A man is tired and his heart is tired.

A man is tired and his heart is tired.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, we often attach too much importance to many things, such as feelings, things, fame and wealth, status, and success.

but I don't know that the more I care about things outside my body, the more I will feel pain inside myself.

as the saying goes, people are tired and their hearts are tired.

Don't take everything too seriously in your life.

when people are relaxed and their hearts are empty, life will be at ease.


gains and losses have long been doomed

there is a poem saying:

in this life, there are always gains and losses.

We all smile when we have it and frown when we lose it.

but we never thought that if we attach too much importance to owning, sometimes it is easier to lose.

if you look down on the gains and losses, it will be easier to get new gains.

I believe many people have heard the story of Xiang Yu Wujiang cutting his own throat.

that year, Xiang Yu came to the edge of the Wujiang River, and the Wujiang pavilion had already prepared a boat waiting for him.

the pavilion director said, "although Jiangdong is small, there is still land thousands of miles around, and hundreds of thousands of people are enough to be king. Please cross the river quickly."

but Xiang Yu refused: "God is going to kill me, so what am I doing crossing the river?" In the beginning, I led 8,000 people from Jiangdong to cross the Wujiang River westward, but now no one has survived.

even if the Jiangdong elders love me and hold me, king, how can I have the face to go back to see them? "

with that, he turned to engage the enemy with a knife.

when he was defeated in the war, Xiang Yu still refused to give in and finally chose to end his life on the bank of the Wujiang River.

if Xiang Yu does not pay too much attention to success or failure and does not pay too much attention to the temporary face, he may still have a chance to make a comeback after he returns to Jiangdong.

it is a pity that Xiang Yu was finally unable to let go of his self-remorse and vanity and ended up in such a miserable situation.

I think of what the writer Bai Luomei said:

most people are only willing to afford it, but it is difficult to let it go.

everyone knows that no matter what we gain or lose, it is the best arrangement that fate has given us, and it is the most valuable understanding in the process of growing up.

willing to put down fame and wealth, can despise everything, to leave a little blank in life, a little more beautiful.


calm down, everything will be all right

once heard a story, felt a lot.

there is a scholar who has always regretted his choice and always felt that his life would have been better if he had made a different choice.

therefore, he often falls into a state of worry about gain and loss and impatience.

so he traveled thousands of miles to the mountains to find a Zen master and asked him for advice on how to get rid of sorrow.

after listening to the scholar's story, the Zen master took him into an old house. The Zen master pointed to a glass of water on the table and asked

"this glass of water has been here for a long time. Dust falls into it almost every day, but it is still clear and transparent. Do you know why?"

after thinking for a while, the scholar replied, "because the dust has settled to the bottom of the cup."

the Zen master nodded with satisfaction and continued, "there are annoying and regrettable things in everyone's life."

just like the dust falling in the water, if we can calm down and precipitate these bad things, our hearts will remain as clear as the water.

on the contrary, if you don't have a moment of calm and just shake it desperately, it will make you feel anxious and annoyed. "

the words of the Zen master suddenly made the scholar realize that the best way not to be bothered by trifles and not to worry about gains and losses is to know how to calm down, brush off the dust of the mind, and face life calmly.

as the saying goes, if you have peace of mind, take your time.

calm down, you can abandon your obsession and enjoy the happiness of the present;

calm down, you can settle down and reap full happiness;

calm down, you can wash away the helplessness and frustration of life and feel warmth and strength.

Life is very simple, the key lies in what kind of mentality you use to treat it.

when you treat life with a simple heart, then you will gain a relaxed mood and enjoy a leisurely life.


Let nature take its course and lead a relaxed life

everyone will walk thousands of ways in his or her life.

but there is a way that will always accompany us all our lives, and that is the way of mind.

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the heavier the person is, the more tired the body is; the heavier the heart is, the more difficult the road is.

A person's life, in the final analysis, is nothing more than mood.

only by keeping a good state of mind can we live without trouble.

see-through and let go, so that everything in the world can become transparent and bright like the moon in the water and the flowers in the mirror.

it was written in "disqualification in the World": "up to now, the only thing I am willing to regard as the truth is that everything will pass."

indeed, there is nothing impossible for a person to live a lifetime, only an impassable heart.

people, let go of everything, the heart will be at ease; when the heart is at ease, life will become colorful.

May you live a relaxed life with a natural aptitude for the rest of your life.