Air conditioner dad and refrigerator godmother

Air conditioner dad and refrigerator godmother

"my father, he is my father."

Once upon a time, there was a cactus that lived on the side of the road. One day he told the other cactus around him that he was going to see his father.

the other cactus thought he was talking nonsense, and he insisted that an air conditioner in the town was his father.

the cactus walked down the road towards the town. Along the way, he raised his thumb and pointed at one car after another in the hot sun.

hitchhiking failed because every driver was afraid that he would puncture the tire. Until a truck came along and the driver put the cactus on board.

"I'm going to town to find our father."

"my father, he is my father."

the cactus slammed on the brake. in the emergency driveway, the driver put a sleeve on his right arm, finished the sleeve, and put on the gloves he wore when unloading:

"Brother, be careful, don't gesture, watch my seat!"

"and don't spit. I believe the air conditioner is your father, and my father still weighs the machine."


"mm-hmm, the machine that issues the ticket, and the traffic light in front, are all my father." The driver said.

when the town arrives, open the door, the cactus jumps out of the car, and the driver pulls out with gloves on, what? Pull out those thorns stuck in the seat of the car!

the cactus bounces forward, and door to door, every store has to poke its head in and have a look.

"Oh, no."

"not you."

"although you are secondhand, it is not you."

"you are a bit like him, but probably not."

the cactus goes door to door looking for his daddy's air conditioner.

finally, in a tavern, the cactus stopped at the door for a long time.

"Hi, Daddy, air conditioner Daddy, how are you?"

many years ago, this air conditioner stopped briefly in the car when it passed the cactus sand. On that day, the car broke down, when the cactus was still young, he rolled next to the air conditioner, the air conditioner took him to fight on horseback, and finally, the air conditioner recognized the cactus as a godson.

so many years have passed in the twinkling of an eye.

"Air conditioner daddy, are you all right?" Asked the cactus.

the old air conditioner roared out of the chassis as if to say, "not bad, but staying with the pub every day, the smell of wine is a little strong."

the cactus sniffed, and the thorn on her body gave a thrill: "it tastes good, I like it!"

so the cactus froze at the door of the tavern, watching the door and pouring wine for the tavern owner every day.

the tavern owner feels that it is quite good to have an extra cactus who works for nothing and can also help watch the door.

A few days later, a cactus who was looking for a boyfriend in a sports car got lost and came here.

she drank a few drinks here, and the cactus has begun to learn to mix drinks here. He made an oasis for the cactus, and the cactus drank it and decided not to look for a sports car.

the cactus stayed here, too. together with the cactus, they adopted a bunch of soda bottle babies and hired a broken refrigerator to be the godmother of the baby soda bottle babies. The sound of starting the broken refrigerator was very loud, but the small soda bottles all liked it very much. They thought the noise was like a lullaby, a cactus, and she also liked the smell of the pub.

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by the way, about the father of the cactus, the old air conditioner, the cactus couldn't be more normal. when she was young, she recognized a bag of beef jerky as the godfather and then watched the bag of beef jerky eaten by ants in the hot sun.

Don't ask me why these two cacti like to recognize relatives. That's what they do. They like to smell the wine, like the sun, like machine engines, laugh at the sound of soda bottles colliding with each other, like the cool air from the old air conditioner, and the old refrigerator. They just listen to pop songs, wear sunglasses, watch a western movie, and when they are happy, they spit on the road and spit out the thorns of the cactus. Poof, the little soda bottles are like them, spitting out straws, "poof."