Let me tell you why housewives are always in a bad mood.

Let me tell you why housewives are always in a bad mood.

Wen /Hsiao-Kun! I guess you can't finish it. It's too trivial. Take my real experience today, for example. There are a few things to be done this afternoon, to change the water for the fish tank, and to change the water for the fish tank.

I guess you can't finish it. It's too trivial. Take my real experience today, for example. I have to do a few things this afternoon. I need to change the water for the fish tank, remove the wooden table on one side of the kitchen, buy an Ikea stainless steel three-story table, and put rice, Mr. Weimeng. (it's a powerful detergent, in case. Friends with ten fingers without touching spring water think I have a tough guy hidden in the kitchen. And then we have to make dinner, that's all. It doesn't sound like anything. But I think there are a lot of things ~ ~ my wish of watching American TV dramas or brushing Douban can't come true again. I thought that if I BF knew that there were so many things, I would laugh from my mouth again and say, "there are too many things like this." I thought that in fact, he thought it was too simple. He thought that to change the water for the fish tank was to scoop out the water and then scoop it in. The water should be picked up and hung three days in advance so that the chlorine in the water can be volatilized, and then a siphon tube should be used to reach into the fish tank. While sucking the old water out, the stool residue at the bottom of the tank should be sucked out as much as possible, and then the dried water should not be poured in at once, because the instantaneous difference in hardness, acidity, and temperature can make the fish get sick or even die suddenly. So use a plastic bag, scoop the water from the drying container into the plastic bag, then seal the plastic bag, throw it into the fish tank first, and let the remaining water in the fish tank slowly change the temperature of the water in the plastic bag to the same temperature. 

At the same time, turn on the heating rod to keep the temperature of the fish tank constant at the previous temperature. After the temperature is constant, use a needle to pierce a few small holes in the plastic bag to allow the water from the plastic bag to mix very slowly with the fish tank, allowing the fish to adapt. This process will take several hours before all the water can be poured into the tank with a wide opening. If the plastic bag is not big enough, this process will be done several times! Isn't it troublesome! Then I thought my BF would say, "Oh, it's not so troublesome. I don't believe that there are so many fish sold by other people. Is it not necessary to do business in this way?" Or: "how can my colleagues also raise fish? I think they all add water in this way" and so on. Then I thought that either he didn't observe and came to a conclusion, or there were no colleagues raising fish at all just to convince me to make up something to refute me.

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I will also think, of course, it is also possible to engage in extensive sex and not necessarily what will happen. For example, I used to raise fish and fooled around like this for more than a year. Is it not all right? But I will think that no, we still have to respect knowledge, you are too disrespectful of knowledge, everything is confident and self-righteous fooling around, would rather take risks than do it more securely, to put it bluntly, it is lazy! And then it will be angry with the things of personality! Let's talk about buying a kitchen counter. He would say, don't you just go to Ikea and buy it? I would want to say: it's not that simple at all. You say you want to buy everything, but you don't do any research. Have you measured the size of our home? Have you considered whether you can't let go of this situation if you buy it? For example, the last time the two of us went to IKEA, he saw a bowl shelf, and he said it was good that we could also put one in our cupboard. I said I can't let it go at all. How deep is our cupboard? Moreover, the board between the upper and lower floors of our cupboard cannot be moved, and this one is too high to fit at all. He said: it's impossible to put it down for sure. I said you are poor in geometry and I don't even want to talk to you, or I'll make a bet with you that I can't let it go.

then he refused to bet that he was still stubborn on top of his mouth. What a dead duck with a hard mouth! I said to him, you always have such a sudden idea that you don't think about what you want to buy in advance, and how many sizes you want to buy if you may be short of anything at home! Now I want to buy something when I see it. I wish I could move all Ikea back! really! As a result, he didn't buy the shelf that day, but later, when we bought the storage box in the cabinet, I saw a box 38 centimeters deep. I measured the length, width, and height of the cabinet that day, and only he measured the depth. He recorded a 40. I think the 38cm OK can be put in and bought seven! As a result, when I put it back, I couldn't put it in! Let me measure it again, the depth is only 37 centimeters! I shouted his name: you come! What's going on? I can't believe he told me he measured it from the outside of the cabinet! I said you should use your head when you do things. This cabinet is still one centimeter away from the wall. There is a backboard behind the cabinet and there is a cabinet door in front. What do you mean by measuring it? How is that possible? what do you think? can you help me understand? And then he just stopped talking.

then I went on to say: I don't believe it's the same when you usually work. You work so hard and you have so many things to worry about. So I don't think it's a matter of ability. It's a matter of will! Then we talk about the sense of family responsibility. After talking a lot about this kitchen counter, I haven't talked about it yet. The front is just the groundwork for this table. That is to say, after all these things, I think he has not made any progress. I think he must have said on the platform: you will be done as soon as you buy it. What you saw that day, you can put it down. When I went to measure it in the morning, I found that it was not that simple at all. after the wooden platform was removed, although the gap looked deep and wide, there was no problem putting a table, but there was a PVC sewer behind the gap, and the pipe took up part of the space. Can the Ikea table fit in? In addition, next to this table is the window, and there is a rim coming out of the window. if the Ikea table is shorter than the window edge, it should be no problem to put it down. if it is higher than the window edge, is this width enough? Another question is, have you measured the height of our rice tank? That cabinet has three floors, it is not very high altogether, and each floor will not be very high. Can the rice jar still be put into it? If the rice jar is not put here, where else can it be put in the cupboard? Based on your impression, When it comes to buying, have you investigated all this? Everything is very simple in you, it takes no effort to do it, and you always cry when you finally buy it back and see the coffin! Why can't we do the preliminary work well? If you can't buy it back, you can do it for yourself: you can use it here, you can use it there, or you can put something else if you don't put the rice jar. This is the second-best, this is your style! There is not much money at that table, but if there is no shortage of money, there will be no savings. Don't you care what you can build if you have money? Anyway, I have a lot to say about him! Then measure this is the first step, but also go to Ikea's official website to see the size, and then go to Taobao to find a purchasing agent (to buy a shelf, I do not go to IKEA, taxi money is not enough), but also to ask east and west to ask some questions, but also to film, it's all a thing! Because I feel that diligence, frugality, and modesty is a virtue, which has nothing to do with more money and less money.

when I was a child, I had a strange idea: if I were the emperor, I would pour the chamber pot myself in the morning (yes, just like Wang Fei pouring the toilet in the hutong)! So when I went shopping just now, I went to the supermarket far away to buy meat. Although the meat in their home is a little expensive, it is of good quality, but their vegetables are not very good, but they are extremely expensive. I don't want to buy vegetables in their house, bend the road a little more, carry meat and a bag of rice bought for 15 yuan, and come to another small vegetable market in our yard to buy vegetables. I have something to get angry with here, too. I was thinking that if it had been for him, he would have said, "Oh, why don't you buy it all here and go there again!" In addition to not saving, it is also because of laziness. I am tired of walking a little more, but I want to buy treadmill fitness equipment at home. If you sweat empty at home, you will be happy to take one more step to improve your quality of life. How can that be? Or something. So I can be angry when I walk. When the vegetables are ready, I'd like to buy some fruit by the way. Then when I saw the grapes, I thought, the grapes are getting off the bridge soon, you can buy some and eat them, and then it will be cold again. Some of the grapes come out of the greenhouse, which should not taste good in the season. But on second thought, the grapes are difficult to wash and troublesome to wash, so I hesitate a little. It occurred to me that if the idea was seen by BF, he would chuckle again in the corners of his mouth. What's so hard to wash the grapes? it's just a rush of water. I began to get angry again: everything is so simple with him! Do you know what I said in an article before, that grapes cannot be ripped off one by one from that string so that there will be an opening in the outer skin of the grapes, and then wash them in water, and the ones like tap water and detergent will go in and eat them into their stomachs.? Now the advertisement for detergent says how non-toxic and residue-free, do you believe it? So cut one by one with scissors and leave a section of vine on it instead of pulling it off so that there will be no wound. In addition, it is not always good to use detergent. Add a little flour to the water and soak for a while. The flour is adsorptive and can adsorb the dirt on the surface of the food. But the adsorptive force is not very strong, so we have to do this several times over and over again. But soak for too long and not, the grape skin will absorb water and break, break, and re-pollute. So keep an eye on it again. Finally, you have to rub it repeatedly and rinse it clean before it is finished. Of course, eating grapes is very simple for you, that is, "when you see it on the table, throw it into your mouth". When I finish cooking, I sit down and want to eat two, but I have eaten all of them, but I haven't saved them for me! How can you be so selfish? And then rose to the height of personality. It's just to be an angry housewife, why do I still have to write something old and fresh on Douban? The result is that up to now, none of the things mentioned above have been done! You said that when I was angry with others, I had to be angry with myself! Ghost wrote a lot of ghosts, and then looked into the kitchen, there is still a bunch of newly bought vegetables on the table! And cook dinner! 

Wash and cut, I am careful again, to wash clean, to cut well, to be responsible for the health of my family, some ghosts! Still have to squeeze the time, when is the right time to cook! Let him tell me earlier about what time he will be back today so that I can start cooking, either tell me very late or forget it. I can't remember how many times I've said it! Oh, I was so angry with myself that he was running a train in his head! After finishing the sweat, I quickly ate and went to wash the dishes. After washing the dishes, I hurriedly went to take a bath and finally felt comfortable. Then I quickly urged him: take a bath quickly, change all the dirty clothes and throw them into the washing machine. I want to wash my clothes. I'll change your quilt cover with you, and tomorrow I'll take it to the tailor's shop downstairs to change the broken zipper. As a result, I went to the washing machine to take out his pants and take out his pocket, and sure enough, he took out some money for me! That's why it can't make me worry a little bit! Not digging into your pocket is not a capital crime. No one is meticulous and meticulous. I am also very reasonable. But it occurred to me that if I hadn't pulled out the toilet paper in his pocket all at once, the toilet paper in his pocket would have been washed into a washing machine covered with white hair. when he wants to wear it, he has to complain: "look what clothes you wash, take out your pockets clean!" Really! " And it turned out to be my fault for no reason! Those are your pants pockets, okay? Hey! Anyway, sometimes I can fantasize about the development path of all kinds of things and end up angry with me! I recently concluded that unhappy housewives have one thing in common: she is the only impatient one in the family.

now I think no one is born impatient, and impatience is tempered by slowness. No one is born to be good at housework, worry about others, and naturally know everything over time. Those who will not say with a smile: "those who can work more!" How exasperating! A housewife like me is a little worse than other housewives.

other housewives nag and scold when they get angry. Just fight. Just let it out. I scold and quarrel, but sometimes I have to reflect-- is it bad for me to do this? do I have emotional problems? does true love have to tolerate everything and influence him with love without regrets? in short, if you are angry with others, you have to reflect on yourself. In the long run, there will be only one end: becoming a psychopath!