The width of the house is not as wide as the heart, and the body is not as good as the peace of mind.

The width of the house is not as wide as the heart, and the body is not as good as the peace of mind.

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I like the saying: "the width of the house is not as wide as the width of the heart; the body is not as good as peace of mind."

We are born to be human beings, so we don't have to argue about everything and cling to everything.

only when you have peace of mind and peace of mind, can you have a home and away in life?


broad-minded, Rong Baichuan

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: treat people with tolerance and accept all things in your heart. Only then can you have grace for a long time.

Lin Xiangru was named Shangqing and ranked above Lianpo because of his meritorious service in "perfectly returning to Zhao".

Lian Po was so unconvinced that he threatened to humiliate Lin Xiangru face to face.

when Lin Xiangru learned of this, she tried her best to avoid and give way so as not to conflict with Lianpo.

his guests thought he was afraid of Lianpo, but Lin Xiangru laughed it off and said, "Qin dared not invade our country of Zhao because of me and General Lian." When I tolerate and yield to General Lian, I put the danger of the country first and my enmity behind. "

this remark was heard by Lian Po, and I was deeply ashamed of Lin Xiangru's foresight and magnanimity.

so Lian Po pleaded guilty to Jing and said, "I don't know if the general is so lenient."

after that, they became best friends and worked together to serve the State of Zhao.

it is better to tolerate slander than to be able to argue.

it is better to turn people into insults than to be able to guard against them.

in a person's life, there will be a lot of troubles and troubles. If we compete with each other and care about everything, life is bound to be tiring.

as the old saying goes: the sea accepts all rivers, but tolerance is great.

sometimes, it is neither cowardice nor humiliation, but tolerance, to behave in ways that make concessions and be willing to endure.

just like Lin Xiangru mentioned above, he defused a crisis and got a bosom friend with tolerance and magnanimity. This is called pattern and wisdom.

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Life is an ashram, and life is a spiritual practice. Only with a forgiving heart of practice can we tolerate the bitterness of all things, easing annoyance, and make life go smoothly.

as the saying goes, the width of the eyes can enjoy the beauty of the world, and the width of the heart can accommodate all living beings.

learn to be relaxed, tolerant to others, more tolerant, less concerned, more relieved, less worried, so that the years will be smooth and beautiful.


peace of mind, there is a place

some people say that the biggest source of annoyance is multiple distractions, taking into account gains and losses. I think so. If you ask for something in your heart, you will not feel at ease.

if there is no hindrance in mind, one will have peace of mind if he does not worry about gaining or losing, or losing his heart.

Tao Yuanming did not bend to the villain for five dou of rice. To pursue his original heart and calm his mind, he resigned and returned to the field to return to nature and stay away from the noise.

although he gave up his official position and great official career, he drank wine and enjoyed the chrysanthemum, and plowed the south field, which shows his peace of mind and the pleasure of his seclusion.

peace of mind is home.

after the pursuit of peace of mind, you have to go back home.

however, in life, there are always some people who are always dissatisfied with their desires and find it difficult to smooth the ravines, but they do not know that delusions can make their hearts restless, lose their hearts, and end up with chicken feathers all over their lives.

Life is a self-redemption, from simple to complex, and then from complex to simple, to have peace of mind and return to the truth.

Xinan thatched cottage is stable and the root of vegetables is fragrant. The world is quiet, but human feelings begin to grow.

Happiness in life is never the accumulation of fame and wealth, but peace of mind and contentment.

contentment is always happy, and peace of mind is at ease.

people, only with peace of mind, can they find a place for themselves in this vast world, and only when they find a place, can their soul be quiet.


there is an old woman who is 99 years old. She still practices tai chi every morning, cooks at noon, and goes for a walk in the evening.

when she was 30, her brother, who was far away in Taiwan, came home to visit his relatives and gave her a gorgeous gold bracelet.

in that age of coarse clothing and food, the old woman had never seen anything so valuable and solemnly locked the gold bracelet in the cupboard.

once the old lady cleaned up her locker and found that the gold bracelet was missing.

after looking for it for a while, I couldn't find it. When I saw the meal, the old lady tiptoed to cook and sleep after the meal.

someone asked her curiously, "aren't you in a hurry to lose something so valuable?"

the old lady grinned her toothless mouth and smiled brightly: "what can I do if I lose it? I still have to live the same life. It's no use for me to cry and make a scene. People have to move on."

Today's grandmothers live in the same house for four generations, with their children and grandchildren around their knees and full of Fukuze.

as a Zen master said, "worry-free is bliss, and a broad heart is carefree, so a broad heart is a bliss." With a heart as wide as the sea, Baifu came unexpectedly. "

the bigger the heart, the lighter the troubles are, and the trivialities of life are innumerable. If you are all about it, it will be countless troubles and knots. If you feel at ease, you will see that the sea of peace of mind is boundless.

as the saying goes: peace of mind, life will be at ease, body and mind will be at ease; a broad mind, life will be stable, fortune will come naturally.

in the Tan Jing, it is said, "all Futian, do not leave the square inch, find it from the heart, feel everything."

the pattern of mind is the pattern of life. Only with a light heart can we have a broad heart, a wide world, and peace of mind everywhere.

May you always see the world with a pure heart, live with joy, love with an ordinary heart, and soften your heart. In addition to hindrance, in the ordinary life to appreciate the extraordinary happiness.