Life is not an idol drama, how can there be so many "halo of protagonists"?

Life is not an idol drama, how can there be so many "halo of protagonists"?

Frankly speaking, the idea that "can't be mediocre" is mediocre in itself.

have you ever had such a fantasy that you want to become the protagonist in a film and TV series, believing that you are "destined to be extraordinary in this life" and that you are the one chosen among thousands of people? No matter what kind of accident or difficulty you encounter, as long as you clench your small fist and shout "come on" to yourself, someone will come down from the sky to help you smooth everything; you don't need to have any skills, as long as it's silly Bai Tian who goes out and falls, it will rotate 360 degrees and fall in love with the bossy president at first sight. Being chased by the enemy will eventually be saved, jumping off the cliff will certainly get the secret book of martial arts, even if it is a move to cross carelessly, it will certainly be amazing because of reciting a Tang poem and singing a song, and from then on to the pinnacle of life. You see, even if the routines of all stories are the same, we are still willing to replace ourselves in a certain moment and imagine that we are so small that we must be born extraordinary.

believe me, this is not just a fan imagination, but in the final analysis, it is a pull between the desire for a breakthrough and in the middle of what is not available in real life. What an era it is! Emphasis on "counterattack", longing for "rise", no one should be willing to put a "mediocre" label on their bodies. Just like the popular "human setting" in the entertainment industry these years, you should pay special attention to novelty. In short, you should have your label and never crash with others. After all, everyone's inner subtext is: life is already so difficult, why "devoid of everyone"?

it is said that whose youth is not confused, but ask ourselves, is it only youth that we are confused? Every day, from the moment we open our eyes, we try our best to run forward, fearing that our life is not good enough and that others are better than ourselves. On the one hand, we believe that our life is destined to be extraordinary, and on the other hand, we are pulled by life and reality to want to be extraordinary. That's why we have troubles and anxiety. In the final analysis, it is because we always delude to control what we can't control, but we don't want to take responsibility for what we can control.

the essence of anxiety is out of control, and we have to admit that most of the time we are running away from mediocrity, out of control.

after running away for so long, how on earth can we judge what is mediocre? Often we look for the answer from its corresponding antonym: struggle, uniqueness, ideal, sparkling. Half of these meanings point to attitude towards life, and the other half to self-label. As a result, unconsciously we began to "not mediocre" this thing more and more longing and yearning. But we have never realized that the so-called "not mediocre" is like we discuss the meaning of a thing, for different people for different things, the answer is far more than one.

"never say meaningless to something you haven't done."

-- Yuan Lang's "Soldier assault"

"Soldier assault" stills

A 2007 film "Soldier assault" seems to have taught us a word called "insensitive power". His greater value lies in teaching us a word called "growth", not that the protagonist cuts through difficulties and upgrades to fight monsters, but tells us with a variety of characters with different values. There has never been a unified standard and unified greatness. Life doesn't have so much meaning to take for granted, we need to try to know the taste.

especially this sentence: don't say meaningless to something you haven't done. But most of us are so good at "value first" in life that we unconsciously divide life into two kinds: one is unique, interesting, and grand, and the other is mediocre. The former is successful, while the latter is failed. Only the former life is worth living, and the latter life is not worth living. Then we live with this definition and framework to distinguish what is mediocre and what is extraordinary.

then it is easy for us to believe that the present life does not count, the future and the distance count; it is also easy to believe that there is such a line in life that there are two completely different lives at both ends of the line. Maybe the real difference between them is 5000 yuan or 7000 yuan a month, 40 kilometers or 30 kilometers from the city center, and as a bricklayer or bricklayer, but in imagination, the gap has widened to be lost in public admiration, riding a battery bike or driving a Ferrari, watching "News broadcast" or "News Network". So we are in such a pull of pain, entanglement, no sense of security, longing for control is often misguided.

"look at the bright side of your own life, or we will always envy the lives of others."

-Cheng Youqing

"I may not love you"


this is an incomparably real and sharp line in the popular TV dramas of that year. This is the way we try our best to see the light in front of others, but ignore the light on ourselves. What we see is always the glamorous lives of others, who seem to have no trivial troubles and confusion in the face of choices. Always dress up, there is both poetry and distance in life, but isn't it like living in "moments"? what you see is only what I want to show. How can you know the whole picture at a glance?

it's like we always have an image of living somewhere else. Maybe life with money is better than life without money, the future life is better than the present life, and the life of others is better than ours. But for individuals, no matter what kind of work you are doing or who you marry, you have only one life, and that is the life you are living right now. Other life only exists in fantasy, whether it is good or bad, mediocre or mediocre, it is meaningless.

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in other words, everyone has different birth, different family, different education, and even different blood type, constellation, and tarot cards. Why do we have to live the same life? The world is already so diverse, why is the standard of value judgment so single that there is only one?

the so-called birth, education, and even luck are all things beyond our control, but we are deeply obsessed with them, thinking that they have virtually changed the tide, but ignore what we hold in our hands.

"We try our best to live an ordinary life."

-- Maugham's Moon and sixpence

this is almost one of Maugham's most well-known quotes. But too often we focus on the last half of the sentence and ignore the reasons that cause us to lose control. What we can control is the part we can control our attitude towards life. Whether we are really "doing our best" and living our own life only once.

learning to accept mediocrity does not mean giving up and self-exile. It has never meant that. Instead of despairing and giving up our efforts, we return to life in a down-to-earth manner.

by fantasizing that you are the chosen protagonist in the story, you will not enjoy the golden finger, nor will you feel sorry for yourself for not being earth-shaking and shining. You will not waste your life by doing simple things in a down-to-earth manner.

accepting mediocrity also means accepting yourself in a sense. Because perfect is an illusion, imperfect is life. Just like we are not perfect as individuals, they are all apples bitten by God, but God bites us with a Hickey.