I think I've become a bored adult.

I think I've become a bored adult.

"do you resonate with these silhouettes of ordinary life?" This article is authorized by Douban user @ Li Bin BinLee to publish the original title: "Human Daily Life"

Do you resonate with these silhouettes of ordinary life?

Everyone is so different, different occupations, different incomes, different values, different sexual orientation; everyone is so similar, happy for a little good, and easily anxious because of their own dissatisfaction.

from a distance, I saw him

stopping a tricycle full of small potted plants by the side of the road

staring at the sky

I looked in his direction

I didn't see anything

but I think there was something there

people would put a small pot of green plants at work

. Placed in a stereotyped and boring work environment

occasionally I accidentally see that little green

I seem to have some more reasons to stay here

so I think

the green link

is probably the appearance of freedom.

I suddenly got hungry

in the middle of the night, so I went downstairs to the convenience store to buy something to eat

. The janitor is happily teasing a dog

on this empty road

I can only hear the dog barking

this is the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival

A bright moon hangs in the night sky

, but there are still a lot of people

in the empty and silent room

sleep alone

roadside coffee

I don't know whether to take a selfie or live

I don't know when

people have learned to post themselves

dressed up in the window of society

waiting for passing strangers to throw in praise

and then suffer for a long time for this kind of waiting

this era

almost no one escapes

I can't help but peek at the people around me

imagine the life they're going through

everyone seems to have something in common

but actually face a completely different predicament

if there is such a thing as parallel worlds

it's probably performed around us in this way


the restaurant door is bustling on a rainy day

people wait anxiously for

or leave in a hurry

what is happiness that makes people envy

that they are talking to themselves?

is probably someone to sit with you at dinner

have you ever thought

for a group of children

A grandfather who can make a beautiful Bubble

is almost equivalent to an angel

, but the old man probably won't agree

because in front of those

fleeting bubbles

most of the time we avoid loneliness

are adults

Why talk about loneliness?

Whatever your style and taste, one of our gorgeous red satin prom dress will be just what you need. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.


but it follows us like a shadow

all you can do is ignore it

but you can't get rid of it

, but in some places

you can easily bump into it

, such as an empty bathroom in the middle of the night

or a cinema in a private theater .

A lot of people who hastily save their cell phones with incomplete names

become more and more confused about who they are.

it seems that many people


the concept of


is becoming more and more blurred

I may have become a bored adult

I have a friend

I have a friend.

I have a friend.

I have a friend. There is a trash can

No wardrobe

clothes are on the suitcase

he says this is not his home

he will move out

soon  he has a lot of books  Literature


Art Theory

every time he moves, it is exhausting

, but he never borrows books. Enjoying extreme freedom

and not being free

maybe everyone will want to escape from the life in front of him at some point.

leave the clothes piled up in the washing machine

leave the overnight food in the refrigerator

leave more and more dust on the floor

leave the person who is no longer in love, but in the end

all you can do is light a cigarette

take a deep breath and exhale

smoke swaying before your eyes

The efforts of others are taken for granted

regardless of whether the other person is the father.Mother

A lover

or a friend  regards what is easy to get as a bargain

unscrupulously in the kindness of others

completely unaware that the other person is accommodating you with love and tolerance

there is no unilateral giving

if you think there is

but the other person is still.

Beijing's winter is very cold

pedestrians are rare at night

she crouched by the side of the road and drew a circle with chalk

then she couldn't help crying

occasionally passers-by stopped

they would frown and take a detour

maybe except for the person she lost

No one really cared about her regrets

Just like this

cherish the people you will miss

before it's not too late

they eat together after work every day

plan their future life


buy a house  career development  income distribution

go home together or go home separately

after a few years of breakup

I just think of the plans for the future that I have made together

. It's a pity that some things

may never come true

she no longer believes in fairy tales

she no longer believes in love and friendship

even her family seems to be estranged

life seems to be just two parts of work and work

face. The less

all that's left is tiredness and indifference

do you really believe in nothing?

then why do you cry when you see the moving picture in the movie?

probably in her mind

there is still something to look forward to

, even though there is only 10% left.