It's a long night, who will accompany you to roam the lyrics

It's a long night, who will accompany you to roam the lyrics

It sounds like someone else's story during the day, but it all becomes your own life in the middle of the night.

nearly 1 /3 of a person's life is spent sleeping. However, at a certain age, it is inevitable to encounter several sleepless nights.

when the world is so quiet that you can almost hear your eyelids bang as you blink, you can see how sensitive your senses are at this moment. So if you shed tears while listening to music on such an insomniac night, it must be hormones in the middle of the night, and it has nothing to do with you who are as strong as a fortress during the day.

the scenes sung in the lyrics sound like other people's stories during the day and become their own lives in the middle of the night.

I like Xiao Yaxuan's songs very much. apart from the Weather outside the window in the picture above, my favorite is probably the most familiar stranger. "if I had been able to hold back my excited soul during the rendezvous, maybe I wouldn't have let myself sink in my thoughts tonight."

in 1999, Xiao Yaxuan released her first album, which was popular across the Taiwan Strait and three places. A good alto voice revealed young girls' feelings about love, life, and the future.

Today, nearly 20 years later, there are still so many people lost in her songs late at night. When it comes to good music, which is so remembered by people, we can't help but mention Xiao Yaxuan's, mentor-Yao Qian.

many people may not be familiar with Yao Qian himself, but you must have heard his works more or less. In addition to the above two songs by Xiao Yaxuan (in fact, he wrote many of the lyrics of Xiao Yaxuan), there are Zeng Shuqin's "Lu Binghua", Faye Wong's "I do", Jacky Cheung's "if Love", Karen Mok's "Radio Love Song", Tsai Jianya's "Stranger", Xin Xiaoqi's "Taste", Chen Li's "when I am here" and so on.

Yao Qian's lyrics have always been known for their delicacy and gentleness, and he once laughed that he had the virtue of "listening to women's conversation" from an early age. His communication and feelings with friends in daily life were recorded by him and became the inspiration material for future creations.

in early June, Yao Qian participated in a Douban offline activity to promote his column "lyrics time Yao Qian Writing lyrics lesson" set up at Douban time. He shared an interesting story with you during the event: why do you miss white socks in Taste? Why isn't it green?

Yao Qian said that the protagonist of this song is one of his female friends. Friends in the last relationship used to hate boyfriend smoking ("taste" is this taste), but also hate boyfriend wearing white socks because playing basketball is easy to get dirty. After the breakup, she vowed to find a boyfriend without these shortcomings. Later, however, she found out that the things that had bored her were all because she loved him. "taste" is another interpretation of love.

Yao Qian

these lyrics extracted from true stories have touched the heartstrings of countless people in the dead of night. In today's fast-food music consumption culture, we often judge the good and the bad only by the melody of a song. We have no time to dig out the story behind the song, let alone to feel the original pure beauty of the music.

but there are always people who remember those who are moved.

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QQ Music added a music number to the Discovery function section, hoping to get everyone back to the original way, to find more stories behind the music, and to get the music through stories.

similarly, Yao Qian's original intention of offering a lyrics writing class during Douban time is to lead you back to the scene of creation and share creative experiences and behind-the-scenes stories.