I'm just trying to make you happy.

I'm just trying to make you happy.

Nobody asks you to do so much. Why are you doing this?

No one asks you to do so many things. Why do you do so many things?

for this" surprise "project, I sat in a tattered, smelly bus early in the morning, speeding down the highway.

it rained for three hours, and at one point it was so violent that it seemed to cut the car glass. It felt like thousands of black crows broke through the plane glass and killed people in the" mummy ".

just like the rainstorm road is slippery, the driver looks unreliable, and the car keeps leaking. After picking up all kinds of individual passengers in the mountain Karari for two hours, he was told that the car would not stop for the next eight hours and had to go on his way.

turn on my phone, I want to tell my parents about my fear now, but in the end, I just mischievously said, "I'll be home tonight!" Do you miss me? "

it's just that everyone's mood is different from what I expected.

I explained: "it doesn't matter.

I haven't spent all my money yet. came back to treat everyone to a big dinner.

when the surprise passed, there was a sudden pain in my finger. Only then did I find that my finger had been cut when I packed my bags in a hurry in the morning.


remember the plot of a Hong Kong drama not long ago.

the incumbent of Cherry in the play,   Saving is going to interview.

I know we are not doing well right now, so would like to help you prepare better. In this way, we can better face future life. "

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this kind of feeling is like I saved pocket money for a long time. When I went to the concert I wanted to see, the organizer told me that it's not easy to save money, don't go to see it, save the money.


because I care about my parents, I want to do something for them. But because my parents also care, they are afraid of what I will pay for it.

worried about the hardship of life after you give me a gift.

only worry about each other, but do not know how to enjoy each other's careful preparation.

people's worries block the possibility of romance.

" it's my fault that worries you. "