Mentality is the best capital.

Mentality is the best capital.

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Goethe said:

things change with the heart, the environment is created by the heart, and the quality of life depends more on our state of mind.

We always say that life is bitter and life is tired, but it is often not life itself that baffles us, but unnecessary troubles in our hearts.

Dickens said:

what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you will encounter.


A big heart-mind is not good the mind is too small.

if you take apart the word "state" from "state of mind", you will have a bigger heart.

if you have a big mind and a good state of mind, you will naturally have less trouble and be happy everywhere in life.

I have heard such a fable.

there is a young man who is always unhappy and worries about all kinds of trifles all day long.

he went to an old man for advice: "I can't be happy. Please enlighten me."

after listening, the old man said nothing and asked Mr. unhappy to go to the market to buy a bag of salt. After buying it back, the old man grabbed a handful of salt and put it into the water, stirred it well, and let the man take a sip.

after the young man finished drinking, the old man asked, "how does it taste?"

the other person's face wrinkled into a ball: "bitter and salty."

then the old man took the young man to the lake and sprinkled salt on the lake so that the young man could taste the lake again.

the young man picked up the lake and tasted it and said, "Sweet and mellow."

the old man asked, "is it still salty?"

the young man said, "No."

the old man said:

"The pain in life is like the salty taste of salt, that's all. And the extent to which we can feel and experience depends on how big a container we put it.

the smaller your heart, the more annoyance you will have. If you have a big heart, you will have more to bear, and life will not be so bitter. "

only when you have a big heart can you tolerate everything, and only when you are optimistic can you worry less.

the more you struggle, the more you worry; the more you criticize, the more you are bound; the more you embarrass yourself, the more unhappy moments you have.

all troubles arise from the heart, and you will feel free and comfortable when you see through everything, see-through, look down, and dare to put it down.

only when the heart is as wide as the sea can there be calm; if the heart is sunny, it can be warm everywhere.


know how to turn

Life offers a lot of choices, and there are thousands of ways to be happy.

with the flexible mentality of "troops coming to block, water coming and earth covering", if you are tired, change your life; if this road is blocked, turn a corner.

the mountain does not turn, the road turns; the road does not turn, and the man turns.

have seen such an interesting story.

the emperor had a dream: the mountain fell, the water dried, and the flowers withered!

when he woke up, he told the queen about his dream.

the queen said, "No, the mountains fall, the rivers and mountains cannot be protected, the water dries up and the hearts and minds of the people break up, and the flowers will not last long!"

when the emperor heard this, he couldn't afford to get sick.

when the ministers heard about this, they went up to the emperor and said:

the emperor recovered from a serious illness.

most of the time, dead ends and bright willows are in the blink of an eye.

there are always people who find it difficult to live, often not at a dead end, but too stubbornly and never look back when they hit the south wall.

Water can reach the sea because it is so soft that where the water passes, it will not hit hard, but skillfully avoid all obstacles and keep turning.

this is also the case on the road of life. Smart people will make their hearts as flexible and powerful as water. No matter how the wind rises and falls, the tide will not fall.

when things happen, people are comfortable and their hearts are at ease. Only when you learn to be flexible and turn, can you reap the smooth road of life?

Mr. Feng Zikai said:

I deeply think that life is so long that you should not delay the happiness of the rest of your life because of temporary troubles.

the joys and sorrows of life do not lie in what happens to you, but in what state of mind you face. If you have the right mindset, you won't be so tired.

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when you are frustrated, adjust your mindset in time to help yourself get out of the trough quickly and greet the turn of fate with an elegant posture.

people with a good mindset will be good for the rest of their lives.