"you are a warm thorn in my heart."

"you are a warm thorn in my heart."

To meet the right person is to feel those moments of being loved,\ nThese moments make my heart feel that\ nI am not alone in this world.\ nIt makes me feel that I am a special individual in the crowd.\ nIt makes me feel sexy and attractive.\ nThe gentleness is brought to me by the other person, and my sexiness is born because of him.


I have been with this boyfriend for three years. I have been in three relationships. This is the third. It took me nine years. and I believe this boy will be my last love.

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our acquaintance is wonderful. He is the boss of my former company. I never thought such an office romance would happen to me. The first time I met him was not very good, because I had some procrastination, I was often late for the first month of work, and the company asked us to wear more occupations and not to dress so casually, so I also prepared several professional suits, wide-legged pants, long skirts, and high heels. I was late when I first met him. I stumbled into the elevator in five-centimeter stilettos. Like all popular idol dramas, I was so embarrassed that I didn't notice that the heels of the heels got stuck in the gap in the elevator. Just eat shit.

I saw him as soon as I looked up. I vaguely knew that this was my supervisor, Mr. Shang, but we hadn't said a word yet.

I quickly got up, and he helped me press the key of the elevator to keep it open. I pulled out my high heels with great interest. In this way, our first meeting was like this. I thought I would leave an impression in his heart that he hated it, but I didn't think that my "boldness" full of life flavor would become the reason why he liked me.


I am a face-saving and serious person, and I have to do everything well, even with some unique stupidity of my own. One of the company's activities had to write a press release, but due to the illness of a colleague, there was a serious problem with the docking, and the skylight was temporarily opened, which was assigned to me just before leaving work. I was very serious, and I thought I had to finish it well, so I worked overtime until very late. When I was ready to leave the company, my high heels hurt so much that I took them off and carried them away. When I got to the first floor, I met him. He also worked overtime that day.

when he saw my feet like this the other day, he said to take me home. Later, he found that we all lived near Fort Thousand, so he often took me home. We got to know each other by bothering each other in this way. once when he came back from a business trip, he cooked a meal at home in the evening and called me to eat. That was the day he told me that his cooking was delicious. I can't describe it. The law of love and dating, the best romance, is dating in life. He didn't give me any special gift. It was such a meal that captured me, a cancer girl who likes warmth.

No one likes to hold it. Life happens naturally, and so does love. The thorns that can be pierced on your heart after many years are always those inconspicuous warm thorns. You can't find those warm pains, but it is still fresh in your memory. His hand clenched you during your nightmares, his arm was pressed by you to the neck that was sore and never moved away, and he didn't rest assured to let you go at night. The supermarket you went to together, the household items you picked together on the Internet, the cup of brown sugar water he made for you, and your favorite songs in the car. doesn't he know anything about romance? he seems to have never sent me flowers, and we have never traveled abroad, but he does understand romance. He seems to be an indispensable presence in my life. His Tom Yam soup and Paella are better than what I have eaten in Thailand and Spain. For a girl like me who is bold and stumbling, this kind of comfort is special and exists like a family.


JD.com recently had a video that caught my heart. Watching this video, I feel like seeing my Mr. Shang. It's just that in life, the bold one is me, the one who loves me, the one who knows the romantic rules of dating in life, and I know that our story will be very long. I'm not in a hurry to realize it one by one. I want to experience it slowly with him.

meeting the right person is to feel those moments of being loved.

those moments make my heart feel that

I am not alone in this world.

makes me feel that I am a special individual in the crowd.

makes me feel sexy and attractive.

and this gentleness is brought to me by the other person.

my sex appeal is also born by him.

Love is generally a fetish.

the concentration of love exists in those delicious last mouthfuls of soup,

and your solid and reliable shoulders.