Buy you a box of chocolates and give me back some every day.

Buy you a box of chocolates and give me back some every day.

You and chocolate taste the same.

The external image of

things are not real, but the truth of

is its inner nature.

| Brancusi |


when did you get your first box of chocolates?

I am a person who loves chocolate very much.

the first chocolate I got in my life was when I was five years old.

my mother knitted the clothes I wore for the winter when I was born, as well as the sweaters I wore when I grew up.

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compared with the clothes I buy now, the sweaters knitted by my mother always feel very warm in my memory.

Mom is also a chocolate lover. When I was five years old, my mother used her craftsmanship: a hollowed-out pattern tapestry of two meters square, which took more than two months to hook, gave it to her good friend, who went abroad to bring a box of chocolates, in exchange, gave it to me.

I didn't know what it was at first, but when I held it in my hand, the chocolate melted between my two fingers and slowly melted into chocolate sauce. I was afraid it would fall to the ground and immediately stuffed it into my mouth, like a magical chemical reaction. I felt a kind of dependence and satisfaction dependent on lips and teeth, and the whole person became very happy. Finally, I sucked my finger. It's like completing a magical ritual.

this is the first time I feel this wonderful sweet delicacy.

I spend a lot of time pestering my mother to buy it.


there are times when we eat it many times, but each time has its unique meaning.

they are the first gift of their own, and the feeling of their first heartbeat is different from the taste they have ever eaten.

every taste has a new meaning.

the first gift I got as a love affair was a box of chocolates from my first love.

there was morning running in our school at that time.

remember that SARS was raging at that time, and the school teacher arranged for each of us to keep fit, to run on the playground every morning, do morning exercises, and then go back to self-study in the morning.

all the people have gone for a run, and there is no one in the classroom, so I don't know how the other person got into the classroom.

and the door of the classroom is locked by the life committee before going out, maybe the only flaw is the window because it needs ventilation.

after I was sweating in the morning run after taking part in school morning exercises,

I accidentally received a love letter and a box of chocolates in the desk drawer.

it says:

I am Wang from Class 5. I like you very much, but you may not know that I like chocolate very much, because I am always scolded after I fail the exam, but every time I eat it, I will be very happy. I have observed you for a long time, but you study very well, I do not study so well, but I feel that you are under a lot of pressure because of your good study. If we can be together, I hope you can be as happy as you ate chocolate, try the third one in the box, that's my favorite food, if you can't find it, come to me. "

then I open the box, and the position of the third one is empty.

although this girl-flirting master already has a new girlfriend and I have someone I love, it's interesting to think about it in middle school.


later, my impression of chocolate is as intriguing as lipstick.

the slight bitterness and addiction of dark chocolate, the surprise of nut chocolate, the tenderness of jam chocolate, the tipsy of heart chocolate.

the feeling of relying on lips and teeth has not changed for so many years.

when I am alone, chocolate can make me happy.

the other half of the right person, remember to send him /her a box of chocolates,

and then tell him /her, like lipstick, every time you eat, give me back a little bit, we depend on lips and teeth.

Chocolate has a different feeling at each moment.

not to mention the mood between melting, we all know how to make ourselves happy.

Godiva chocolate 90th anniversary, limited taste in your mouth,

how to make ourselves happy, we should all have our own experience.