Sunday Story | I have a friend of a monk

Sunday Story | I have a friend of a monk

I want to hold a pot of tea and visit it on this cold autumn night.

when I was studying, I didn't know if there was a hole or water in my brain. I suddenly wanted to take the Buddhist route. Then I went to the temple to sign up for the Buddhist club, and then I had a friend of a monk.

I was only 18 or 19 years old at that time, and I didn't know much about the rules of the temple. When he saw a little fat monk in the temple, he stopped and asked, "I want to join your Buddhist club. Could you tell me where to apply?" The little fat monk was stupefied for a moment, looked at me meaningfully, and felt like saying: another fool is going to enter the pit, but he still took me to an office.

the young monk in charge of the Buddhist society in the office gave me a form, asked me why I wanted to join the Buddhist club, and gave me a meaningful look, much like the eyes of a little fat monk. I cut it in my heart, why else can I fucking join, of course, to popularize sentient beings! With that, I wrote the reason line in the form: to cross the world. At this time, the little monk looked at me as if he were looking at a mental handicap.

now I understand why the two young monks have different eyes when they know that I am going to join the Buddhist club. Because the Buddhist society is full of old aunts! Old lady! Master is all around them all day long! Even there will be some intrigue among the warriors.

fill out the form and chase the young monk to ask a lot of questions, such as "do you have a little bit on your head", "do you use a bowl to eat", "can you walk with the wind", "can you break the curse", "can you banish demons", "Oh, my God!" How can you use your cell phone? you should use pigeons to write letters. ". But he only replied to me coldly, "have you watched too many TV dramas? are you all stupid after 1990?"

later I learned that the young monk was also born in the 1990s and had been pretending to be post-80s in order not to be regarded as mentally handicapped. But the little monk is cool when he walks! In short, the walk is different from us, very dignified! But he is an enigmatic product of the pseudo-80s, long shirt sports shoes with a wristwatch cool

very cool

after ripe, the little monk will take out a lot of snacks, cola, melon seeds, and so on to share, while eating while pulling me to guard the hall, tell me some strange events, but he said it very calmly, but also explained to me from a scientific point of view. The temple of iron, the monk of running water. The young monk has been to many temples and has never settled down.

once I passed through Hangzhou and went to visit him empty-handed with my roommate. The young monk, who had just made a single investment, took us around his temple and invited us to Starbucks near Lingyin Temple for coffee and cake. he complained to us that he was so tired of reciting scriptures recently that he had to be punished for deducting money. (Starbucks has a very high rate of turning back. It's very cool. The photo has been kept on my mobile phone all the time.

during this period, the young monk kept looking at his watch and said to us, "I have to go first. I have to go to class last week, or I will be miserable if the master finds out that I have skipped class!" "

when I get acquainted, the young monk will complain to me about the old ladies and aunts in the Buddhist society. For example, he said," boyfriend and girlfriend break up and couples go to ask me what to do when they divorce. What should I do? I became a monk when I was a teenager. I haven't been in love. How can I know that? ".

because I have lived in a temple for a long time and don't know much about electronic products, I just bought iPhone and asked myself, "how does that iPhone play songs? I like to listen to the moonlight in the lotus pond. Can you help me?" Lotus, pond, moon, color. Shouldn't you only listen to Buddhist sutras? Do you like to listen to the moonlight in the lotus pond? does your master know! Does your brother know?! He even complained to me that his father forced him to go on a blind date, which almost forced him to block his affairs at the gate of the temple. The young monk is serious, so he vows not to obey. He said that he was going to flee from the temple overnight, but luckily his father did it.

when the young monk became a monk, I fought back and advised him to ride the horse to enjoy the prosperity of the world. But every time he resolutely rejected my offer and threw me a large piece of chicken soup, what "you have to go down on your knees, you smell like his perfume." Wait, these two sentences are easy to read, but is there any inevitable connection?! I still don't understand.

he also quietly told me that he also uses facial cleanser or L'Oreal. At that time, I exclaimed, "what? Do you use facial cleansers? I thought you didn't use laundry detergent! As a result, he replied, "I don't use laundry detergent, I use detergent, thank you. ". What a luxury.

when we are familiar with each other, the young monk likes to play with us, young people. After all, there are too many old ladies and aunts in the temple. After all, he was only 18 or 19 years old at that time. But not too ostentatious, he showed us around the scenic spot near the temple while worried about being discovered by the temple monks.

also benefited from the young monks, went to many temples, never bought tickets, and always ate for nothing. Because the young monk will come out to pick it up, evade the ticket fair and square, and follow him to the temple to eat vegetarian noodles. For this reason, he often asked me to follow them for morning classes, evening classes, and sitting incense and would ask me to sit next to him, but according to what rules, newcomers like me can only sit behind the last one, a group of old ladies.

after experiencing the life of getting up by smelling the clock, sleeping by smelling the drum, going to the hall on the board, and smelling the bang, I refused. But I have to say that the food in the temple is delicious, the bells are good, and the Buddha's name is even more touching.

all in all, we have become good friends, the kind of good friends who can steal his Buddha beads and make fun of him to persuade him to be vulgar. But how good is it? So good that the dead monk advised me to follow him to the mountain, the kind of mountain where he knelt for thousands of kilometers in three steps. I'm not going! I'm not even going to kill myself!

but I said, "I can come and see you," and he said, "are you just here to see me? is our friendship that shallow? "I said," or else! Hold back pull me with you! "he said," at least bring some dry food! "Oh, I" can't you kneel and make love? have you ever seen Journey to the West? learn from the Tang monk. "he said," times have changed, and now de-fate will be treated as a fake monk! Maybe you'll get beat up! ".

in the middle of last month, I drove to see him facing the mountain. The route to the mountain was planned by a young monk looking for a friend, and for the sake of safety, he took a route with less traffic in the countryside. As a result, he waited for me at a crematorium facing the mountain. Did he send me such an iconic location for fear that I would not find it? Trust my IQ, okay?!

I met him smoothly, first gave him dry food, and then began to praise each other, I said, "Wow!" Master! Long time no see! You have become more dignified and more sophisticated, praise with delight! But did your father force you to go on a blind date? "Oh, little monk." Wow! Long time no see, your skin is getting better! Your parents must have forced you on a blind date! "then please make up for it. By the crematorium, a dusty young monk and a high-spirited teenager complained about the forced marriage of their parents for more than an hour. (I'm a soul painter, or I'll draw it for you)

before leaving, he advised me to go to the mountain with him. I said," or I'll take you to Jiuhua Mountain. I'll have no problem with my car traveling thousands of miles a day. " If you look at the ancient Tang monk riding the White Dragon Horse, the times are changing, and it is the same for the White Dragon Horse to become a BMW. "he looked at me contemptuously, then walked away, and went on his knees without looking back. The young monk did not have any background or respectable master. Although he was as playful and naughty as we were, he worked very hard, such as Chaoshan where he slept in the open. He only has a dream that he can have his time in the future. if anything, it is probably that he hopes that when his brother grows up, he will succeed in becoming a monk. I said, "if you do this, won't your father beat you to death?" he said, "my father has given birth to another son at his age, and when my brother grows up, he will probably die. The eldest brother is like a father. I have the final say. "... How much you love to become a monk!

but then again, although the young monk always became a monk, I once told him very seriously that I was going to become a monk, hoping that he would introduce me to a master, but he refused. For this reason, he told me a lot about the scum of the Buddhist world. This road is not easy and not suitable for me, but even if he leaves, he will stick to it. Because there is a dark side and a bright side, as he said: the path of his choice will go down on his knees.

it has been more than a month since we last met. It is winter in the south of the Yangtze River. The temperature drops suddenly, maple leaves are stained, it will be cold to wear a single shirt, and it will be cold to wear a thin quilt. The pattern of winter rain will fall on the ground drop by drop along the eaves and send Wechat to ask the little monk if he has been frozen into a ghost. He did not reply to me, for fear that his mobile phone could not be turned on.

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the little monk gave me light on my Buddha beads, and I gave it to my gay friend, who suddenly broke the rope one night after taking it for a long time. Although I comforted my gay friend that the rope was probably loose, I felt that I should help my gay friend resist something, because I heard him say that people in the same dormitory had seen so-called good friends. Therefore, I also hope that the Bodhisattva can wish the young monk a pleasant journey.

but when I thought of the young monk kneeling in the winter, I played games in the bedroom with geothermal heat, covered my mouth and laughed, and even wanted to send him a picture of my comfort. But I was afraid that after he had finished living in the mountain, he would charge me for meals and not give me Buddha beads. I thought it would be better to write a blessing to him-- I hope Master has a certificate, I see it in this life.

I want to hold a pot of tea and visit on this cold autumn night.