There are only three days in a person's life.

There are only three days in a person's life.

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Yi Shu said: "the past is like watching a movie, listening to a song, visiting places of interest, the past is the past, without evidence."

every yesterday is our past tense.

yesterday, no matter how beautiful it is, it has become history; no matter how sorry it is yesterday, there is no way to change it.

there is no turning back in life, only moving forward.

once upon a time, a young man was so confused that he came to the Zen master for explanation.

he told the Zen master:

yesterday when he was out with his neighbors, he came across a carriage on the road, and the wheels of the carriage got stuck in the mud.

the coachman could not pull the carriage out of the mud puddle alone, so he asked the two of them who were passing by for help.

the three men joined forces and soon got the carriage out.

the young man splashed with mud ideas and went to the river not far away to wash his clothes.

when he came back, he saw a well-dressed outsider talking to his neighbor and left.

later he asked his neighbor and learned that there was Li, the richest man in the city, in the carriage.

in return, Li invited a neighbor to be a shopkeeper in his restaurant.

the young man is so remorseful that if he hadn't walked away, he would have had such a chance.

after hearing this, the Zen master picked up the teacup on the table and fell to the ground.

then ask the young man, can the cup still be intact?

the young man shook his head and said, "it's all broken like this. I'm sure it won't work!"

the Zen master continued, "can you go back to yesterday?"

the young man is still shaking his head.

the Zen master smiled and said, "you know you can't go back, so why do you continue to struggle?"

it dawned on young people.

there is a saying: "Don't let yesterday take up today's time."

people often say, "if I had. As a result, this will not be the case. "

but no one can go back and make any changes.

this kind of entanglement will only waste the present time and will not change any results.

everyone has regrets in life, but no one can stand still because of it.

forget about yesterday when you can't go back.



I saw a question on the Internet: when are you most tired?

among them, the highly praised answer is not when you are frustrated or when you are tired, but when you are very tired today.

"I'm so tired today" is the summary of a day by many people.

Today's scolding is aggrieved when you think about it late at night; when you think about the work you do today, you will have a headache when you think about it before you go to bed.

Today's busy days can be really exhausting.

but no one can escape it and can only live hard today.

there is such a news:

on the subway, a man in a suit passed out drunk with a client and lay on the ground regardless of his image.

when the police arrived, the man leaned against the post, saying, "I drank a lot today", "I'm so tired" and "I can't help it".

others tried to help him, but they were all refused by the man, saying that there was no need to bother, and I was not going anywhere.

the man continued to sit there and say: life is very difficult, today is too tired, that's why.

after seeing his wife, the man broke down and repeatedly said he was sorry. He was so useless.

instead of blaming him, his wife hugged him and soothed him.

in fact, men live like this every day, but why do they collapse today?

because yesterday's tiredness has been put down, tomorrow's tiredness has not yet arrived.

most of the time, what people really feel tired is that today is not easy.

but no matter how tired we are today, we are all on the road, so we can't omit it, let alone retreat, we can only stick to it.

Shi Jin said: "Today is better than yesterday. This is hope."

there is no easy word in the adult world, life is not easy, but please continue to work hard.

only by living each day well can we usher in a better tomorrow.

if you are busy today, just stick to it!



there is a saying: "every day in the future is unknown."

No one knows what will happen tomorrow.

but for fear of the unknown, to refuse the coming of tomorrow is to refuse hope.

everyone should have heard alarmist stories.

in the State of Qi, there is a man who is afraid that the sky will collapse and crush himself to death every day.

so he worked carelessly, couldn't eat and couldn't sleep.

when someone tells him that the sky is just a gathering gas, it won't hit him even if it falls.

he still said anxiously that the sun, moon and stars would fall on him, too.

others continue to explain: "those are far away from us, let alone fall!"

then he worried about what to do if the ground was broken.

others say, "the land is good, aren't you stepping on it?" It's so hard, how can it be broken? "

after the elder's explanation, the Qi countryman was relieved.

many times, people also have such worries in the face of the unknown tomorrow.

worry about being late for work tomorrow, that others will reject you, and that your children will be affected outside.

but no one knows what will happen tomorrow, whether it will be a surprise or an accident.

No matter how anxious you are about tomorrow, the sun will still rise tomorrow.

what should happen is unstoppable, and it is useless to worry about what should not happen.

Li Ka-shing said: "the hope of tomorrow makes us forget the pain of today."

instead of worrying about the uncertainty of tomorrow, it is better to live today and leave no regrets for tomorrow.

is a blessing or a curse. You don't have to worry too much and let nature take its course.

since you have come, you will settle down.

if you don't expect tomorrow, just go with it.

there is a saying: "mature people do not ask the past; wise people do not ask the present; open-minded people do not ask the future."

yesterday is the past, today is the future and tomorrow is the future.

if you can't go back to yesterday, you have to let it go.

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Today, you have to persist in tiredness.

tomorrow, you have to worry about it.

Life lasts only three days. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, only living every day well and leaving no regrets is a full life.