", but it was like a gambler's bet, the more chips he put in front of him, just because the more he wanted to win. It's just that this bet is bound to lose from the very beginning.


I don't know if my cousin still cares about this later, but I just heard that he never mentioned this man again.

at the back, I saw a popular Weibo message that read: "I still like you very much, like the wind has walked eight thousand miles, regardless of the date of return."

there is also a story of being scraped. The protagonist is a senior I know.

she has been in love with a boy in her department for two years. The elder sister initially took the initiative to chase him, bought midnight snacks and waited for him downstairs, pulled him up at every party, and learned to play his favorite game. However, during those two years, the boy only maintained a "bosom friend" relationship with his sister, and was always vague when asked the key questions. Say some nonsense about "I don't have the confidence to be nice to you yet". He doesn't refuse to accept it and plays with him when it's time to play.

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but when he returned to school after a department party with his elder sister at more than 12:00 in the evening, the boy suddenly asked her, "the door is forbidden, do you want to stay out for one night?" before that, the elder sister saw him go into the convenience store and say he wanted to buy water, but squatted down while paying for it and took a small box on the shelf.

 Sister  said that she was confused at that time. On the one hand, she was a person she always liked and happily paid for each other, and on the other hand, she was a person who was not a couple but asked to have sex.

"I don't want to fall in love with a regular girlfriend, maybe we can just keep it that way."

the boy said this when she didn't know what to do.

 I asked her how she ended up, and she said, "it's disgusting that I pushed him away and suddenly thought I liked such a person."  

I continued to ask her, "in fact, you have paid unilaterally for more than two years, and he has not given you an affirmative answer when you are most troubled. Why can you continue to meet his demands?" Don't you think that man is scum? " The elder sister said, "I know you think he is scum, but do you know?" Until you get real sugar, no one knows what sweet tastes like. "

"and some people are, you hate him very much, but you just can't help being nice to him." She added.


"you asked me why I was with a scum, but before I fell in love with him, did I know he was scum? he just showed up just when I needed to be loved, when I was helpless and confused in a foreign university. That's why I gave away my love. It's not up to me, you know? The opportunity that love needs appears, so, no matter the person who appears at that time is scum or good person, as long as be a little nicer to me, I am afraid I will like each other. " After falling in love with

, you will find that that person is really nice, even if he is bad to you.


I always thought it was unlucky to like a scum, but when they were hurt, when they paid for scum, their faces that tried to courtship through "being used" seemed extremely contented and contented.

later I realized that when you like aWhen you are a person, you don't care what kind of person he is. Your focus is always on "like". He said that when the sun rises in the west, you will believe that he gives you poison and you smile and think he is really nice.


people who take the initiative to love are always happy, and those scum men and women who only know how to take advantage of this psychology also take your offer for granted, just as you take it for granted that if you love TA, you should pay for TA.

 last night, Zhang Jingshi talked about something. He had a classmate who enjoyed chasing girls very much, but as soon as he got it, he immediately abandoned him. Because the boy thinks that the girl who can be "liked" with some sweet words and a few movies is too cheap to be worth the next development and cherish her.  
 what's more cheap is that his QQ signature is: life is so long, who hasn't loved a few scum.

every time he broke up, he said to the girl with the attitude of being weak: "I'm not a good man, that's all. I'm sorry." But it is this kind of "retreat for progress" that is most likely to stimulate women's natural desire for protection, so that girls who like him like him more, and even volunteer to become a backup.

I asked Zhang Jingzhi, "if it's such a routine, isn't he never short of girlfriends?"

Zhang Jingzhi smiled and said, "when I was at school, but then I heard from another classmate that he had been single for several years." Maybe it's because he spends so much time on such boring things that he can't do anything, can't do anything well, and only worries about himself. For a long time, girls all know that he is a scum. "


I remember in the TV series good Mr. Gan Jing's wedding day, Lu Yuan sent her a pair of shoes she liked after several twists and turns. He said, "you should have it. You deserve everything here."


so I think that liking someone should not be a cheap and easy thing to take advantage of. Love is cheap only if you are a person who uses being liked as a tool.


there are actually many scum men and women around me who appear to please each other and show off how much they pay for themselves in other public places. They may think their partner is too cheap, but I think their love is too cheap.