If you love me, don't judge me.

If you love me, don't judge me.

Is there anything you can't talk about directly in private?


groups of hugs, the rising sun one after another, and some" it's all right "and" it's going to be all right ".


I once sent a Wechat message to someone very late and then withdrew it. The next day he asked me why I was looking for him so late. I didn't give him a direct answer, so I chatted all morning.

Do you want to buy the flattering cheap evening dresses and help bring out the charm in your figure? This selection will save so much of your precious time.

maybe. I chose the comment only because it attracted their attention, and everyone thought it was interesting, shocking, or sad, so I wanted to say a few words.

then no one will know that Chu ran posted her moments not because of the pain of wrestling, but because there were so many unlucky things that made her very depressed.

wrestling is very painful, it is only the last stroke to overwhelm the mood.

while a person posts a gray circle of friends, she doesn't want everyone to understand her emotions.

but after commenting on the matter, everyone broke up.

the phone shook several times in a row. In the conversation in which the two people added up to 11 sentences, she sent four "ah", three "love you", and two "moved".

what words can comfort a person?  

but now I find that