How to meet your college girlfriend again

How to meet your college girlfriend again

The following is a science fiction movie. Describe meeting your college girlfriend again after many years, and get a lot of slightly sour joy in the mutual run, which is enough for a few years.

the following is a science fiction movie. Describe meeting your college girlfriend again after many years, and get a lot of slightly sour joy in the mutual run, which is enough for a few years.

A noisy night.

[camera key: the flow of people coming and going in a stupid city is too empty]

Xiao Li, a female, sits alone in a restaurant, playing with napkins, asking waiters to add water, checking their cell phones, putting their phones on the table, drinking water, playing with napkins.

[performance key: perform an anxious idiot]

Xiao Ming, male, hotel room, the bathroom door is open, Xiao Ming is covered in a white bathrobe, his abdomen is protruding like a mountain bag, shaving in front of the bathroom mirror, sticking out his head to take a look at the TV from time to time.

[performance key: perform a stupid look from the inside out]


two people called.

[performance key: voice tranquilization, body spasm]

Xiao Li: are you still coming? I'm so grumpy.

Xiao Ming: you are always grumpy, can you rely on me?

Xiao Li: are you coming or not? I'm leaving.

Xiao Ming: I'm going out, I'm going out. I took a bath after I entered the room, and time was delayed.

Xiao Li: what kind of bath do you want to take? what are you going to do tonight?

Xiao Ming: after taking a four-hour flight, taking a bath is respectful to you.

Xiao Li: I'm starving.

Xiao Ming: didn't you take a bite of cat food before you went out?

Xiao Li: I ate the cat. Make it quick. Let's be fat. It's not worth washing for that long.

Xiao Ming: I'm done. I'm going out. You wait.

Xiao Li: I'm leaving. Don't come.


two people meet.

[performance key: Xiao Ming with a very cautious smile, Xiao Li with inexplicable anger]

Xiao Ming: Hey, didn't you leave? Why are you still here?

Xiao Li: you can't leave without a good fight with you. Hormones don't let go.


the two of them hugged politely and immediately popped away.

[performance key: when hugging, two people's feet are a foot and a half apart, and they have to reach in the middle to touch them, and neither of them moves forward. Other people hug is two chopsticks, these two people form a sharp angle, almost right angle. Please understand the meaning of the word "stalemate" by heart. After holding this formalism for half a second, I immediately bounced off and sat down in a restaurant chair]

Xiao Ming: all these years-- have you been grinding your cheeks and sharpening your buttocks?

Xiao Li: you know how to chat. Does it seem that you have been cured of mental illness?

Xiao Ming: you don't flatter me either?

Xiao Li: Have you finished your paper?

Xiao Ming: fuck.

Xiao Li: you should be looking for a teaching job this year, right?

Xiao Ming: fuck. That's right.

Xiao Li: it must be hard to find a job. I don't think the position in your line of work is vacant at all.

Xiao Ming: fuck. That's right. Fuck.

Xiao Li: who is your mentor? I want him on my steering committee, too.

Xiao Ming: fuck, don't.

Xiao Li: could you introduce me?

Xiao Ming: impossible.

Xiao Li: mm-hmm. I guess you can't help me either. Then I'll write to him directly. By the way, mention you.

Xiao Ming: I'm leaving. You eat and drink well.


two people ordered, Xiao Ming decided his main course, Xiao Ming asked Xiao Li to decide her main course quickly, Xiao Li asked Xiao Ming's main course to complement her main course, Xiao Ming insisted on his main course choice, and thought that he could use appetizers to complement each other. Xiao Li thought there was no need to order too many appetizers. Xiao Ming thought about what wine. Xiao Li said she had quit drinking. Xiao Ming said that she would not order wine. Xiao Li said you wanted to order. Xiao Ming said I wouldn't order either.

[performance key: fucking annoying]


here comes the meal for two.

[key to the prop group: the dead fish, potatoes, and spaghetti on the plate look much more active than these two]

Xiao Ming: when did you get married?

Xiao Li: 2009. When did you get married?

Xiaoming: early marriage, 2008.

Xiao Li: didn't you call me several times in the summer of 2008, when you were already married?

Xiao Ming: when did I call you?

Xiao Li: quite a lot of phone calls. You also sent me a poem, the first section is about the kitchen countertop, at first glance I thought the furniture copywriter. I asked you what insurance you should buy, and you were impatient and criticized me for being too dependent on you. And you said you were going to the adoption agency to take a dog home. -- call me. You forget you remember the dog.

Xiao Ming: there seems to be such a thing. I was teasing you just now. I remember calling you. I got married in the fall of 2009. What about you? what month did you get married that year?

Xiao Li: spring.

Xiao Ming: don't tell me. I always thought you could at least say hello to me when you got married.

Xiao Li: did you tell me about your marriage? Well, then how did you know I got married?

Xiao Ming: some people tell me.

Xiao Li: you care about me.

Xiao Ming: they all told me with the attitude that "Xiao Ming, no one is going to threaten your family."

Xiao Li: what are you doing? you should dip the olive oil in the fish. You are jealous. It's not dirt.

Xiao Ming: I'm not usually jealous. Let's eat it today.



[performance key: knife and fork ups and downs hit the plate, napkins are easily dropped, a ghost symphony. Sit up straight]

Xiao Li: Ah, you honestly eat your spaghetti. Why do I keep picking out all those shellfish and stuffing them on my plate with chili rings? it's like a plate of spicy fried clams here.

Xiao Ming: that saves you from talking.


[performance key: Xiao Ming takes a fork around the spaghetti on his plate, like a child who is focused on spinning a top with his mind, and his IQ is relatively low. Xiao Li ate one mouthful after another, with a straight neck and straight back, but she stared down at the plate and chewed all the time, showing a relatively low IQ.

Xiao Li: I don't think it's necessary to meet. There's no need for us to meet. Please don't tell me the next time you come on a business trip.

Xiao Ming: there is no contact between old age and death. This time is mainly considering that you are getting old.


pay the bill. Xiao Ming signs the bill.

[performance key: Xiao Li craned her neck to look at the contents of Xiao Ming's wallet. Ask the actors to go to the zoo to observe the red-crowned cranes that have just eaten.

Xiao Li: no photos? Do you have a picture?

Xiao Ming: do you think it is appropriate to make further requests after eating free food?

Xiao Li: please show me. The son's picture is fine, the wife's picture is fine, and if the future daughter-in-law has been decided, it's OK. Either will do. I don't pick.

Xiao Ming: to say that you do not pick is to insult me. Get up and go.


two people have finished eating. Trotting through the streets of the city at night.

[scene key: this street is boring]

[performance key: if you don't want to walk, you still have to walk, it can only be regarded as a walking exercise, walk hard]

Xiao Li: do you still write poetry? do you still write songs?

Xiao Ming: occasionally. It's not shaped. I didn't take it out.

Xiao Li: stop writing songs. Your songs are not so good. They are not as good as those written by Wolf in the 1990s. Please don't write it. The poem is not bad, you can write it.

Xiao Ming: what I am doing now is to compose my poems into music.

Xiao Li: Oh, spoil yourself. I'm thinking about whether to take writing seriously.

Xiao Ming: have you started to write? Whatever you write.

Xiao Li: nothing has been written yet-I want to decide whether to write it in Chinese or English first.

Xiao Ming: I haven't read your English, but I've read your Chinese.

Xiao Li: that's right.

Xiao Ming: according to this impression, I suggest you write in English.


another street seems to have a river next to it. Let's go.

[the key to the scene: this city is stupid, I can't see anything clearly]

Xiao Li: how old is your son?

Xiao Ming: I don't want to tell you.

Xiao Li: someone has already shown me the picture. Is it one year old? Two years old?

Xiaoming: almost four years old.

Xiao Li: to tell you the truth, I can hardly imagine you are over thirty.

Xiao Ming: it's hard for me to imagine that you are not over thirty.

Xiao Li: I can't believe you are already thirty.

Xiao Ming: it means you are almost thirty.

Xiao Li: is it fun to have a baby?

Xiao Ming: I didn't give birth to it.

Xiao Li: is life stressful now?

Xiaoming: do you want me to say stressed? I'm telling you, there's no pressure at all. I'm very happy. All my son brings is joy.

Xiao Li: Oh, it seems that my son was not very happy before he was born. So now that we have had a baby, has the marriage crisis been solved?

Xiao Ming: fuck. Are you going to have a baby? You see, you are also the same age, the vitality of the egg has decreased.

Xiao Li: keep the mouth clean-if you are from southern Fujian, your life should be complete after giving birth to a son. Is it necessary to live?

Xiao Ming: no, I'm going to have another daughter in these two years.

Xiao Li: Have you finished your paper?


two people greet each other's family.

[performance core: subtle attitude, careful with some kind of "a bad word sounds like swearing"

Xiao Li: how is your mother? Are you retired?

Xiao Ming: just retired, after the New year last year, my parents went to help babysit. Where's your dad? Have you been in Beijing since then?

Xiao Li: no, my father transferred back.

Xiao Ming: how is your sister? Chen Yang, right.

Xiao Li: you still remember her name. She got married this year. Married.

Xiao Ming: Hai Zheng, did you go there later?

Xiao Li:-- she went to college. I went to college a long time ago, graduated, worked for several years, and now they are all married. It was ten years ago that she went to take part in the Haizheng Song and Dance Troupe in high school. It turns out that we have been separated for ten years. Usually, I don't think it's been so long, but it's only been so long since I compared it to other people's lives.

[Xiao Li performance core: bang cry; Xiao-Ming performance core: unprepared familiarity and helplessness]

Xiao Ming: you still have such big tears. I found this at that time, and I especially admire it.

Xiao Li: it's bigger than your eyes, isn't it?

[Xiao Ming looks at Xiao Li, Xiao Li looks at Xiao Ming. Frozen for a while, the two laughed.


the two of them were lying on the railing of the bridge on the river.

[performance core: do nothing, have a light and neutral attitude. Like two tramps who ran into each other by chance, they just had a CEI fight because of drug robbery, but in society after the separation of the attitude of ism, he has entered the boundless world of bliss with no desire, no feeling, and no pain]

Xiaoming: how on earth did you get that way on your arm? it was scratched by a cat, or if it was scratched by a cat.

Xiao Li: didn't the cat scratch it, or did I scratch it? Is the distance between my fingers that small.

Xiao Ming: how are you doing and whether your marriage is happy or not?

Xiao Li: very happy. Happier than you.

Xiao Ming: no.

Xiao Li: why do you keep asking me how I'm doing? The first time you asked me the other day, I said I had a cat, and you replied, "how lonely are you?" You married men with children in your early thirties, raising a wife to make a living, it turns out that everyone else is lonely, isn't it?

Xiao Ming: do you want to outline the outline, or do you want to focus on the woman? I suggest you write English.

tramps are coming. Xiao Ming said he had no money. Xiao Li said she had no money. Xiao Ming said that fuck us is not much different from when we were in college. Xiao Li said she had no chance to do charity in this life.

Xiao Ming: I ask you because I care about you for fear that you will have a bad life.

Xiao Li: why did you suddenly raise your legs and go to France when you graduated in 2006? He flirted with me before leaving and called me when he arrived in France. I thought we had a tacit understanding, and I was very happy. I guess we didn't make it clear, but we had a deal-- is that okay?

on Valentine's Day 2007, you called me and said I had bought flowers and was on my way to my girlfriend's house. I didn't care at all. I've seen other people, including those years. I think we have a tacit understanding that it doesn't matter if we get together a few years later, those of you who are small and what I don't have. Then two months after Valentine's Day, I knew you were getting back together with your previous girlfriend. All of a sudden, it feels different.

Xiao Ming: you originally said you were going to study in Europe, but then you changed it to come to the United States. Does it have anything to do with this?

Xiao Li: only then did I know that you had an appointment with someone else and that you were both going to France. I thought you were having sex with a new guy, but you had a long-term plan with an old acquaintance. The Family Plan. I don't know which face of yours is real when I turn into a family man.

Xiaoming: Family man, my new identity.

Xiao Li: it's so precocious. I'm telling you, you fooled me twice. If you were going to get married after graduating from college, I wouldn't be with you at all. The second time, I was thinking about how you and others are gangsters. I didn't care about you until I broke up and let you wander freely. Who knows you live together, get married, get married, your son is three years old. How you fooled around in college.

Xiao Ming: I mature late first, then early.

Xiao Li: I had a heartbreaking life in 2007.

Xiao Ming: a heart-breaking life, uh-huh. You can consider writing English songs. Generally speaking, the lyrics don't require much grammar.


the two of them walked randomly off the bridge.

[performance Core: ask two actors to imagine headless flies and actively imitate them. The two headless flies smelled the looming smell of butter and flew to the center of the taste, but with limited accuracy in the direction, they were easy to bump into each other and bounce away angrily.

Xiao Ming: Ah, this street is quite romantic. It's better than that ditch.

Xiao Li: in retrospect, neither of us was too romantic. It was romantic and worth remembering. Somehow it was only a year and a half later, and I still felt very strong at that time.

Xiao Ming: break up. The breakup is worth remembering, and it makes a lot of sense. You dumped me all of a sudden.

Xiao Li: life begins with a breakup, right? Anyway, when you came to flirt with me in 2006, I regretted it. I wish I hadn't divided it in the first place. However, in 2007, I felt that separation was inevitable and necessary.

Xiao Ming: I don't remember much about 2006. I was in a trance. From being with you before SARS to being separated in 2004, I remember that year and a half clear, and the whole university was a little too violent and clear in that year and a half. I find that being passionately in love takes up a lot of brain cells. I don't seem to remember what happened after 2004.

Xiao Li: were you madly in love in that year and a half? Do you think we're in love?

Xiao Ming: I sometimes dream about you these years. Of course, it's all a nightmare. I'm annoyed for a long time after I wake up. But I can write poetry in those days.

Xiao Li: later, I always wondered if we belonged to not growing up, and it was not a real relationship. It was puppy love. Or something else, like a misunderstanding. Finally cleared up the misunderstanding.

Xiao Ming: you are a puppy. I was twenty-one and twenty-two at that time, and I was still a puppy. We were in love. It's just unhealthy love, morbid.

Xiao Li: this is the first pertinent thing you said today.

Xiao Li: I don't know whether it is regarded as passionately in love. Just knowing that you were good at a sweet talk at that time, open your mouth. I was just blinded by honeyed words.

Xiao Ming: now he is also good at it. You see, you have rubbed your cheeks, and you are in good shape. I can offer you a word on the spot and eulogize you.

Xiao Li: hmm?

Xiao Ming: always for no reason, sad. I can't bear to be lonely. I'll come as soon as I'm thirty.

Xiao Li:

Xiao Li: knowing that you were back with your ex-girlfriend in 2007 completely changed my judgment about this stupid thing between us. Originally, I thought we could have a result sooner or later. Even if there was no result, it would be an important relationship. Anyway, it's a key relationship that affects the future. It wasn't until 2007 that I knew you were back together. That year and a half was a mistake you made. It's like you took a detour and went back to the right path. Then what's the point of our part?? After making a scene for a long time, after the end, my side is waiting for the opportunity to move, and your side is learning from the bitter experience.

Xiaoming: do you mean that we cheated on each other for a year and a half? It's not an affair. I was serious about getting along, and I was going to be fine.

Xiao Li: that is to say, the secondary line and the crooked road.

Xiao Ming: secondary? No, no. It's primary... The breakup was unexpected. You know that you are forced to separate, and you went home in those weeks, and I couldn't find you in the traffic jam. How uncomfortable I was at that time. I don't want to remember.

Xiao Li: would you please stop speaking your Colonial English? It is not suitable for the local situation.

Xiao Ming: coincidentally, my wife has the same name as you, and your husband has the same last name and the same number of words as mine.

Xiao Li: are you suggesting that the four of us be buried together after death?


two people greet each other's sex life.

[performance core: not slutty at all. The health care doctor asks the veteran cadre, how about you take a picture of the brain CT. The veteran cadre said that my brain is very good, you curse me again, my good brain will immediately write a pen to write advice letters to your leaders.

Xiao Li: is there still a chance for your big family to be noisy and noisy?

Xiao Ming: there are many rooms. You should still care about your sex life.

Xiao Li: my sex life is very positive. That's right.

Xiao Ming: at least your ex-boyfriend is a Chinese major. Have you ever considered his feelings when you use such nonsense in front of him?

Xiao Li: but you didn't go to class in the Chinese department for four years. I didn't think you could go on with your studies until now. I imagine you're a nail salon owner right now, or something.

Xiao Ming: I didn't think you could read all the time. Why did you read it all the way?

Xiao Li: when we were together, didn't you say I'd better do research in the future, saying that I should be quiet, make less noise, and read more books. You also suggested the major. I've changed everything you asked me to do, and I've done what you asked me to do. As a result, quiet, read, can not find you.


the two men stood on the street corner under a brown-and-yellow brick building.

[performance key: the posture angle is between the German elite duo and the Kappa OEM back-to-back. It is still far away as if one of them is smoking a kind of cut tobacco made of shit, while the other tends to it and avoids it from time to time. Unable to find a stone to kick, the two looked up.

Xiao Li: do you still smoke? This is a good place for a cigarette.

Xiao Ming: I quit after I got married. Do you still smoke? No, have you started smoking yet?

Xiao Li: I live a healthy life.

Xiao Ming: prepare to give birth. Have you ever wondered what we would look like if we had kids?

Xiao Li: I can't persecute my genes like that. You are so ugly.

Xiao Ming: this is the first pertinent thing you said today. By the way, you still have a very far-reaching impact on my married life.

Xiao Li: huh?

Xiao Ming: because the communication with you was so poor. After I got married, I thought communication was too important.

Xiao Li.


two people walk hard, not as fast as before. Two 30-year-old idiots who specialize in writing papers are tired of walking for an hour.

[performance key: the main thing is to pay attention to the actors, never pick the good-looking ones, and never pick the ones with a good figure. It's best to choose those who are tired and born old.

Xiaoming: on my side, when we broke up in 2004, I thought it was impossible. It's impossible to get back together.

Xiao Li: why?

Xiaoming: after all, you dumped me. It was too hard to separate. It wasn't easy for me to get through it. When it's over, it's over.

Xiao Li: I didn't think you thought a score was a complete break-up. I originally thought that we quarreled too much, so we should calm down separately and wait for us to grow up a little bit. Let's see how it goes after one year, two years, three years, and five years.

Xiao Ming: the change is unexpected. You shouldn't plan like that. It's not realistic. I wish I hadn't broken up at that time, but it would have gone on.

Xiao Li: but if we want to go on, we must still quarrel, and we will split up in the end.

Xiao Ming: yes.

Xiao Li: we don't fit.

Xiao Ming: we don't fit.

Xiao Li: I have been transformed by you. You didn't even turn me into what you like-I don't know what you like right now, you've completely transformed me into yourself. I'm really like you now, procrastinating and irresponsible. It is rare to be able to meet both high vision and low ambition at the same time.

Xiao Ming: yes, I see you as a collection of my shortcomings.

Xiao Li: I didn't think it was possible until 2007 when I heard that you were with your former girlfriend and had a family life in France. I understand that breaking up doesn't mean that two people will grow up and come back after two years. I also know that this is tantamount to saying that our relationship is not a key relationship for you. You and me, it's like you made a short mistake, lard.

Xiaoming: bewildered by beauty.

Xiao Li: since it's not your key relationship, it can't be mine-it has to be mutual, right? Anyway, both my plans and my views on the two of us have changed. All of a sudden, I feel that the previous years are empty. I don't know what the point is. My friends didn't understand this feeling. They said, "didn't you know he had a girlfriend?" Didn't you find a boyfriend yourself? You didn't wait for him either. Why is it so important who his girlfriend is? " I can't explain it clearly. I think it's so clear that I can't explain it further.

Xiao Ming: mm-hmm.

Xiao Li: as far as my college roommate is concerned, I am surprised that we are good friends, but we don't usually talk about emotions and so on. The day I knew who your girlfriend was, I didn't leave you a message. You called me back, and we hung up without saying a few words. It's already quite hot, maybe it's April. In the evening, I went out with her, went through the western exercises, and went to the lotus pond. Passing through the path between Qiangzhai and Jingzhai and entering the lotus pond, I began to tell her your phone number.

Xiao Ming:-- stop it. I can't listen to these place names.

Xiao Li: she understood it before she reached the hill in Zhongting. She understood why I thought it didn't matter before, and why I gave up when I knew this. Very soon, immediately understand, you said how strange.

Majestic and colorful, white ball gowns are absolutely indispensable. Buy now at prices that will amaze you!

Xiao Ming: when should we go back to school together?

Xiao Li: impossible.

Xiao Ming: I'm glad to know what you thought at that time. In the years after the breakup, sometimes you came to me. I thought you were probably teasing me and didn't take it seriously. Someone once told me what you thought, but I didn't believe it at that time.

Xiao Li: you shouldn't believe it now either.


I also said a lot of other things that I didn't have. I was surprised that that person could make up for the second half of the things mentioned by this person, although these little things were never important, and I didn't think about them at ordinary times. It seems that when I was very young, I spent a year or two enthusiastically, and then I was scattered and lazy, and then I went on. The retired samurai, judging from his appearance, has relaxed into a noodle pocket. Brain cells hidden in the warehouse do not see light, take out the sun, the capacity is illuminated again, and then split and melt.

[I just wrote it, and you believe it, too.]

by the side of the road at the gate of Xiaoming Hotel, the two said goodbye. One stands on the sidewalk and the other style stands on the edge of the driveway. The car sped past, close to Xiao Li, who was standing on the road and rubbed her behind her. A taxi volunteered to park beside her.

[Xiao Ming opens the car door for her. He stood on the edge of the sidewalk and bent over the taxi in an awkward position. Xiao Li took a step back, one foot on the sidewalk, far away from him, far away from the car. She swung her bag too and fro. It's not going down.

Xiao Li: Ah, you stand quite high on this curb. It's taller than me at last.

Xiao Ming: your road is not good. I want to be taller than this in Paris.

Xiao Li: I have been to Paris in the past few years and have been to your school several times. I dressed up so hard that I thought I might bump into you. I didn't know you were hiding in the suburbs.

Xiaoming: family type, basically don't go out.

Xiao Li: it's so futile.

Xiao Ming: my wife and son have Rest at 11:00 every night, and I begin to write my thesis.

Xiao Li: a meticulous life. Is it worthy of your education?

Xiaoming: don't say it if you can't use the idiom well.

Xiao Li: goodbye.

Xiao Ming: goodbye.