I need a reason to make you a complete memory.

I need a reason to make you a complete memory.

Today is the seventh screening hall of the aspirin museum.

I was sleeping soundly on the plane before Lao Zhou moved all his things out of his apartment. I didn't know he had made a decision so quickly that he didn't even have time to wait until I landed and turned it on. They are all deceptive, and those who really want to go their separate ways will not leave any more tenderness at all.


this movie is called "the feeling of the end". I forced Lao Zhou to accompany me to finish watching it at 02:30 in the morning. The hero of the film is a divorced old man who runs a small shop and spends a twilight life that no longer seems to have ups and downs. When he was young, he met a girl at a party. they danced and they fell in love. that afternoon at the girl's house, he heard the girl's mother singing and saw the clever figure on the grass that was no longer young. Later, the girl fell in love with someone else, and the new boyfriend was a good friend he admired and admired. Out of anger, he sent a letter to this important friend and his former lover in the most vicious, mocking and sarcastic language. Later, his friend committed suicide in the bathroom, while the girl was pregnant before the boy committed suicide.

he discovered that the B " " " " . Do we have to tell the difference? do we still have a chance to give an apology like the hero? It's not too late for our thanks and apologies to be seen.

actually, when I saw the screenshot of this movie appearing next to Lao Zhou's avatar, I knew he sent it to me. It seems that today's people do not know why, some words obviously grit their teeth and refuse to say a word, but they are all written in the state of the social platform.

Lao Zhou and I have been together for three years, and we have met romantically as well as movies. There is no third party, no one has cheated, and even some innocuous deceptions have not been exposed. In front of my former lover, I am very puzzled, why your love for me can be turned into a kiss that depends on lips and teeth, but it is not obvious and everyone knows it. Now in the face of Lao Zhou, I don't understand. I really don't understand why I thought I was happy, but it was so unbearable for you. Maybe I like the way I talk so hard that I don't ask why every time. I believe in my own judgment, I believe in my own feelings, I am a person, idealistic. I think what I can't see doesn't exist, and what I can't feel is nothing. I hardly believe any explanation, and I seldom explain what I think in my heart.

I remember when I was with Lao Zhou, I told him that if one day we broke up, whether it was many years or just a short time, remember to let me know when you get married. I won't be there, I won't have much emotion, I won't give you superfluous blessings, I won't do all the things that are boring and sentimental and add drama to myself. I just need to know. I loved you, I need to know, and you need to let me know.

" "  

" " you will miss what the boy really wants to say before you board the plane, you will miss the truth that the girl clenches her fist but doesn't know how to explain it, you will miss the self-esteem that your best friend can't talk to you, and you will miss your parents' hesitant happiness on the other end of the phone. you will miss the sunset one day, and maybe you will miss this moment, too.

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so I need a reason to make you a complete memory, and you need to tell me about the ending I don't know about in the