Crossing oneself is a kind of ability, and crossing people is a kind of pattern.

Crossing oneself is a kind of ability, and crossing people is a kind of pattern.

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as the old saying goes, "crossing oneself is a kind of ability, and crossing people is a kind of pattern."

I am deeply convinced that the relationship between the world seems to be complex and disorderly, but in the final analysis, it is the relationship between myself and myself, and between myself and others.

people who are wise and wise always cross themselves with tolerance, treat others with compassion, be kind to themselves and others, so that they can live freely and freely.


crossing oneself is a kind of ability

in Chapter 33 of the Book of morality: "he who wins is strong, and he who wins himself is strong."

it is powerful to be able to defeat others: it is wise to be able to defeat yourself.

the greatest enemy in a person's life is himself, and the most difficult relationship to deal with is also the relationship with himself.

the real winner in life is not to beat others, but to measure yourself.

in the Tang Dynasty, there was a general named Tang Ming, who was invincible and valiant. Deeply appreciated by the emperor, the scenery is the same for a moment.

however, in a war, he was seriously injured in the leg and was removed from office because of a mistake in decision-making.

after returning to his hometown, his closest relatives passed away one after another.

in the face of the tribulations of life, he did not sink and give up, but chose to be his own ferry man.

when there is a shortage of food, they open up wasteland and cultivate their own fields; if they have a light diet, they go up the mountain to hunt: if they have a recurrent leg injury, they study their own herbs to treat old diseases.

when I have nothing to do, I get together with three or five friends to drink and live at ease, and my leg injury is slowly healed.

it is precisely because he has learned to make peace with life and with himself that he can find fun in the ordinary and cultivate his mind in the face of adversity.

there is a line in Farewell my Concubine: "Man, you have to fend for yourself."

the great drama of life, maybe it is doomed to meet someone and encounter something.

but you know, you are the real director. We can choose the way we look at the problem, and our attitude towards things.

to understand the world from a good point of view, to face life with an optimistic attitude.

Nothing would do you more favor than short formal dresses for juniors. There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

those who can treat themselves well and transform themselves are the strong ones in life.


Ferry is a pattern

the fifth chapter of Tao Te Ching says: "Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are ruminant dogs."

means that heaven and earth are fair and selfless, will not be partial to anyone, and treat all things equally.

A person with a high realm has the same character as heaven and earth, broad-minded, high-minded, not easy to understand others, and will not haggle.

once upon a time, there was a young man who did a lot of evil and did not forgive others, and everyone stayed away when they saw it.

later, he decided to let go of the past and devote himself to spiritual practice.

just like this for a few years, one day. He was walking down the street when his wallet was stolen by a thief. After catching the thief, he learned that the other party had no choice but to steal because of his poor family and his mother's illness.

so he let it go.

everyone was puzzled. "it's easy to care, but it's hard to be kind," he said. "

when the thief heard his words, he was so moved that he decided to change his past and wrong.

later, relying on his own efforts, he became a businessman.

it is precisely because young people have the kindness to think of others and the compassion of others, they not only influence others, but also improve their own cultivation.

as the old saying goes, "to be kind to others, heaven and earth are wide."

those who have others in their eyes and good intentions in their hearts will reap the kindness of others when they help others, and the road of life will become wider and wider.


to ferry others is to ferry oneself.

it is said in Chapter 16 of the Book of morality: "all things are done at the same time."

all things in the world are one, and we are inextricably linked with other people.

Ferry people are actually crossing themselves, and only by crossing themselves can they better ferry others.

saw a short story:

taxi driver, send an old man home. After getting out of the car, the old man found that the necklace left to him by his husband had been lost.

the old man's husband died five years ago, and all his children are abroad.

the driver couldn't bear to buy the same necklace and called the next day to say that the necklace had been found in the car. After

, the driver often goes to see the old man.

A year later, the old man inadvertently discovered the truth. He was very moved and kept saying thank you.

the driver said, "I want to thank you. A year ago, I was told that I had cancer and would not live for three months." During the days I have been with you, I have experienced the affection I have not seen for a long time, and my illness has gradually improved. "

the driver's inadvertent act of kindness not only helped the elderly, but also virtually helped himself.

as Yang Lan said, "goodwill flows like air. If you treat others kindly, you will naturally have the energy of goodwill to return it to you."

all things in the world are going through reincarnation, all your efforts will eventually be rewarded, and all your goodness will reverberate at last.

A true wise man does not forget to care for himself while valuing others, and he does not hurt others when he values himself. In this way, there will be inner fullness and external fulfillment.

Mr. Kazuo Inamori said: "there is a cosmic will that pushes things in a better direction and continues to grow and develop."

all things that are good for others can last forever, while those that are harmful to apostasy may make a profit for the time being, but they will disappear soon.

people who take a long-term view will improve their ability and personality.Bureau.

to yourself, practice the mind; to others, be generous and kind. In this way, it is to comply with the way of heaven, and there will be a smooth life and a profound blessing.

May you and I have the wisdom and heart to cross others for the rest of my life. Don't be depressed by adversity, don't worry about trifles. Be calm and open-minded, be at ease and follow your heart.