Even if I become a mother in the future, my other role should be a young girl.

Even if I become a mother in the future, my other role should be a young girl.

If a person falls in love with my smile, will he fall in love with my viciousness at the same time?

I am mortal,

I only want the happiness of mortals.

| Bing Xin |


I have always liked Faye Wong.

A woman who is independent in the world, no matter what the outside world thinks of her, she only does what she likes and goes her own way. I also like Dou Jingtong and follow the fairy spirit of Faye Wong.

Faye Wong has a song called one person playing two roles, which I have always liked very much.

one of the lyrics is:

I am alone, but the dialogue is still divided into two parts.

two copies, me and me,

two copies, just like there is another person in it,

doing a certain part of the play for two people.

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play the dream, buckle me,

Life, don't take it too seriously.

am I a god?

in the play of life, we have many roles to play.

We show different ourselves in front of different people. We unconsciously want to please each other for the people we like, and the people we don't like don't even bother to fart. In fact, we have to always find the right roles to play on every occasion, even at home and away. So, ah, why take it seriously? if we are not serious, we are not gods. We are happy. The people we like are happy. It's actually quite complete.


A lot of times, we always score.

We are one person, but the dialogue is still divided into two parts.

if we are in a play, our moment of division is one person playing two roles.

one thing, we always ask ourselves, should it be done this way?

A righteous villain in our mind tells us that we should do it; at the same time, a selfish villain will pop up to tell us why people should live too seriously, as long as they are happy.

I have Gemini and Pisces friends around me, especially for fine separation. In fact, no matter which constellation they are, they will talk to themselves all the time and face the same person with different faces.

A good friend of mine, a very good-looking girl, has talent and temperament, and her college major is a guide table.

once we went out to dinner, and she told me that during a filming, her screenwriter's book arranged for her to play with another person, who played two roles, and that person later became her boyfriend.

she said that it is really interesting for one person to play two roles. On the one hand, it is the real state of her boyfriend in life, taking care of her in every way, and on the other hand, she has to play a role that is very different from that side. Even she is sometimes very involved in life, thinking that he also has the other side, which is a test of a person's acting skills.


Let's not say that in the play, our minute is also very interesting.

I am a person who is easy to separate.

is like one person playing two roles in a play.

I am actually a quiet and moving person. I just entered the company and met my colleagues. I was dressed in black every day. I never looked up at things I was not interested in. In the first two months, many of my colleagues had almost the impression of me: people who are not cannibals, people who are difficult to get in touch with, people who are withdrawn and aloof. And because of this impression, many people dare not take the initiative to approach me.

but what they don't know is that I'm just a slow cancer.

this matter has been bothering me for a long time, because seeing my first impression, many people are afraid to get close to me.

but my friends who have known me for a long time all know that I love to make fun and laugh. I laugh at the front teeth of two Judy rabbits, and they are easy to get along with.

in fact, we are all the same. before we get in touch with one person, we always have several roles in the eyes of others.