"Mom, don't be mad at me." heartbroken.

"Mom, don't be mad at me." heartbroken.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Mom, you are mad at me again.

his face was ferocious, his eyes stared like a bronze bell, poked my head with his hand, and roared at me.

but you were just gently talking to Aunt Mei.

Mom, you are wearing a T-shirt with a big mouth and a big black tiger on your chest.

I think this dress is very similar to what you look like now, raising your voice and intimidating everywhere.

I was so scared that my body couldn't stop shaking.


I touched my belly button, where my mother used to be connected by blood.

Our plus size tea length wedding dresses are exactly what you need. Our huge and unique selection is our gift to you.

Mom, you were only 24 years old when I met you.

my life begins by opening my eyes and seeing your smile.

I guess that when my mother saw me, it must be the most beautiful time in her life.

it's just that I must have been crying and forgot to see my mother's most beautiful appearance at that time.

listen to my father, it is not easy for you to conceive me, two bars finally appear, you are happy and jubilant;

when I am in your belly, all I want is for me to be born healthy and safe;

my mother's whole family's voice became lower throughout the lactation period, for fear of disturbing me to sleep;

when I was born, you clumsily hugged the crying me and there was nothing you could do.

you cried until I fell asleep in your arms, sitting on the bed and daring not to move.

A soft pile is held in my arms for fear that I will be pressed and squeezed.


I can walk and talk. Mom and Dad are so happy that they seem to have won the Nobel Prize:

at that time, my mother, really like an angel, nourished me with love.

I am so happy.

but since when have you changed, Mom?

I seem to have lost patience with myself and never got your affirmation from my mother.

you become hasty, irritable, and irritable.

is it since I went to school?

when it's time to do my homework, that's my nightmare, and my world becomes gray and colorless.


Mom, I'm not a pig.

I began to become self-abased, cowardly, timid, and not active.

I dare not raise my hand or express my opinion in class.

the world is beautiful, but I can't be happy.

Mom, can't you go back?

is it true that we can't start over?

Mom, could you do all the questions when you were a child?

when you can't do it, will your brain open up when you are yelled at?

I know you have to work every day. You are very tired.

it's not easy for you to work hard for our family day and night.

your sufferings, tiredness, grievances, and puzzles of others are numerous.

others think you can be invulnerable and bulletproof.

but you are not a robot, you are also a person among all living beings.

flesh and blood, sad, out-of-date, temper, sickness, and pain.

how much do you want to be recognized by your loved ones, but am I not?


I also want to get my mother's approval.

I also want to be sensible, well-behaved, and good at learning like other people's children.

I, who couldn't get my mother's affirmation, always stood in place and waited for my mother to turn around and hug me.

Mom, can you praise me?

I want to hear you say:

"in the past, my mother was mad at you. It was my mother's fault that made you sad. I'm sorry.

Mom loves you so much! You are the mother's best child and the mother's pride. "

your anxiety and some negative emotions spread to my heart.

I don't know how to handle it, nor do I know how to digest it.

I feel so useless and terrible.

Mom, I don't hate you, I love you very much.

because you are also a first-time mother.

I am extremely happy to be your child in this life.

I learn new knowledge at school every day, and I have to learn over and over again when I encounter problems that I can't do.

I am my mother's "difficult problem", Mom, can you teach me more patiently?

We constantly learn from each other and learn from each other.

now I am still in the ivory tower, this is the best way I can think of.


the water of the waterfall goes up against the current, and the seeds of dandelions float back from afar and gather like umbrellas.

the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

the bullet returned to the gun chamber, the athlete returned to the starting line, and I handed in the admission notice, forgetting the ten-year cold window.

the smell of food comes from the kitchen. Sign my paper, turn off the TV, and help me carry my schoolbag.

Mom, you are still by my side.

you raise me to grow up, and I will grow old with you.

the road in the future will be accompanied by you and me.

even if Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) comes to an end, only the love between mother and son grows.

Mom, don't be mad at me.

The little cotton-padded jacket will try to grow into her mother's bulletproof vest.