Children who often go out for "waves" will have amazing changes in their brains (with winter vacation travel advice for 0-12 years old).

Children who often go out for "waves" will have amazing changes in their brains (with winter vacation travel advice for 0-12 years old).

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these days, the children have had their winter vacation one after another.

in the afternoon, mothers in the community had a heated discussion about where to take their children to play during the winter vacation:

many mothers had already made travel plans early and planned to take their children out during the holiday.

however, there are also mothers who are skeptical:

think that the child is still young, so he can't remember where to play, so why bother? Tired and wasteful.

but is it true?


Children who travel a lot from an early age

magical changes take place in the brain

to be honest, taking children on a trip does face a lot of unpredictable problems:

they have to prepare a lot of things in advance and face all kinds of emergencies encountered during the journey.

parents have to take care of their children while playing, and they are tired to death at the end of the day.

at the same time, we also have to worry about whether the child will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

but in fact, taking children on a trip from an early age is a positive and meaningful way of education.

the famous brain scientist David Eagman once pointed out:

the supply of neurons in the brain is not unlimited. As children grow up, synapses connected by neurons are being pruned all the time. These pruning is carried out by the brain according to the stimulation of the external environment.

thus it can be seen that the growth environment is important to brain development. A good environment can provide rich stimulation to the brain and help brain synapses to be built and shaped continuously, among which 0-6-year-old children have the strongest neuroplasticity.

and nature is a new environment for children.

the appearance of the sun, moon and stars, the beauty of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, the wonder of flowers, birds, fish and insects.

the brain gives meaning to these sensory signals from the outside world, such as giving salt to the sea, color to the sky, and aroma to flowers.

so, from the perspective of brain development, the meaning of travel is not whether the child remembers the scenery he has seen, but to activate and shape the brain to better understand the world and become more flexible and intelligent.

Dr Margot, a child psychotherapist, has also pointed out:

"A rich environment provides novel experiences that enable children to enhance their social, physical, cognitive and sensory interaction skills.

in a novel environment, it can promote the active expression of genes in the prefrontal lobe (equivalent to the CEO of the brain) in children, which in turn is related to children's high IQ, which helps to enhance the executive abilities of stress regulation, attention, concentration, good planning and learning ability, and improve physical and mental health. "

Don't think that you can't remember anything about traveling with your children, and don't think it's troublesome to take them out.

those children who travel a lot since childhood, their brains are quietly undergoing amazing changes-they will become more and more "smarter".


excellent children are all "waves"

those who have seen "the strongest brain" must be no stranger to Wang Yu Heng, the Eye of Ghost talents.

he graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. He majored in Tsinghua design in the college entrance examination, and his professional score was 40 points higher than the second place. He was an all-around high achiever with both talent and strength.

in fact, Wang Yuheng often traveled everywhere with his parents when he was a child. He seldom memorized books and especially liked to keep company with flowers, plants, fish and insects.

now he has a daughter, and whenever he has time, he takes her everywhere to watch jellyfish at the aquarium and play with Baiji.

his daughter spends almost half of the semester away from school, travels with him everywhere, hasn't left behind her homework, basically maintains the top five grades in the class, and loves reading and sports very much.

he believes that children's world should not be full of textbooks and grades, but should be vibrant and colorful.

the world is so big and rich that she will be humiliated and humiliated if she sees more.

Yes, every excellent child comes out of the wave from an early age.

Independent  Last summer vacation, I took my children to an outdoor summer camp.

there, I was particularly impressed by a 7-or 8-year-old boy.

the other children are still clinging to the adult's hand. He is already carrying his hiking bag, looking at the map while leading everyone to find the way.

when he encountered problems in the process of hiking, he was more calm than the adults, analyzed the situation quickly and found a solution.

finally, when he pitched a tent at the top of the mountain, he did not ask for help from his parents, but led his friends to work together to complete the task first.

on the way back, I chatted with the little boy's parents and learned that the parents often took their children to travel around the motherland, climbing over the snow-capped mountains and across the vast grasslands.

moreover, every time they travel, they consciously let their children take their own luggage, pay the bill, and solve all kinds of problems during the trip.

over time, children become more and more independent and adaptable wherever they go.

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I have two colleagues around me, all of whom are new to primary school.

A colleague seldom takes his children on a trip and thinks it is expensive and troublesome, so he might as well sign up for more interest classes for his children.

another colleague takes her child out on weekends. She can often be seen clocking in a scenic spot, taking photos with small animals, and eating grilled fish at the seaside.

they met their children at a party, and the difference was really obvious.

an introverted, shy, reticent; a confident, generous, eloquent.

actually, I often go out.Children often accept new things and have deeper insights and feelings about the world, so they tend to be more confident and bold, and more calm and fearless when they encounter things.

the vision is broad

the little boy Simba has been traveling around the world with his parents since childhood.

at the age of one and a half, he followed his parents to the Ertix River in Xinjiang to see swans, camels and poplars.

he once rode between heaven and earth in a hot air balloon in Cambodia, overlooking the vast expanse of earth.

also used to fish for piranha with local residents in the Amazon forest.

with the constant encouragement of his father, he challenged himself and climbed the 5396-meter-high Haba Snow Mountain.

Simba learns no less than others while sitting in kindergarten.

sitting in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia is an art class about color, chatting with friends from various countries on the road, oral foreign language class, mountain climbing every day, and the most abundant PE class.

moreover, various travel experiences have made him extraordinarily broad-minded, tough and adaptable since childhood, and he planted his dream of becoming a photographer early on.

never create a secular, present, small world for your child. Take him to see the mountains, the sea, the starry sky and nature. In the future, he will have enough mind to accommodate life.