What kind of woman has the best life?

What kind of woman has the best life?

And what kind of woman has the worst luck?

the female friends around me are generally divided into two groups:

one is strong girls, pursuing financial independence, self-reliance, fighting at work, packing up their bags, and going on a trip when they are in a bad mood, the light bulb can be changed and they can be stabbed when the toilet is blocked. Men are the icing on the cake for them instead of sending charcoal in the snow.

their view is that modern women need independent personalities and careers, and self-cultivation always comes first, because, with the development of society, women's level of education and employment is no longer comparable to that of 20 years ago. Women who acquire personality and positive double independence have material calmness, so there is no need to change to please anyone but should be kind to themselves. It is the king's way to make a woman happy for herself. Invest in yourself and you will naturally have a bumper harvest of male favor and career independence that match your level.

there is also a school of goddess pie, which pursues dress, make-up selfies, and shows weakness. They know which brand counters are found in every corner of the mall. In the latest style and discount season every year, they also know which beauty parlor has the most cost-effective annual card and which SPA is the most comfortable. They must go to bed at 11 o'clock every day to get a beautiful sleep.

their view is that women are women after all, and the maintenance of their appearance and control over men are the most important things, and how to use the best years to get the greatest convenience for themselves is the right way to get twice the result with half the effort. The foundation of male bending is make-up, long legs, and big breasts so that you can easily get Love X on your birthday. Prada, bags, and hugs are what women need most.

is also "the best life for a spoiled woman." strong girls say that you can only get a man's true love if you are not good-looking. The goddesses say that if the Childe of Zhou is not good-looking, he will not believe that a normal man will Sui Tang.

just like the most popular concept of a "warm man", strong girls say that modern women are in a position with a relatively high level of Maslow's needs, and their requirements for men will naturally rise from plane to three-dimensional. There is no need for a material plane like a warm man or a man who is just considerate but can communicate in the spiritual world.

because of the financial independence of modern women, she will slow down her pace of marriage and love, instead of desperately wanting to marry a pot like an anxious big girl, which is the result of social development. The ideal marriage is that they are satisfied with each other, and they both gain a sense of existence, achievement, and satisfaction from the relationship, not men who hand over a towel to cook a meal, but men who can improve themselves and make more progress together.

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the goddesses say that as a woman, you don't have to learn to change buckets and fix computers. To conquer a man is to conquer the world. But you see, the article used to be a warm man of Ma Yili, but the key is to maintain and maintain his charm. Of course, there is no need to conquer a man who has no money, no power, and no warmth. Nicholas Tse, who has Faye Wong's amazing beauty, will also become a warm man with 12 sharp tastes. With beauty and figure, if this warm man is not here, there will be another warm man.

as a typical Libra, I drift well between the two groups, but I am in a weak position in both groups.

I follow the strong girls in cafes to watch movies, but they often pack their suitcases and go to Turkey and Nepal, so I have to sit back and wait for them to come back and show me the pictures. Follow the goddesses to visit the mall during the discount season, but they desperately sweep luxury goods, I desperately sweep hand cream.

the strong girls think that I am too gentle and cannot fight the world, and the goddesses think I am too conservative to spend money on myself. I can only use the goddess's theory to convince the strong girl, use the strong girl's theory to brazenly mix in the goddess circle.

Yi Shu's Xi Bao says that there is either a lot of money or a lot of love. Strong girls can earn a lot of money themselves, so they proudly wait for a lot of love, the goddesses have a lot of love, so they do not need to fight for a lot of money.

so it doesn't matter which faction is right or wrong. they are all lucky because they have been together for many years and found that, in the final analysis, women of both factions love themselves.

the most unlucky woman is to love others and forget to love herself. Just like every morning, you get up early and make breakfast for him, send him text messages to remind him to put on more clothes when the weather gets cold, and send umbrellas and cookies at noon on rainy days. And he does not love you, can not see your good, but also disrelish your annoyance.

when breaking up, the love recovered by crying, making trouble, and hanging up three times will eventually be far away. You have lost time, lost yourself, lost your dignity, and still can not get back this love. Why bother? To be a woman, we must make a clear distinction between what is effort, what is persistence, what is a compulsion, and what is stubbornly entangled and beaten, and that an indistinguishable woman can not be lucky after all.

A strong girl will eventually wait for her love. Although the waiting process is long, she won't lose anything. The goddesses will eventually settle down, and Qianfan is bound to turn into a good wife and mother, with temperament and self-confidence. And the good girls who choose to give up self-pleasing men, I would like to say that love is not a marathon, persistence will win, sometimes learning to let go, can harvest happiness.

never fall in love with single girls, do not talk about marriage with girls in love, there are some things you need to experience is the best. So, this should be the first and last time for me to write about love.