How to identify "Sinology liar"

How to identify "Sinology liar"

If you commit every crime, then get away from it!

Sinology is getting hotter and hotter.

Zhejiang TV Station has appeared on another Sinology literature and art program in the past two days. At present, the whole people's campaign to study Sinology should be vigilant. Because the concept of "Sinology" is too large, the contents involved are too numerous and complicated, and there is a lack of clear discipline boundaries, coupled with the drive of nationalism and the call at the national level, the public demand for Sinology is high, and the demand for masters of Sinology is increasing rapidly. People keep inquiring and recommending all kinds of masters of Sinology.

the requirement to become a "master of Sinology" is too high. According to tradition, Sinology can be divided into four parts: a subset of classics and history; according to modern subjects, it involves classical literature, history, philology, exegesis, language philology, traditional thought (Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and other schools of thought), traditional art (calligraphy, painting, architecture, and sculpture), astronomical calendar and other disciplines.

in fact, in modern times, it is very difficult to have an encyclopedic "master of Chinese studies" in the past.

but the market demand for Sinology is still very large. So that many swindlers fish in troubled waters, learn a trick and a half, come out to pretend to be masters of Chinese studies, swaggering and cheating.

Chinese swindlers have made a fortune, too-it's not easy to make a living. But it matters a lot to mislead the children. Therefore, I would like to summarize several remarkable characteristics of Sinology swindlers in Jiangsu for your reference.

1. Sinology, in the final analysis, is also "learning" and has strict academic norms and boundaries. Fraud Sinology masters generally do not have relevant professional knowledge, but often claim to be omnipotent, Buddha and Taoist Zhouyi omnipotent;

2, between masters and ordinary scholars, is the depth of academic kung fu. As for fraudulent Sinology masters, where do they have the time to sit on the bench for ten years? Therefore, they do not involve exegesis, phonology, text, literature, edition catalog, and so on, which can only be acquired with stupid efforts. They talk about high-end theories, mysterious and mysterious, cloudy and misty. They like to talk about the theory of "there is no difference between the three religions" and the theory of "the unification of all laws".

3. Without academic norms, fraudulent Sinology masters like to talk about sensation, inspiration, past lives, enlightenment, enlightenment, morality, and so on-- these are very personal things. Therefore, they will put too much emphasis on personal experience and enlightenment, often "unknowable", and overemphasize the mysterious elements in traditional culture;

4. Overemphasize practice and function, emphasize the "learning for application" of Sinology, and the final result is to turn Sinology into a successful study and a thick black study of utilitarianism.

5. Because the purpose of Sinology swindlers is to make quick profits and make money, they simply cannot do knowledge patiently, so they cater to the present and like to combine traditional things with modern business. for example, Sinology and management, Sinology and management, Sinology and business, and so on, Buddhist merchants, Confucian businessmen, Taoist businessmen, and other irrelevant terms are often mentioned. Management and economics are also a discipline. These people know neither Sinology nor management. After all, the final goal is to teach you how to engage in intrigue, which is called the "art of facing the south" of Sinology!

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6. From the point of view of the people who admire the classics, the master of Chinese studies of liars does not learn deeply, and the things that are often respected are more popular and superficial.

the people they admire are often Nan Huaijin, Yu Dan, Zeng Shiqiang, Jiang Xun, Wang Fengyi, Wang Caigui, Master Jingkong, Wang Yangming, Zeng Guofan, and so on. The characteristics of these characters are either familiar to the public, successful examples, or a tendency to despise scholarship and rationality. (the situation of Nan Lao is quite special. His book is very good as an introduction book, but please throw it away after the introduction. If someone regards Nan Lao's book as the supreme treasure book, then this person must not have an introduction.)

the classics they admire are often the original classics such as Disi Gui, the three-character Sutra, the Analects of Confucius, the Doctrine of the mean University, the Diamond Sutra, the Heart Sutra, the moral Sutra, and the Book of changes. There is little or no suggestion to read the notes of past dynasties, the history of thoughts, etc.

7, you can also see the clue on your resume. If you can't finish your 250-word resume, there are a lot of world-class and global pheasant association leaders who often call themselves the "first-person" of a certain skill and create a new theory of so-and-so. Those who emphasize that they have no orthodox education and have special and almost mysterious experiences are seriously doubted.

there are many characteristics of the master of Chinese studies as a liar. But it is characterized by these seven items.

when you have nothing to do, please observe those "masters of Sinology" and listen to them chat.

if he commits one of the above, his basic academic skills are questionable;

if he commits more than two, it is certain that this person will not be wise;

if he commits more than three, there is certainly no doubt about charlatans;

if he commits everyone, then hurry away and stay away!