Heartbeat needs a "starting point".

Heartbeat needs a "starting point".

Everyone has a misunderstanding about their feelings.

I met a friend on Weibo. She asked me, "is it poisonous to have a crush on someone because of the sound?"

sometimes people are strangely strict about feelings.

Mr. Zuo and Mr. right circulated on the Internet not long ago. Mr. Zuo only knows how to drink more hot water, come on, and work hard. Mr. you will book a hotel for you when you go out, revise your resume when you can't find a job, cook brown sugar water during your period, and so on.

netizens are tempted to say that if you are looking for someone, you have to find Mr. Right.

similar strictness can be seen everywhere: don't fall in love with people who don't respond to messages, don't fall in love with stupid straight men who say they drink more hot water and don't fall in love with childish people.

but the funny thing is that many of my friends who are in love happen to be "silly straight men".

VIVI says it's so windy. Zhang Jingzhi shrank his neck and said, "Yes, it's a good thing I wear more." The girl asked to see a movie, and the boy took out his computer and said, "No, I know a website with many resources." Or something like blabla.

I often express the feeling that "this can also find a girlfriend".

but I thought about it carefully and found that people with good personalities may not be able to find girlfriends.

is Mr. right a bit like the "honest man" and "good man card collector" that we often talk about?

does not mean that if you have a bad personality, look ugly or be particularly fat, no one will like it. The prerequisite for liking is not the excellence, gentleness, or reliability that people strictly require.

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so we have to reach a consensus first like to have no template.

then the question arises, what are the prerequisites for liking?

based on years of unreliable experience, I have found that all heartbeats have a "starting point"-it may be because he can sing, it may be because she is a little stupid, it may be because he is very rich blabla

these "entry points" will brighten your eyes and can't help but pay attention to his every move.

but only the entry point is not enough, his subsequent behavior must be in line with your taste, that like this emotion will happen naturally.

similar cases are common.

when you hear a very beautiful song, you will look at it curiously, and then pay attention to the singer's appearance, experience, and character. In the end, you will like a person, often trapped in his character, and how he makes you feel.

so go back to the original question,

because the voice likes a person, is it poisoning?

of course not.

there are many kinds of "entry points" for liking a person. Mr. right's gentleness is one, the text is one, and the voice can also be one.

and finally, this article seems to be discussing "because the voice likes a person is toxic", but in fact, what is discussed is "do I like him as a person or some of his strengths?"

We often get caught up in a doubt-

"do I like her because of her appearance?"

"do I like him for his talent?"

"do I like it because he is kind to me?"

people sometimes mistake "entry point" for everything, but you might as well think about one more question: why only like him when there are so many good-looking, talented and gentle people?