What is more terrible than house prices is what else can you do after the age of 35?

What is more terrible than house prices is what else can you do after the age of 35?

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many people are blindly doing their day-to-day work in the vast workplace, feeling that they are not going well in the workplace, and they are more likely to complain that their fate has treated them well every day. People who are better than you are also climbing step by step from you, the difference is that they have a little more ambition.

ambition is a great ideal in life and a grand goal that must be realized. In this world, there are only things that you dare not think or do, but there is nothing that cannot be done!

how ambitious you are, you will be as broad as you are in the future.  

Ma Yun said: "when I founded Alibaba, I invited 24 friends to my house to discuss and talked for two hours. They were confused and I was confused. In the end, how did it go? Twenty-three of them said forget it. Only one friend who works in a bank said you could try. If you can't, you can run back.

I thought about it all night and decided to do it the next morning, even if all 24 people were against me. "

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein said in his speech that in his long growth, his biggest goal was to get out of the East side of New York. So he took the college entrance examination and vowed to go to college. He succeeded.

left New York City for the first time to go to college. While in college, other students seem naturally confident. Many of them have traveled everywhere and seem to know a lot about the world.

to this day, he still can't forget his insecurity at that time, but it makes him work harder. At the same time, when he realized his position, he became more ambitious.

ambition is your inner voice, telling you that you can and should strive to transcend the situation or limitations of life.

you can see that the success of many people is not just how hard they try, but because they are ambitious and not reconciled to the status quo. And what is more important than having an ambition is that they know where to get knowledge about economic management.

it is this professional and timely business management information that makes more managers understand the current leadership rules, understand the rules of the workplace and grow better.

Li Ka-shing is a poor man. At that time, he was even more embarrassed than you are now. Is there any reason for you to continue to be poor and not to be a leader?

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