The best rest of life: no illness in body, nothing in mind, someone on the pillow

The best rest of life: no illness in body, nothing in mind, someone on the pillow

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some time ago, a video of a peasant couple dancing went viral.

it turns out that many years ago, my husband was involved in a car accident, leaving serious psychological sequelae. As long as he can't see his wife, the husband will be nervous, twitching, and shaking.

to help her husband regain his confidence and relieve her stress, the wife and her husband began to learn to dance.

they have no broad stage and no gorgeous lights, so they are singing and dance in the fields and in front of their houses.

looking at the smile on each other's faces, all the troubles of life suddenly disappear.

and the couple hugs each time they finish a dance.

thinking of the ups and downs and panic of these years, the two of them are both feeling sweet.

what is the best way to live life?

some people say that they can not only go from nine to five but also wander around the world; some people say that they are full of friends on the one hand and the breeze and bright moon on the other.

only after you have experienced the ups and downs of life will you have an epiphany:

there is nothing in mind, no illness in the body, and someone on the pillow is the best situation in the world.


It was not until the body issued an early warning that I realized that "I am not sick" is the proudest thing in my life.

if one wants to be happy, one must first have the most solid foundation, that is, health.

having health, even if you fall to the bottom and fall into a desperate situation, you may counterattack;

if you lose your health, even if you are rich and rich, it will eventually come to naught.

the town tycoon ran around for most of his life. When he felt unwell, he thought of going to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told him that he needed to rest. He was surprised and said:

"my time is very precious. If I stay here for one more minute, I will lose a lot of wealth. Besides, who will take care of so many employees when I have a rest?"

the doctor did not speak, but took him to a graveyard and said to him:

"There are many people here who work as hard as you do to make money and feel that the earth cannot turn without you, but now look, the sun rises, as usual, other people's days are as usual, but they are gone." The world

wakes up the dreamer.

when the rich man went back, he unloaded his previous job and went out sightseeing with his family to recuperate.

people have been alive for several decades, whether they are full of bowls or destitute, they are all fleeting. No matter how much money they earn, people fall ill. It is impossible to buy back the original body no matter how much money they spend.

Haruki Murakami once said:

when people reach middle age, they more and more realize that

A healthy body can not only do what they want to do and make their lives satisfactory but also rely on their ability to make people around them happy.

if you keep the moon on the five lakes, you don't have to worry about anywhere to hang the golden hook.

this life is not long, you can walk without illness or disaster, so be sure to be kind to your body.

living in good health is the biggest real estate in life!


there is nothing in my heart and nothing in my heart.

there is a good saying: "everything starts from the heart and looks light; troubles occur every day, but if you don't pick up, there will be nothing."

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the reason why many people are upset often stems from these two things: one is that they can't get it, and the other is that they have lost it.

living in the world, living is a kind of mood, living is a kind of state of mind.

if you stick to your heart in everything, you will live a miserable life if you can't let it go.

Master Huineng told such a story:

A prisoner was locked up in a prison. The cell was so small that he could not even stretch his legs and feet. It was hard to live in it.

his heart was filled with resentment and injustice, feeling aggrieved and sad, thinking that living in such a small prison was simply no place for people to stay.

he curses and complains like this every day.

one day, a fly suddenly flew in from the window, buzzing and banging everywhere.

the man thought: I've been bored enough. This annoying guy is so irritating that I have to catch you!

he caught the fly carefully, but the fly was smarter than he was, and whenever it was about to be caught, it flew away quickly.

after tossing about for a long time, the man was so tired that he was out of breath and still failed to catch flies, so he said with emotion:

at this time he realized a truth: "if there is something in mind, there is nothing in the world, but there is a wide bed in the heart."

as a philosopher once said, "sometimes disasters come not only from the outside but also from our hearts."

when a person is in an environment where there is nothing he can do, sadness or boredom will increase his unhappiness.

at this time, anyone and anything is a thorn in his side, a thorn in the flesh, not to mention chic leisure!

Life is indeed full of regrets and frustrations, but time will not stop waiting for you because of any of your emotions.

only when you liberate your heart and look down on a lot of meaningless things, can you meet the really good scenery?

Life is only a little more than 30,000 days, so there is no need to let those unworthy things tie the knot in your heart and disturb you.

Water to a dead end is a landscape, and when a man is in a desperate situation, he is reborn.

those who miss teach us how to cherish, and let us learn to see the past.

when a person is in a good mood, his eyes will be filled with good scenery, so learn to let go and let the heart go back to zero.


May there be years to look back, and Liu Yong once wrote such a paragraph in his works:

"I didn't find out until I was old that old wine, old dogs, old friends, and old wives were the best.

there is old wine around me, an old dog at my feet, an old friend in front, and an old wife around me.

Old wine forgets worries, old dogs warm their feet, old friends cheer, and old wives feel at ease.

one day, when I lost my way, I realized that what I was looking for all my life was nothing but a home. "

many people live their whole lives to understanding that no matter how hot-blooded and powerful they are when they are young when they are old, they are accompanied by loved ones, and that is the real winner in life.

money, fame, and fortune are nothing but things outside the body. Life does not bring death without taking it with you. Only family and love are the most solid support in one's heart.

some time ago, a video of an old man pushing his wife on his bike went viral on the Internet.

many people read it and said: this is the most beautiful love I have ever seen!

as the saying goes, "if you don't come to the old husband and wife, the old husband and wife know how to live in peace." that's all.

I never envy the lovers holding hands in the street. I only envy the old people who support each other and love each other in the deep alleys.

but the biggest regret in life is that when we are too old to go, we don't have the company of our loved ones.

there is an old couple abroad who agreed to take pictures in the same place every year as a souvenir, which lasted for eight years.

in the ninth year, only the old man stood alone, without the figure of his lover.