Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

"waves" says,\ nShe kissed me. And then everything was messed up. " I think it was the first day of the rest of my life that you kissed me.

Hey, hello, lover I have never met:

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I know that you are still climbing over mountains and through the crowd on the way to meet me.

forgive me for taking the liberty of writing such a letter to you, because I know that life is too short and the road to meet you is too long. If you can see this letter, even if you haven't come to me at this time, I also hope to bring you a few words of warmth this winter. I used to fantasize about the day when you arrived, it would be a sunny, breezy afternoon. Perhaps my understanding of the good times has always been too narrow, I began to fear that my excessive imagination will destroy this unknown sense of beauty.

the road I chose was rugged and winding, and sometimes I thought I was about to fall into a cold pool. I have complained selfishly about why you only want to come in the future, and why I can't have you now. I don't want to start all over again. I bid farewell to too many regrets, pity, and unwillingness. I just want to cross to that evening with you right away, break your calm lake, and let you see my ripples.


if you like small animals, I'll be a squirrel. I'll walk out of the forest with pine cones and dare to get close to you. Don't drive me away. I just want you to taste the best food in the world.

if you only love an evil tyrant, then I'll pretend to be the devil of the universe. Come with me. Let's make waves and go home with lots of joys and sorrows. I don't care what happened in the past. Now I'll accompany you to repeat the same mistake. I also bought a very large umbrella and planned to take it with me when I crossed it. It can not only stand the two of us but if you think a child is also very cute.

once upon a time, a fortune-teller said that my ambition in life must come true. Now, he has not lied to me. My greatest ambition is to protect you thoroughly so that you do not have to grow a suit of armor amid tribulations. Even if you are full of weaknesses, you can come and go freely.


traversability is just the way I walk towards you in my dream. I am very greedy. Even before I know you, I don't want to see you only in my dream. I want to see you at the dinner table, run into you at the cinema, turn the balcony lights on and off when you look up at the tall building. Do you see the little stars that twinkle and twinkle? As for knowing you, I will not be satisfied with you just lying in my address book. I just want you to lie to me every night and have a good night's sleep.

the snow is about to fall this winter, honey, take care of yourself for me, even if no one is holding your hand all the time, there must be a way to get through the winter without hands and feet.

it used to be said that the person you love is happy. Does it matter who makes this happiness? At that time, I answered, "it's important, it's too important. How could I stand idly by to you? I was duty-bound to help." Yes, I'm going to add one more to your original happiness, a little more. I hope you are more beautiful when you are beautiful, and I want to give you more complacency when you are confident. If everything is all right with you, I will follow the example of Yu Zhou, saying that I wish you all the best and that I wish you all the best.


how to maintain good-looking female stars in movies, I just want to find all the secret recipes for you. Even in the cold wind, they are like peach blossoms laughing in the spring breeze, always bright and beautiful, and the traces of age are not written on their faces. Is it because the years have shown mercy to beauties that they do not have the heart to let their light go with them? Of course, I know that time will pursue every one of us. No matter how beautiful people are, there will be no miracle of eternal youth. Every face that always looks shiny must be nurtured by persevering nourishment.