What the heck is "advanced feeling"?

What the heck is "advanced feeling"?

Those who create the concept of "advanced" are often not advanced themselves.

when I was bored that day, I searched the Internet with "senior" and "woman" as keywords and immediately popped up a bunch of life guides-- "Women need temperament to be high-level", "women should be independent to be high-level", "women should be rational to be high-level", "women should be interesting to be high-level", "women should be self-confident to be high-level", "women should be free and easy to be high-level", "women should be mature to be high-level".

is about to happen-this is not naked sexism! After being instructed by his neighbors, he typed "senior" and "man" in the search box, and found that men are not easy either-"men who pay attention to details", "gentlemen", "men with beards", "men with beards", "men who wear shirts" and "men who pay attention to underwear".

after reading these descriptions, I can't help but come up with a pair of senior people: a man with an intelligent beard, gently revealing the logo of his underwear and a shirt full of details. a woman in a cashmere coat, independent, funny, rational, mature, and confident, came to us like madness.

their children must have English names. "Children without English names are not worthy to be friends with our children." Helen, Jack, Li lei, and Han Meimei are not allowed. They must be called Quintus, Adelaide, or Anastasia. It is not enough to have an English name, it is best to secretly add de, von, saint, which represents aristocratic ancestry. Most of their children are part of the army of students traveling to Europe and the United States during their summer vacations. of course, most knowledgeable foreigners will not be amazed when they see the name: even if you meet a foreigner named "John Aixingelo Smith" or "Tracy Yehnala Stilwell", for the sake of their thousands of euros or tens of thousands of dollars per minute, will you make these customers angry?

when you go to a restaurant, be sure to eat western food made by foreign chefs. There is a small green leaf in the middle of the big plate, and a candle as high as a rat hole is lit in front of it. There are not many dishes in the middle of the plate, and the best food portion is to "stuffy" this leaf and the subtle invisible meat at the bottom. The meat must be "roasted turtledoves with mashed French chestnuts and Atlantic shrimp sauce" on a flat plate, and the leaves are preferably basil. If there is too much food, it is something that rough people who make efforts like. What senior people eat is foreign style, and food must have a clear sense of separation from real Chinese food and must complement each other with people's spiritual life.

Senior people especially appreciate the Michelin Restaurant, a fat man in the tire world who divides the food of the world. The Tire King Diet record believes that the one-star restaurant is worth stopping and tasting, and the three-star restaurant is worth flying to. Running all over the world for a mouthful of rice, in a high-end restaurant, carelessly sighing the vegetable juice soaked in hundreds of years of Western culture and philosophy, he whispered, "the master is not what it used to be." Dazzling cool is not cool, wayward not capricious is not lack of money.

these people who pursue "advanced" often have a tense past of material life, and through personal struggle, they can enjoy the life they always dreamed of when they were teenagers. Some rich "actors" in the inner world strive to pursue a "high sensitivity" beyond their abilities and try to label themselves to consolidate their shaky middle-class identity. They seemed to be passengers scratching outside the carriage, fearing that they might fall off the tracks from the speeding train.

however, it is ironic that the guides of these advanced senses, those who create the concept of "advanced", are often not advanced themselves.

Writer A, who advocates female independence every day, sets up a channel and makes inspirational chicken soup all the time, but he has quietly become the mistress of the boss. The boss's son has gone to British universities to waste money, and she is still holding a swaddling baby and showing off her pink noodles with spring and diamond bracelets.

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Writer B, who preaches picking wildflowers by the fence, bows in front of his chariot and horse. There are many rich people in this world, not afraid that the boss is uneducated but afraid that the boss has feelings. As soon as the boss has feelings, he will first think of poisoning the cultural world, writing a novel, sending a poem, and writing a memoir to his mother. I have personally seen writer B, who scolded Fang Kui and was detached from the dust on the Internet. When I saw the boss, the buttocks, which were 100% attached to the chair, moved 50% to the side and hung up. The boss said he wanted to find someone to make a biography for his mother. Writer B's ass was lifted, and only 25% of the places were supported: "Boss X, I also want to write a little bit. Do you think I can do it?"

when you see the light in front of the eyes of "advanced", it just shows that you are not living an "advanced" life. I am an idealist who believes in lifelong learning and struggle. I always feel that if I have to pursue an unrealistic "advanced sense", it will be like what Hou Baolin said: "I climb up the flashlight post, and you turn off the electric door. Ah-- I fell."