People's Daily: educating your children well is the most important career in your life.

People's Daily: educating your children well is the most important career in your life.

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A good teacher may influence a child for three or five years, but a good parent is enough to change a child's life.

Don't think that whether your child is good or bad is the teacher's problem. If parents teach their children well first, the teacher will be the icing on the cake.

No matter how good the teacher is and how good the school is, there is no substitute for parents for their children.

People's Daily once published an article telling parents:

educating your children is not just a matter for teachers, but also the most important career in your life.


the parents are responsible and the children are excellent

in the Strange Shuo, Yan Rujing once said something that is impressive:

parents are the only audience in the first half of their children's life, and their children are the only audience in the second half of their parents' lives.

in the process of growing up, parents and children are each other's most important companions.

however, many parents are often afraid of trouble, try to save trouble, hand their children over to school and push the problems to the teachers.

the teacher is only a person who preaches, teaches karma and solves doubts. He can teach knowledge but not habit, reason but not personality.

good habits, interest in reading, strong will, lofty personality and long-term happiness are necessary for children to grow up.

all of this requires parents to help their children develop little by little at home.

Don't wait for the child to have a problem, wait for the teacher to reflect the situation, wait until the child is drifting away from you, and then regret it.

in educating children, what they fear most is "trying to save trouble", let alone "afraid of trouble".

the more important things in the world, the more troublesome and time-consuming they are.

parents have to work harder and more attentively than their children in order to use your "not afraid of trouble" in exchange for their children's "real excellence".


parents are strict, and children's self-discipline

education is fair. Almost all enviable "other people's children" are bought by parents with real efforts and tireless patience.

when parents give priority to educating their children, their children can live without regrets.

like Yang Chenyu, who got full marks in both subjects in the college entrance examination, breaking the record of the highest score in Guangxi since the resumption of the college entrance examination.

his excellence is inseparable from his mother's strict education from beginning to end.

when her son was very young, she taught him the habit of keeping an eye on him all the time.

afraid of disturbing the child, she put down her cell phone, gave up entertainment and devoted herself to her son.

"the process of supervision is painful, but after it is finalized, the road ahead will be easy."

every "other person's child" is the result of "other people's parents" sacrificing countless entertainment, rest, companionship and strict education.

without the strict and hard work of parents, there will be no self-discipline and self-improvement of children.

parents should be bitter before sweet, and their children should be bitter before sweet.

sometimes you can "force" a child to know how good a child is.

it is not a bad thing for parents to be strict. The growth of children needs the sunshine of praise and the rain of criticism.


parents discipline, children are excellent

ancient records: "Shun cultivated land, cattle do not walk, Shun whip does not blame cattle."

Why did Shun whip himself instead of the cow when the cow didn't plough the land well?

because the cow doesn't go right, people don't guide it well, it doesn't know it, but people know how to guide it.

thus it is deduced that children are disobedient, the responsibility lies with the parents, and excellent children must be disciplined.

every child will go through a more or less wayward stage in the process of growing up.

but the younger the child is, the more malleable he is. When his parents teach him the rules, he will know how to advance and retreat. When his parents teach him kindness, he will understand human feelings. When his parents teach him etiquette, he will know the general idea.

if parents do not compromise, shield or connive at their children's problems, their children will not become naughty, capricious and tricky.

teach children not to do whatever they want, let alone procrastinate again and again. Once the "expiration date" has passed, parents have become insignificant to their children.

if you discipline your child strictly today, he will have the ability to realize his dream tomorrow.

parents' true love for their children is that I love you, but I will never indulge you.


parents set an example, children benefit

Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said:

what parents want their children to do, parents must do it first; parents should not do what their children do not do in the first place.

parents who love learning will not raise children who hate learning, parents who never learn, and parents who will not raise positive children.

Confucius said: "his body is upright, although he does not order but obey." His body is not upright, although it is ordered but not obeyed. "

if parents always "stay on the phone", they have silently conveyed to their children: I think playing with mobile phones is more important than learning.

parents who are addicted to mobile phones not only set a bad example for their children, but also destroy the family's good learning atmosphere and give their children an excuse not to study.

Children are born imitators and are good at imitating their parents' every move, whether it's good or bad.

educate the child. If you educate the child by action, the child will follow suit. If you educate the child with empty words, it will only lead to quarrels.

instead of preaching to children, it is better to set a good example for children and influence them with their own actions.

when children are young, they see role models from their parents and learn from independence.

when he grows up, he will take the initiative to pursue his own ideal and find himself.My own happiness.

Teaching by example and setting an example is the most meaningful way of education.


parents work hard and their children make progress

it is often said that today's education requires "hard work".

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what exactly is the spelling?

fighting for family wealth? Fight for status? Or work hard or get a degree?

neither. The real competition between children is the parents' concept of education.

49-year-old Zhu Tengqiang successfully passed the judicial examination in the year of his destiny and became a hot search.

the reason why he took this "number one examination in the world" was only to chat with his daughter who was studying law.

Zhu Tengqiang's daughter is a senior in the School of Law of Central South University of Economics and Law. In order to have a common topic with his daughter, he decided to take the judicial examination by himself.

seeing her father working so hard, her daughter is also full of confidence in the legal examination.

at present, she has gone to graduate school to study for a master of law at Peking University.

what is even more admirable is that the whole family of Zhu is high achiever, and Mama Zhu has taken the CPA exam as a computer major.

few children are born geniuses, and their parents are parents for the first time. In this journey of love, only through mutual achievement can they continue to grow.

in the process of accompanying their children in their studies, parents also need to make continuous progress, strive to keep up with their children's pace, and be good guides for their children.

truly far-sighted parents know how to invest in themselves and grow up with their children.