How not to break up after traveling together?

How not to break up after traveling together?

Travel is not only a great test of living habits, but also an excellent tool to measure human nature. It probably takes a trip to judge whether a relationship is appropriate, whether a friend is worthy of a deep acquaintance, or even before you start a business with a partner.

there is a Japanese word for Narita to break up because many newlyweds break up directly at Narita Airport when they come back from their honeymoon trip. Therefore, I wish you all not to be successful in a single word.

every year, from Ching Ming Festival to May Day, to the Dragon Boat Festival, to the end of the National Day holiday, there will be several short holidays in succession in these six months. Many people should plan to travel by this, right? Hey, of course, it's fun to travel-we rarely pass on negative energy-but I'd like to remind you: are you ready to fall out or break up at the end of the trip?

it is said that the original version of "lovers should travel at least once before marriage" comes from besieged Fortress. Chao Hsin-mei's original words were: "the honeymoon after marriage is in reverse order, and we should travel together for a month. After a month of boat servants, the two sides have not seen through each other, disgusted with each other, quarreled with each other, and have to maintain their original engagement. Such couples promise not to divorce."

if there are any irrefutable rules for human behavior in the world, Mr. Qian Zhongshu's view is one of them.

look how reasonable he is! Sanmao Jose-like travel love is fascinating, but travel in real life is always testing both sides of the relationship: for young couples who have not yet lived in oil and salt sauce, the question of whether the toilet seat should be turned up or down in daily life can easily be magnified as "whether you and I have a good view of the world". The requirements for each other have also been silently raised: to be able to communicate, have a good temper, have good physical fitness, be able to stay up late, understand local customs and cultural anecdotes, and not be confused, the most important thing is that they will know how to take care of others (me). Will not take care of their pleasure to be a loner, must master disaster and emergency handling methods. In short, it's best to be omnipotent.

in such a high-pressure environment, many people inevitably become "murderous" in the middle of their travel. For couples, it is more likely to spark if they can't use the Teamwork skills trained in the office because of emotional factors.

[differences in travel issues]

first of all, it is about the division of labor in travel. If it is the former, it will be worth a big fight, from choosing a travel destination to booking a hotel to "should you bring this trench coat"; and if it is the latter, the lucky thing is that you will probably never be able to travel because no one buys a plane ticket, thus avoiding more travel problems.?.

in addition, travel is a great test of living habits. It may be just that they are different from each other in the cold and hot constitution, and they will quarrel with each other several times over the air conditioner, but during the trip, whether they should use the shampoo of the hotel, whether the dirty clothes should be washed off or brought home on the same day, or even whether they can eat garlic, have risen to a philosophical level. "Don't you think roast garlic smells like basil?"-at this time you wake up to repent that this man who is fond of eating big kidneys on weekdays is not the same person as you.

Travel is so dangerous that it has become a great tool for measuring human nature. in addition to couples, the rules of travel test relationships can also apply to friends and colleagues, even before you and your partner start a business. you probably need a trip.

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at the same time, travel magnifies shortcomings. Because we need to be together for 24 hours, everyone is in a state where the fox's tail is exposed. At this time, if Ta still abides by the law of life and gets up early and drives dozens of kilometers and finally doesn't see the sunrise, he will be an excellent friend.

Travel is also a special test of EQ. The plane is late, the restaurant is foolish, the mountain road is dangerous, swimming sunburn, each is a worrying little thing, at this time, if the fellow travelers are particularly reliable, they will take the initiative to avoid hindsight like "I said this is no good" and "the people in the land are too bad." choose to comfort others, laugh at life, and when you have to face the bad situation of sleeping at the airport, Ta can also come up with strange tricks such as tying your hair to your luggage so as not to be stolen. Such a person can be a great startup partner.

all in all, the whole matter of travel can be seen through a small part. In the rules of life of successful travel partners, quarrels are not terrible. It may be more important to learn the formulation and implementation of travel strategies, risk management, emotional management, financial control, and the stop-loss and profit-stopping skills. After all, we have seen ups and downs together, experienced thousands of yuan cheated together, been chased by wild boars, and used super disgusting toilets. The relationship should have been deeper.

[Monsters in Travel]

during a trip, the following monsters may jump out and attack you at any time, which greatly increases the difficulty of traveling together in friendship and harmony.

01 get up early

it may not matter if you can't get up early, but not getting up early during a trip often leads to missing the local delicacy, not seeing the sunrise, and the original one-day trip becomes half a day. In tropical countries, it also means that you have to go out at the hottest time of the day, and your stomach without breakfast is not ready for lunch. Eating any food has the feeling that it doesn't open in the right way. At this time, the synchronized pace of fellow travelers is particularly precious. Waking up at 2 p.m., having a late lunch, and then going out together to watch the sunset is very wonderful.

02 the scenic spot

so-called "× × one unique" turns out to be all man-made stone, but the scenery of walking countless mountain roads is like the park in your county. I was ready to wander wantonly in the bright spring light and didn't see anything in the heavy rain. I spent hundreds of tickets and 15 minutes to visit without any bright spots-- obviously, the front page was exposed, but the customer was deceived into saying it was a big picture of the focus. deceiving scenic spots are most likely to lead to fellow travelers, "I told you not to come here!", "Why didn't you say so!", "who told you to mind your own business!"! Such a senseless dispute.

03 Cognitive differences between men and women

from the beginning of the strategy, women have been suffering: "shall we go to country A?" No, it's the rainy season these days. Let's go to B, but there is no suitable ticket. Try country C that your friends have never been to, but what if it's not fun? Forget it or country B is safe! " And then. I bought a ticket to country D. Some people say, "Men who can only carry baskets when shopping with women don't understand. There are changes in the hearts of other women, sometimes a flash, sometimes a thousand miles of Jiangling, anyway." Therefore, a man who can help women make decisions and bear all the responsibilities and consequences without regrets is great.

04 Poor Travel

if many difficulties in life come from poverty, then poor travel will fully reflect this view. When you come to Southeast Asia, the preferred tourist destination for the poor, you spend a lot of money to buy some watermelon seeds, braised seeds, and dead East Star spots, resulting in a bad stomach. The youth hostel staying at 50 yuan a night stayed up all night because it could not stand the snoring of American men on the upper bunk. When I took the bus, I got lost in a suburb with strong folkways because I couldn't read the local language. Whenever one of the fellow travelers could not stand this kind of pain, there would be an astonishing contradiction-"Oh, you are so delicate!" and "what is the point of suffering all this?" Ah! "

05 consumption habits

it's hard to spend money every minute like traveling (but you seem to spend money every minute on Taobao, too), so spending habits are an important factor for fellow travelers. Sleeping in Youth Travel or Express Hotel? Do you have to eat at roadside stalls or do you have to eat out? Do you spend one hour or three days in Shopping Mall? Would you like to go to the casino? Are you willing to spend one month's salary on three days' cooking? Every time at this time, we will be astonishingly found that people are subdivided into many groups by their respective consumption habits, who says there is no class in the motherland! Whoo.

06 strategy

there are two kinds. One is an old guide like Lonely Planet, which includes stores that have become expensive and untasty because they have been sought after by countless visitors for many years. The other is that the UGC, strategy on the major websites and App is written by everyone, but it is difficult to say whether it is worth treking mountains and rivers to find a recommended store on the strategy. First of all, you have to know whether you and the person who writes the strategy have the same taste and interest. It is also "stinky tofu is good and slightly spicy". Can Hunan people write the same meaning as Fujian people write it?. In addition, it is obvious that other people are just blind cats bumping into dead rats looking for food and playing at will, and if you insist on copying the route, it will add a lot of fatigue. And whenever the food tastes bad and the weather is bad, it will bring a lot of trouble to fellow travelers.

07 World Outlook

Travel can see the overall meaning through a small part: the difference between a scenic spot control who has a big pamphlet in mind and a person who likes to lie in the hotel yard and chat with people and experience the feelings of the people at will may be fundamentally different. It is also difficult for a person who likes outdoor projects and a person who likes to soak in hot springs to look at the stars to live together because people have different definitions of the beauty of life. For example, you are ecstatic about finally buying a pair of sunglasses that can make your face small and pointed in a foreign night market, but your partner tells you with disgust that these glasses are worn only when Luo Zhixiang dances.

arrange 10 scenic spots for yourself a day, run to visit the Louvre in 15 minutes, your partner lies on the ground with sore feet, and then you break up.

[mistakes while traveling]

whatever you do, don't do anything that makes your trip more difficult. CNN summed up some mistakes that shouldn't be made when traveling, which I think makes a lot of sense. Avoiding these may reduce the risk of disputes with fellow travelers!

01 take pictures all the time, do not pay attention to travel

unless you and your fellow travelers are both photographers and have the same skills, otherwise taking pictures will only add a lot of trouble. "this is not good. Take another one. I want my face to be embedded in that stone hole!" "look how well I took it for you. Why did you burn my face?" "there happens to be a sunset at the top of that mountain. It's only an hour and a half to walk there. Let's go."

02 pack too much luggage

bring a lot of unnecessary clothes to make the luggage overweight, a camera with four lenses make it difficult for the backpack to walk one step, pack a lot of food to climb the mountain because of air pressure, puffed food bulges and explodes, bring three or five books with no time to read and recite them all, and buy heavy specialties on the first day of the long-distance self-help trip. If you make these mistakes and your partner is willing to share some of your luggage, please remember to love Ta in the future.

03 did not print the reservation details, cannot prove the reservation

after arrival

mainly refers to just arrived, very tired, the mobile phone has not found the Wi-Fi, at this time does not have the reservation certificate and cannot Check

It is very abhorrent! Or the details of the reservation were typed into Chinese, and the staff of Reception said with hips, how could I understand this?

04 see that you don't buy something you like right away. Regret afterward

regret is your own business. The key is to regret and want to go back and buy it again, dragging your traveling companion back to look for it. This is very troublesome for others!

05 mobile phones forgot to open international roaming

mobile phones forgot to open international roaming, and got separated from their companions, both sides desperately look for a Wi-Fi mark in such a big city. If it is in the jungle and steppe, it is bitter to tears.

06 underestimates the size of foreign airports, arrives at the big airport too late to catch the plane

goes to the wrong terminal, takes the wrong ferry, and miscalculates jet lag, which can easily lead to "I said go out early!", "Why didn't you say so!" and "who told you not to mind your own business!" Such a pointless disputeFight.

07 do not dare to eat food from street vendors, miss local cuisine

in a beautiful foreign country, the smell of barbecue is wreathed in, the street fruit is attractive, but you eat McDonald's for seven days. People with this kind of food cleanliness will not be able to stand any companion, huh.

08 with cheap pinch slippers, walk to the clipped post and wear out the soles

in the tropics, not having a pair of wearable and easy-to-walk pinch slippers is almost as inconvenient as not having long feet. In addition, slippers are also important. And friendly pay attention to the partner's slippers, step in step is the best.

09 trying to play somewhere in a weekend, so much so that he arranged 10 scenic spots for himself in one day, galloped to visit the Louvre in 15 minutes, your companion lay on the ground with sore feet, and then you broke up.

10 haggling so hard that the local vendor was very angry.

the asking price of $50 clothes to $1-- maybe a little exaggerated-- as a result, the peddler almost beat someone and needed to pull his companion to escape from the alley.

11 did not cover the shampoo in the luggage

all the clothes became sticky and the camera battery failed, which became a lingering nightmare.