Everyone is an old friend.

Everyone is an old friend.


whether our love is Synchronize,

I voted for you but him.

I wish

would come back to me at the end of baseball.

yesterday I received a letter from a high school girl.

the way she likes a boy is to be his brother.

at that moment, I was pulled back to my good high school days by that email.

it seems that we all had it in those days,

peeking at the scenes where boys like to play basketball.

secretly photographed him sweating, he touched his head,

and then secretly remembered it when he was alone.

it is possible that many first and secret love has come to an end, but

is one of the best memories.

it may be that my uncle is a photographer, so my undergraduate chose the major of photo photography.

I have always liked to record my life with photos, and now it has become a habit.

whether it is gained or lost, it is the most precious harvest.

yesterday I went to see a movie called to accompany Anthony for a long time.

although the actor's young performance wanted to make people feel sorry, he was moved by this slow and clumsy way of living.

the hero records every experience of his life in a photo.

for a long time, look at how many interesting things he has done.

our memory is always limited,

but the photos remember what we missed in our memory.

there is something I can't forget, not just in memory.

Records are cyclical, constantly reminding us of what should not be forgotten.

unexpectedly, it has become the most important source of strength to support our lives in ordinary days.

the girl the man likes goes to school in Japan.

while he is in Melbourne, he wants to send her every picture as soon as possible.

however, each of them is working hard for his dream in different places.

when he went to Japan to find her, he found that

the girl tried to record those voices because of another boy.

but the girl lost the person she liked, and at that moment he also lost his favorite person.

"It hurts me to see that the one I like has lost the one she likes."

he photographed himself alone at that time.

I saw the meaning of more records at that moment.

the original record was unexpected, but it was also a kind of beauty.

then the man met another girl with a good smile.

her dream is to have a shop of her own.

she turns the taste of happiness and heartbreak into food and sells it in the store.

however, starting a business is not an easy thing.

if you don't experience it, you won't know how vulnerable you are.

"I don't know when I clenched my teeth and became a different person.

think that if you learn to smile in a standard way, you can smile all the time.

I think that if you put aside your weakness, you can always be strong.

I think that if you get used to being alone, you can accept loneliness. "

yesterday I posted a topic and received such a message:

the moment I felt loneliest,

was the last bus after overtime, and there were only the driver and me on the bus.

I came home with only one lamp, all the items were odd, and I felt vulnerable at that moment.

he sent me a picture of his house, but the lighting was warm.

he says that it is precise because of fragility that he gives himself the possibility to be full of strength.

tiredness is temporary because he believes that life will get better and better.

there is no futile effort.

good luck turns to you one day.

looking at the photos he sent, I suddenly felt that the record 

was so fragile that it turned out to be a strong thing.

my childhood got married a few days ago, but I have a little fear of marriage.

talking to our roommates, we all feel that we are still children and are not ready to take care of another child.

none of us want to get married so early, and we always feel that realizing our value is the first thing to do.

so I have been working very hard. I believe this is the idea of many girls.

our inner strength supports us. We must be independent to have a better life.

however, one day I saw one of my senior sisters choose their family after graduation.

she is a student of painting. She is from Sichuan.

she is all over the advertisements in Beijing these days.

it will be very interesting for her to record her child's life.

it turns out that as long as she is strong enough, it is also a career to return to her family.

she takes pictures of her childhood growing up and paints various interesting scenes with her brush based on the photos.

in the process of recording her child, she was recording herself.

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he didn't lose his career because of his family.

or even the icing on the cake.

Sister Shimizu, the founder of, said: "in fact, many people have asked me what the key to success is. I think it is to know yourself from the 'heart'. Once you know yourself deeply, you will understand what you want and what you can do. Daozheng, the goal is right, and then wisdom will naturally tell you what to do. In many cases, skills are not the most important, but mental experience and finding mindfulness are the most important. "

so sometimes for a woman, she is self-aware, independent, and confident. She is a little temperamental but not pampered. Knowing what she wants, her heart will be full of strength.

on the 14th, I went to Sanlitun to attend the inner she power premiere of in. I saw the following emotional film. I was particularly moved at that time. Every segment is the life we are experiencing and have already experienced:


the recording is a kind of feeling.

each record is to add a little strength to my heart.

is also a reminder that we should not forget the good things.

this is like the scale of height drawn on the wall by

when we were growing when we were young.

those warm records are the meaning of what our lives are going on.

bits and pieces make up our lives.

draw many squares with a point rotation to get close to a whole circle.

piecing together with the center of the record can get close to a complete self.

for a long time, the record will let us see our changes.

No one is alone, we still have ourselves.