Wen /Gui Xiaomei is once again lovelorn, Xie Jing decided to fix her nose. None of her ex-boyfriends said she had a bad nose. It is Xie Jing herself.

after being lovelorn again, Xie Jing decided to fix her nose. None of her ex-boyfriends said she had a bad nose. It was Xie Jing herself who went to the plastic surgery hospital as soon as she was out of her mind.

in the VIP reception room, Dr. Zhang demonstrated on the computer what Xie Jing might have looked like in this hospital. That's a completely different person. A perfect person she doesn't even know. But Xie Jing refused to be perfect. She tapped the nose of a stranger on the computer screen: "I'll take this nose."

A week later, Xie Jing met her new nose for the first time in the mirror, with a little swelling around her eyes, but the nose was perfect and impeccable.

Doctor Zhang also seems to be satisfied with his work, saying that the postoperative warranty was originally three years, but now it is extended to five years free of charge. Miss Xie should have done more publicity for us.

it turns out that this nose is not lifelong. The doctor surnamed Zhang hastened to explain: "the life of the prosthesis is limited, and there will be some deformation over a long time." At that time, you will have to come and replace it. "

what an everlasting regret for a mistake.

when Xie Jing came out of the hospital, she was still beating her chest, but she looked at the window mirror of the shop on the street and felt happy again.

has it changed a lot? some selfies click into the phone's memory cards and are reviewed one by one. Picking out the best one, Xie Jing sent it to her moments.

in a circle of praise, Xie Jing found the little heart of Zhao Qingsong.

Xie Jing didn't tell anyone about the nose job, which is the secret that she is ready to die. The secret love for Zhao Qingsong is about to change to clarity.

of course, it is a bit biased to say that Xie Jing's plastic surgery is to pursue a man. But there is no denying that this incident boosted her self-confidence. She can at least use a free and easy attitude to Zhao Qingsong's camera-before, he always made her very ugly.


Zhao Qingsong is a TV camera. In a famous variety show in this city, he and his No. 5 machine made a lot of contributions.

Xie Jing met Zhao Qingsong when he had just graduated from high school. That was eight years ago when Zhao Qingsong was always hanging around the neighborhood with a big camera. Pat the dog, pat the cloud and also pat the girl passing by.

Xie Jing was 16 years old and an angry girl with hard, curly hair. When she discovered that she had been secretly photographed, she immediately rushed up and asked angrily, "Why are you filming me?"

although Zhao Qingsong deleted the photo that looked bad in front of Xie Jing, Xie Jing perseveringly read all the photos on the storage card.

and in those photos, there is no shadow of Xie Jing, but there is a girl-no-woman, constantly appearing.

she is walking, she is exercising, she walks her dog and goes to the supermarket. She has no makeup, she wears makeup, she wears skirts and trousers, and she and every aspect of her life have not escaped the scene of Zhao Qingsong.

for some reason, Xie Jing's angry heart suddenly became soft and melancholy under those photos. She asked Zhao Qingsong in a low voice, "Is this your girlfriend?"

"No, hey, hey," the fool scratched his hair and said, "I just think she's beautiful."

pretty? It turns out that this is what beauty looks like in the eyes of boys. Xie Jing thought that the girl in the photo who had probably just entered the workplace was bigger than Zhao Qingsong in any way. Do boys like girls who are older than themselves?


is it impossible for people to ignore age?

the girl Zhao Qingsong likes-no, woman, she is already 30 years old. Sounds-so old. She likes to use Miss Coco, so call her C.

on the day she met Zhao Qingsong, Xie Jing discovered his secret. He fell in love with an older woman who may never be possible, and for many years after that, she witnessed the growth of the teenager into a young man, as well as his love tragedy.

is Zhao Qingsong's own words. He has expressed his love to C 24 times. Every year, with three festivals, Valentine's Day, Qixi Festival, and Christmas, he will use the festivals to cheer for himself. But C never answered yes.

she always talks a lot and explains patiently like a real adult. But Zhao Qingsong, like a real child, goes in one ear and out the other and doesn't care about it at all.

but when he relayed this to Xie Jing, year after year, the sensitive Pisces heard what was on his mind.

in the first two years, C didn't like Zhao Qingsong at all. But for the next two years, C just regretted the age gap between the two.

"it doesn't matter, in love, age is not a problem, height is not distance, rich and poor is not a gap."

this is what Xie Jing often says when she is absent-mindedly comforting Zhao Qingsong. But later, this remark became Zhao Qingsong's self-consolation. They are four years apart in age

. They are 20 centimeters short in height. In terms of wealth, they are short of about a few Maserati. The first two may not be a problem, but the second is a gap.

just boys. Most boys like Zhao Qingsong are really stupid. They often turn a blind eye to the truth they don't want to face.

almost all the friends around Zhao Qingsong know about him. I also know that he and C "date" from time to time. He accompanied her to buy a computer and mobile phone, he took beautiful pictures of her, he spent three months' salary on a necklace for her and worked as a temporary driver and porter from time to time. Xie Jing all felt that it was a disgrace to pay for nothing in return. I don't know how Zhao Qingsong had the nerve to talk to others. Bring it up.

however, whenever Zhao Qingsong smiles and reveals a little bit of self-deprecation, it will make the listener Xie Jing feel a little distressed.

"what exactly do you like about her?" At first, Xie Jing asked him.

I still remember Zhao Qingsong pointing to the goddess in the picture and saying, "look how attractive her little nose is."

in Xie Jing's opinion, C's nose is not very good-looking. Even a little ugly. She has a little lion nose, and there is meat on the wing of the nose, which is not beautiful enough. But later, Xie Jing also understood that you like a person, she is lovely everything. Her freckles and wrinkles can be painted.

Zhao Qingsong broke his arm once on the horizontal bar when he was young, but the barefoot doctor was not very good at bone connection, and there were some bends after the arm grew well. It was especially obvious when playing basketball. I remember that all my friends laughed at Zhao Qingsong as half a cripple, only Xie Jing felt special.

well, it's really special.


Xie Jing has fallen in love with six boys, but none of them are like Zhao Qingsong. They are either more handsome or richer than him, and they are all smarter than him.

isn't he stupid to be rejected by a woman for eight years and still begging?

such a stupid person needs a goddess of wisdom like her to save. Xie Jing can't say when she fell in love with Zhao Qingsong. Originally everything came but there was no electricity, but I don't know why Cupid's little arrow hit Xie Jing.

maybe it's not thin enough, and if you lose weight to a bolt of lightning, you'll be egotistical.

Xie Jing feels helpless about her uncontrollable feelings, but she wishes she was better. Whiter, prettier, and thinner.

there is a golden rule in the magazine: women should dress up with the money for meals, and then a man will naturally treat them to dinner.

but Xie Jing, who became thinner and more beautiful, even with a perfect elf nose, did not receive Zhao Qingsong's invitation to dinner. He didn't even notice that she had changed. She was still dead, and it was humiliating to stand on the street stall and feast on her.

"will you stop doing that?" Once Xie Jing couldn't help it and took the fishball from his hand.

"I'm saving money." Zhao Qingsong said.

"what are you doing?"

"travel with C."

". You are a pig! " Xie Jing threw the fish balls far away and left without looking back.

at Sabah Beach in Malaysia, they met the most beautiful rainbow sea. Zhao Qingsong's camera, but there is no shadow of C, only he is alone, with a bit of lonely expression. He built a castle out of white sand, dived underwater to dance with fish, sat in a helicopter overlooking the island, and compared a silly V-word.

in the face of Xie Jing's playful smile, Zhao Qingsong said: "she said that I had photographed her before, but this time she filmed me."

Xie Jing patted him on the shoulder: "do you want it back?"

Zhao Qingsong rubbed his overgrown chin and said sadly, "maybe."

A month ago, when Zhao Qingsong was jumping up and down like a monkey to prepare for a trip, Xie Jing went to C and asked her what she thought.

it is undeniable that C's aura is significantly larger than her 6 Rank, which is the same as their age difference. Xie Jing had the appearance of helping each other in the face of injustice and made a pre-emptive strike. But C's words extinguished her arrogance: "Xiaojing, I also like Zhao Qingsong very much." But we don't have much chance of marriage. Selfish as I am, I am not stupid. He has been giving all these years, and I am grateful to him. So I want to spend some time with him, even if it's only for a few days. "

"What happens after that?"

"after." C did not answer.

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C got married from Zhao Qingsong's neighborhood and then emigrated quickly. For quite a long time, Xie Jing and her friends never played jokes about Zhao Qingsong and C.

but Zhao Qingsong seems to have come out. He enthusiastically organized the party and asked his four friends and eight friends to introduce him to someone. When he put forward this request like Xie Jing, the latter was stupefied at first, and then punched him on the nose with a swift thunder.

this punch was quick and accurate, and Zhao Qingsong immediately had a long nosebleed.

"what are you doing?" He still looks stupid. Even the goddess of wisdom cannot be saved.

Xie Jing sighed and wiped his nosebleed. She was very close to him, the breath was thin and mingled, and the heat of early summer rose to the boiling point between the two. For a moment, it seemed that the lips were about to burst into a kiss.

but in the end, it didn't happen.

Xie Jing leaned back gently and asked Zhao Qingsong, "do you understand?"

Zhao Qingsong's heartbeat seems to have slowed down a few beats. He seems to be able to control the time of du Minjun xi, in the half-minute when he seemed to have a story hidden for half a century.

when he comes to his senses, Xie Jing has left. He rushed to the balcony and saw Xie Jing walking in the sun in a dark blue sundress. He called her and she looked up at him. From the height of six stories, he finally understood her mind twinkling on the tip of her sculptural nose.

later, he updated his moments: "what you came out of your ex's misery is not travel, not work, not money, not friends, but new lovers."

in a series of photos taken with a 6D fixed-focus lens, his new lover is slowly holding out his middle finger to him. Many people like it, and most of the comments are saying that Zhao Qingsong obviously jumped into another sea of suffering and looked back.

"heavy taste, what do you like about her?" A friend who didn't know Xie Jing commented.

"probably her arrogant appearance." Zhao Qingsong thought I replied, and for the first time, I felt really stupid and blind.

"Oh, my God, she has a perfect nose." There is also a comment from a new plastic surgeon surnamed Zhang.

"Yeah, I just found out." Zhao Qingsong replied and laughed alone.