Park Shu: love is an illusion

Park Shu: love is an illusion

Behind the scenes of the first issue of "so Shi" | choreographer's Note

many people's impressions of Pu Shu seem to have something to do with a certain period of his youth. In his intermittent articles for new songs over the past decade, he seems to be the same sad, self-struggling teenager. Grew up slowly and hard in the dark of inhumanity.

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on the way to see Pu Shu, Shen Xing has been replaying the "year of innocence" from Pu Shu's new album. She said that she was particularly touched by the song at her classmate's reunion some time ago. When she listened to "Birch Forest" in 2000, she was also a high-spirited young man, and her life in Beijing was opening a new chapter.

Pu Shu is not good at the interview, which is well known in the circle. Despite such psychological preparation, the first interview had to be interrupted. Park Shu, who has not faced the media for a long time, did not hide his inadaptability. since the new album was released at the end of April and went on a non-stop tour, his mood is not stable. at the first concert, he openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the new album, and after the album was released, he was still in the process of revising one song after another. Since the second film "born like Summer Flowers", apart from occasional performances and the release of new songs, Pu Shu has rarely appeared in the public eye. According to Xiao Jian, the agent, this interview has been rare cooperation of Pu Shu. Xiao Jian said that these years Master Park has become mature and is willing to make some compromises for the band's survival.

Pu Shu is very demanding of bands. Musicians are not allowed to join bands or participate in too many commercial activities outside. He wants musicians to stay focused in a band, which means that bands' income is limited. In the interview, Park Shu also expressed this anxiety several times. It is not easy for him to be responsible for musicians and to survive in this industry. He has never become a skillful person since making his debut in 21 years. Friends around Park Shu told us that a song in the new album was originally called no fear, but after the recording was completed, Park Shu changed the title of the song to the opposite meaning, the fear in my heart. "fear of not being accepted by others, fear of accidents, fear of losing what you are used to having."

in the second interview, Park Shu gave this answer. He said that it was only at the age of 27 that he realized that people would grow old and felt the loss of life energy, and this was a fear he could not face for a long time. These feelings were written by him in the album born like Summer Flowers. When it comes to Orion, the fear still doesn't go away, but Park Shu seems to have found a way to get along with it, waiting for time to pass, just like the chaotic and difficult period he has experienced before.

about that experience, Pu Shu often mentions it in articles and interviews. Although there is no specific description, it takes enough courage to expose his inner fragility to the outside world. And this is probably one of the reasons why Pu Shu will be liked by so many people. Under the beautiful life that has been created, there is also unease, contradiction, inferiority, and confusion that dare not be revealed. Park Shu said that he will often fall into negative emotions, but he has believed that people's instincts and time will solve everything, stay with time and wait for a cup of muddy water, no matter how long it takes.