Cultivate the mind

Cultivate the mind

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all things are the projection of the human heart, and everything is in the human heart.

A person is strong enough to deal with whatever happens to the outside world.

and a strong heart needs a little bit of spiritual practice. As the saying goes:

to achieve these six points, life can be mentally strong and invincible.


practice your mind when you are in trouble

Wang Yangming said: "the more difficult it is, the more you cultivate your mind."

the worse the environment you are facing, the more you have to keep your heart. This is the way to refine your heart.

Mao Zedong reads books when he is young and likes to go to noisy vegetable markets.

in the hawking sound of vendors, sometimes read aloud, sometimes meditate, as if no one was there.

therefore, Mao Zedong developed a kung fu that could settle his mind at any time.

in the days that followed, amid gunfire on the march, he was able to concentrate on his studies.

many young people can't settle down and always look for external causes, feeling that they are affected by the outside world.

I don't know, "it's not waking up, it's your heart."

Don't always blame the outside world for not having a quiet environment.

temper yourself in the noise and seek strength inward, so that a person can be really strong.


only by keeping quiet can one relax and be calm.

Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou and built a thatched cottage for himself. He asked people to paint the walls of the thatched cottage with snowflakes, which he called it.

the outside world is complicated, but Xue Tang keeps it simple.

when he had nothing to do, Su Shi sat quietly, facing snow-white on all sides alone, and his heart was calm and rich.

Modern people are busy, without a moment of leisure, their tired hearts are always tense, and sooner or later they will break down.

calm down, a person has time to precipitate, reflect, to sublimate.

the ancients said: stillness gives birth to wisdom.

only when you are quiet can you have the wisdom to deal with complexity.

only when the mind is quiet can it be possible to observe all things.


keep your heart while sitting

the ancients thought that being alone could "keep the spirit from getting turbid" and sitting silently could "keep the heart from getting turbid".

when you are alone, you should keep your inner clarity.

when others don't know, stick to your inner rules and the bottom line of your life.

when Zeng Guofan was governor of Guangdong and Guangdong, a county magistrate gave him a pair of words written by Wang Xizhi, which was priceless and precious.

after Zeng Guofan took it out and watched it carefully in the evening, he returned it to the county magistrate, saying, "you dare not take it arbitrarily."

for decades, he was an official, and his power was in power and opposition, but Zeng Guofan's family had no spare money. later, his son Zeng Jihong needed to go out to borrow money to see his family.

such Zeng Guofan is worthy of a generation of great scholars.

Zeng Guofan said, "if you are careful and alone, you will feel at ease."

only when people keep their conscience and live up to heaven and earth, can they openly face the ghosts and spirits of heaven and earth?

keep the temptation of interest and keep your heart to keep your personality and dignity.

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Travel time

the ancients said, do not forget the original ideal and ambition to complete the mission.

when he was a child, Su Shi aspired to be as sincere and upright as Fan Kui.

when he grew up, he did not forget his ideal, whether in the court or the countryside.

even though he is demoted thousands of miles and wandered all his life, he still does not stand in line, does not form a party, and always maintains sincerity and kindness.

Don't go so far that you forget why you started.

check yourself all the time, remind yourself, and think about why you left in the first place.

Don't forget your original mind and don't deviate from your course.

there is only one life. You can't start over again. Be sure to live what you look like.


Don't worry about the old saying: disease comes in from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth.

the more a person talks, the more likely he or she is to cause disaster.

Emperor Xianfeng of the Qing Dynasty ordered a hundred officials to make suggestions and suggestions.

Zeng Guofan wrote a memo without saying a word, bluntly accusing the emperor of three mistakes.

Emperor Xianfeng was so angry that he was about to operate on him on the spot.

thanks to someone who put in a good word for Zeng Guofan, he was saved from prison.

after experiencing this incident, Zeng Guofan became more and more cautious in his words and deeds, always paying attention to his words and deeds and leaving no information on others.

when Zeng Guofan goes home every day, he records his words and deeds in his diary, reflects on himself, and corrects himself.

do not act willfully, do not speak freely.

be sure to go through it in your head before you speak.

being able to speak is not a skill, knowing how to speak carefully and being silent at the right time is the way to protect yourself.


Confucius said, "No need, no need, no firmness, no me."

the highest state of being a man is to follow the Tao, not from yourself, not to speculate out of thin air, and not to be self-righteous.

everything is objective and rational and abides by the law.

Cao Cao dotes on Cao Zhi, but he chooses Cao Pi as his successor.

Cao Zhi is a rare poet with romantic affection and brilliant literary talent.

Cao Piqin is sincere and pragmatic, skilled in government affairs, and an excellent politician.

so even if he is as tough as Cao Cao, he will eventually choose to give up his beloved Cao Zhi and handed over his career to Cao Pi.

the ancients said: evil does not do good.

that is to say, you can't judge right and wrong based on personal likes and dislikes.

the person or thing you like may not be the most suitable, so don't be lost by emotion.

only by restraining yourself from acting recklessly and acting by the rules can you achieve something.


Life is a spiritual practice, and the most important thing is to cultivate the mind.

only when one's heart is rich, firm, quiet, and clear, can one resist all the restlessness and restlessness in the world.

repair this heart and secure this life to live a good life.