"I hated you, but I also loved you the most."

"I hated you, but I also loved you the most."

Love is sweet, painful, trusting and suspicious.

"We should all know how to make ourselves happy."

Asp i rin M u s e u m

the weather is fine on April 8th, 2018.  Aspirin Museum Phase 684  Aspirin sitting on the plane, thousands of kilometers away, do you feel that I am back? In the front seat sat a couple. When the boy pretended to lean over to see the view of the clouds outside the window, he suddenly turned his head and kissed her girlfriend's facesitting by the window. The girl was suddenly made to laugh.

suddenly I miss you very much.

Qiu Qiu told me that what she misses most is the time when she talked to him on the phone every day. The two men were lying in their bed, talking on voices, talking about what happened today and who they met. In this way, they each did their own thing, that is, they didn't hang up their voice until Rest, and the two said good night to each other.

there are a variety of ways to fall in love, each of which is enviable.

maybe at first, we just want to spend more time with each other and have more time to listen to each other's voice, then we want more, we want to care, we want unique care, we get jealous, and we get jealous for no reason.

A thorn was put on each other unknowingly in the softest place in each other's hearts.

Love is sweet, painful, trusting, and suspicious. Qiuqiu told me why she broke up because both of them felt too tired of love. Miss each other, pull each other, each over some trivial quarrels.

I'm too tired to continue.

but still in love.

people are always contradictory. They like them very much, but they just want to push them away. If they want to prove each other's loyalty, they just want to find a sense of security in this relationship and give them real protection from the one they love.

people are so selfish.

hurt others without knowing it, and compare yourself to sincerity.

so I have been in love, missed it, but can never get it back.

the phrase "I still love him" sounds so sad, and what a slim ending it is to get it back. Many people left me messages asking me how to get back my ex, and it was too late to regret it. It took me a long time to know that that person always had a different place in my heart.

I would like to list a few points:

1. Think about your breakup.

some relationships cannot continue because the problems between two people cannot be solved. The difference between love and ambiguity is that it exists not only in the mutual attraction of hormones but also in many boring things such as responsibility, patience, and tolerance. If the problem can't be solved, you might as well put aside the relationship and start over, or you'll end up the same again.

2. Consider the changes on both sides.

generally speaking, girls evolve faster and become more mature and sensible than boys after breaking up. In this way, the height of the two people reunited will be different, and there will be a gap in the level of thought. even if you still like each other at that time, you will still break up because you are not suitable for each other because of the difference in the angle and depth of thinking. The best possible after a breakup is that both parties are mature have grown up, and know-how to face and solve problems.

3. Don't develop into a simple sex relationship.

sometimes the old love is like an addiction, you just miss the tenderness with the other person, it's not love, it's just a need. Anyone who verbally says "still like" should think clearly in his /her heart, what kind of feelings do you have for him /her, is it love? Are you not reconciled to it? Do you miss it? Is it loneliness? Only when you have determined your mind, can you decide whether or how to recover it?

I know that everyone will love several people in his life.

they always have a special place in their hearts.

I like everyone who still loves,

can find theta in my heart.

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