[confidence explosion] We all have "sophomore diseases"!

[confidence explosion] We all have "sophomore diseases"!

We're all sick.


was me. After my sophomore year, my confidence exploded inexplicably. After that, I would write an article to talk about my views. Today, let's see what other people say.

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sophomore year is a very delicate grade. It seems that the second grade is very delicate. For example, Grade 2 and Grade 2 of senior high school. The most subtle thing about sophomore year is that it can easily give you a lot of delusions. In particular, if a person, after doing some thinking (not to mention whether this kind of thinking is simple and childish). After seeing that other students around me are still living the same life in their freshman year. This stereotyped phenomenon is very common. It's easy to get the illusion that you look much better than all your peers around you.

plus I just got out of the confusion of my freshman year, and when I was a sophomore, some people became ministers. Big & nbsp; families have been promoted to seniors, and intuitively have the most extensive contact with their younger brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters, any doubts and thoughts about this school, even. All like to consult the seniors in their sophomore year. The surrounding environment continues to demonstrate that they are gifted and superior to ordinary people. Therefore, it is strange to have such an idea at this age.

this is interesting, and maybe it can be defined as something called a "sophomore". It may be another relapse of secondary two diseases in sophomore year. But the incentives are different. However, this situation is more from the surrounding environment and their psychological ideas of their continuous affirmation. Especially if you think earlier than your peers around you, it's too easy for this to happen.

the word "sophomore" is not made up casually, but when I was a sophomore, I did find that many friends around me, including myself, had a "sense of self-confidence for no reason".

just went to check my status and found that I had written down a status like this:

time is just after the end of the world in 2012. At that time, when I was a sophomore, I had already forgotten why I wrote this state at that time, but I could imagine the original state of mind. That is to feel deeply disgusted with the "sense of superiority" of the people around me, including myself.

when & nbsp; confidence is a good thing. People themselves grow up with self-confidence. But the most terrible thing is a kind of self-confidence for no reason, or so confident that you blindly see that everyone around you is a "mindless, mindless, walking corpse", which is terrible. Below, many friends cite their examples to refute that the subject is not good. I think you are right because the subject uses the word "omnipotent". And you tell him that even if you are so much better than him, how can you say that you can do anything?

at the height of my sophomore year, that is, the second semester of my sophomore year, I arrived in Taiwan. When I first came to Taiwan, I was confident. Every nbsp; was very confident. Because I write articles and publish all kinds of articles. I easily got full marks in Taiwan's universities. There are all kinds of other experiences that give me the foundation of self-confidence. But I learned one thing there, that is, people don't need to compete with the people around them. I looked at the students in Taiwan. Their grades were not good. But everyone has his bright spot. For example, I know a friend from Taiwan who can't even tell Sun Yat-sen from Chiang Kai-shek. But she can swim. She is the champion of women's swimming among Taiwanese college students.

but as Zhu Xianda said, we are not racehorses. Why are we comparing ourselves to the people around us every day? are we good enough? After the answer

was written, many brothers and sisters gave it to me. Send a private message or tell me in the comments that this seems to be the case, and ask me for answers. I'm not a spiritual mentor or a life mentor. It's just that one night when I couldn't sleep, I saw that the confused subject happened to type some words. If you need any advice, maybe it doesn't matter whether you've been through this stage or not. If you pursue progress, you need to compete with yourself. There is nothing wrong with self-confidence, and there is nothing wrong with feeling confident all your life. But remember, self-confidence is given to yourself. Not the confidence gained by despising others around you.

as for others and their surroundings, it may be nice to be neither humble nor arrogant.