Start following the windbelt bento.

Start following the windbelt bento.

Have enough to eat.

it's not because bringing a bento is forced, it's just that you have to bring food now. Walking to the store every day, it seems that it is not difficult to go back and cook. Without a meal, I feel like I'm going to be stuffed into vomiting by the greasy, greasy, thickened food of the restaurant. Although hunger can be easily solved, what about the quality of life? Three meals a day, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, miscellaneous grains, nuts, there must be some of them, right?

starting from the previous week, first, order milk, and milk is milked directly from the cow for less than two hours, without any water or sugar! It's just milk (er, it feels like the cow drinks it. ), of course, there is no pasteurization, but there is no diarrhea, no lactose intolerance. What do you say about the taste? there is a smooth feeling of silk. well, maybe it's an illusion.

second, bring food! Two kinds of lunch boxes were bought from a certain treasure. One of them is an online celebrity lunchbox, and the other is a super-practical, sealed circular lunch box that can hold b and have enough to eat. When the online celebrity lunch box first opened the package, I was stunned. It was designed by the Japanese, especially for the stomach of the birds. Later, after a week of actual use, I found that more than 600 ml is the standard meal for girls, and what I can eat is only 800ml, which is enough for one person. The advantage is that the appearance is good, it is easy to clean, but the disadvantage is that you can only bring food without soup.

the round one is loaded with a large quantity and has a rubber pad to prevent spills. The stainless steel inside is also easy to clean, and with a handle, you can carry it directly, unlike a Japanese lunch box, you have to find a way to get a handbag, and you can't tilt it. The disadvantage is that he has a low appearance.

I can't eat too much in summer. I can't eat too much rice with a box full of refreshing fruits.

A simple version of Laver package rice, it's a big one, two of them are full. It's easy to do without sushi curtains or painstaking rolls.

the next day, stir-fried shredded beans

Kuaishou breakfast cake-- very simple, that is, flour with the same amount of milk, eggs, a little oil, stir it, put some oil in the pan and fry it. This is quite fulfilling, tender, and sweet. Most hungry belong to the staple food category.

and Lentinus edodes lean meat porridge.

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on the third day, cold watermelon peel + cold spinach + Orleans fried chicken leg.

look at the remaining half of the watermelon. Then take out the flesh of the watermelon, leave the watermelon skin for cold

lazy on the fourth day, use supermarket stewed vegetables, Beef Seasoned with Soy Sauce + cold beef liver + fried peanuts

the one with bright red, yellow and green color is mixed Platycodon grandiflorum + Japanese big root + under, plus Babao rice

I have a second meal at home on Sunday! ~ it was so hot that there was a small table in the balcony garden and two people were eating out. In summer, I hope all the balconies are refreshing and refreshing.

balcony or some flowers are not afraid of the height of summer and bloom bravely. After the swallow grass was cut off last time, it became some fat, and as a result, it bloomed more luxuriantly. This intoxicating blue, every time I have to stare for a long time

apart from the petunia, the most conspicuous is this hanging geranium. From downstairs to the balcony, you can see that its branches hang violently and can cover a large area.

Blue Snowflake is finally about to bloom, and now I have become a madman. Forget it, don't prune it first, let it drive for a while. There are no flowers to see in the hot summer, so raise some tropical flowers.