Every four years, you will meet someone you really like.

Every four years, you will meet someone you really like.

It is too clear who treats me well and badly.

heard that the cycle of loving someone is four years, and on average, there will be a true lover in four years. Today, I want to tell a story about a "stage lover".

yesterday was Yang Qianyu's birthday. Her friend and lyricist Huang Weiwen shared a story on ins.

many years ago, after finishing work one day, Yang Qianli went to a bar where Huang Weiwen was staying. Without saying anything, she ordered a cup of long island iced tea (long Island Iced Tea), drank it, and burst into tears. Then she drank eight cups in a row until Huang Weiwen took her to a taxi.

after the incident, Huang Weiwen wrote "Unfortunately I am Aquarius" for Yang Qianyu. Long Island Iced Tea, which is famous for this song, is the one that represents Aquarius in the constellation wine. It has the name "tea", which is a mixture of five spirits and is easy to get drunk.

but Huang Weiwen said that it is rare to see a person drinking eight cups of Long Island iced tea in a row, as was the case with Yang Qianli that night.

my friend Juan is a big fan of Yang Qianyu. When she is lovelorn, she cries and sings "unfortunately I am Aquarius" in the k room. She told me that "there is no painkiller, bring long Island iced tea in exchange for my half-night sleep" is a lie.

the reason why lovelorn people drink is mostly the same name, you know, you can't get drunk at all, people may be unstable, but your memories and feelings are clear, or even more painful, and drinking has only one advantage, that is, I am drunk, there is no problem with being sad.

that night, even Huang Weiwen did not know for whom Qianzhu, the word "brave", burst into tears, but it is rumored that his predecessor, Eason Chan, once said, "I am a Leo, and I don't seem to get along with Aquarius."

well, this one is not suitable for love.

on the second night of the Lunar New year, Yang Qianli went on Cheng Chung-kee's world tour to Hong Kong as a guest. When she appeared singing slowly from the lift, the cheers of the audience had drowned out the chorus of the two.

this song is very ruthless. She sings, wants to seduce you, and gets pregnant when she's done, so she can marry you and let her rival say congratulations to me. But she reflected, "what's the use?" Living around a person who doesn't like himself is like being with the devil.

the song also sings because I want to be more likely with you, I become your type, but unfortunately, I get your respect only because I am obedient and willing to be the set.

at that time, Zheng Zhongji and Asha were secretly married.

Yang Qianli hates the "scoundrel" very much when she sings "the fierce girl".Many years later, she took her mother and son on his tour, and Cheng Chung-Ki's wife and children sat on the stage. They sang in chorus on stage, blew water, and finally let go with a hug.

on Weibo, it probably means that when you love someone, you must not be too attentive and look at him too carefully, because, over time, you may have a kind of possessiveness, "he is mine", but you know how he can be yours.

well, this one, he doesn't love you that much.

that year, the Hong Kong media all said that it was difficult for a leftover woman to marry, Eason Chan got married, Cheng Chung-kee got married, and she was still alone. Just like us now, when we don't meet a new person, we always think that we can't let go of the old people, and we always think that there can be no new people.

thinking of Juan, waiting for a person for three years, she said, in the process of waiting, people will gradually be disappointed. They can only do one less thing like him every day. Block his circle of friends today, cancel his Weibo tomorrow, and delete his Wechat the day after tomorrow.

"you finally realize that you can't do this anymore, so you open the door and wait at your door every day, but you don't want to invite anyone anymore. Over time, you will feel as if no one will ever come again."

until one day, someone came up curiously and asked, "who are you waiting for?"

if you like someone every four years, Yang Qianli finally got her Mr. Ding. He is different from everyone else. Others will let her be a crying Aquarius and a fierce girl who bites her lips. Mr. Ding will not.

that year, she suffered from postpartum depression. She hid at home and refused to communicate with others. Even when friends came to look after the children, she stipulated that she could enter the room only after disinfection. She could only see from afar, but could not get close. During that period, she was very unhappy. Mr. Ding asked for leave and stayed at home with her for a month. He only chatted with her every day and encouraged her to go out.

Qinzhou once said that after being together, she could feel the pressure of her husband. "he is afraid to talk to other girls now, for fear that the media will affect him. Ask a client to go to a meeting, and if the other party is a girl, he will also go to public places. I told him not to be so nervous, marriage is a matter for both of us, not to affect everyone's life and work.

many people do not approve of this Mr. Ding. They think that Yang Qianli must have a high vision and is looking for a better one after waiting for such a long time. As a result, after waiting for such a long time, the people who come out are not as good as the first two.

but Yang Qianli responded to them with one word in "MR."there's always a better way to travel around the universe, but you make me super happy."

well, this one, he loves you more than you love him.

I met my ex a few days ago. When I saw him browsing the app while eating, I couldn't help but ask him what he wanted to buy. He said he wanted to buy lipstick and asked me if I could recommend anything. I was stupefied and slapped him hard. "you used to cry with me every day and smoke so much, how can you adopt a girlfriend?"

"ah? I've quit, and she doesn't like it. "he glanced at me and smiled and bowed his head to study the lipstick color signs.

the smile on his face that I can't hide is the first time I've seen him in eight years. It's nice, like a junior high school student who falls in love for the first time.

look, I touched all the brands of cigarettes for those who never quit smoking, and you became half a lipstick expert and quit smoking for her sake. As they say, it is God who is loved.

well, when you like someone, you don't want him to change himself to cater to you, you just want to constantly change himself to suit him, as Yang Qianli sings, "I'm afraid you've changed, and there's no one like you all over the world."

you just become you, and I'll do the rest.

We have all been "Yang Qianqian". We have loved someone who is not suitable, who does not love himself, and ended up spending the rest of our lives with someone very different from the ideal one.

"who treats me well, treats me badly, is too clear". No matter how many people she loved, she finally found herself.

Last. This article was written on February 4. Today, the 13th and tomorrow are Valentine's Day. I just received a gift and learned that the new man secretly studied the lipstick brand and color number for half a month for this gift. He originally liked a person, and the stories were similar.

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after several "four years", please believe that what you once wanted to give up will eventually show up.