And we can only listen to the schedule.

And we can only listen to the schedule.


if I don't record every day

I don't know it's sunny every day

what else is there to be unhappy about?

the sun tries its best to dissipate heat

and I just want to dive into the sea

but I can't swim

because of such contradictory self

my happiness is very simple

I saw Zhang Liangying's concert video today

Just go on stage

this lets people know about her 12-year relationship

that the man behind her


posts the latest news about Zhang Liangying

A person who manages her silently

Zhang Liangying's behavior makes his mind go blank

because his first reaction is to be afraid of her performing accident on stage.

A person's mind is full of


A woman can hardly have another 12 years

when she is already 30

I have never thought about this question

calculate that my boyfriend is going abroad for three years


I can't help but encounter

We met a

Get to know this person

finally, he gets up

leaves tonight

before parting

We sit around the low-lit bedside lamp

and discuss everything that may happen in the future

discuss how we can shorten the time

Possible difficulties

We can only silently listen to the schedule

say the most perfunctory sentence

let nature take its course  my happiness is very simple

the cold entrance of the watermelon

the air-conditioned room

after exposure to the sun

tired of taking a ride

No later plane    No later plane   New clothes

eat delicious food

go home and see my family

Cats come to rub my legs

the affirmation of different people

see the eyes of the sea

arranged travel

my happiness is very simple  

and you are not here  On Han Han's ONE

and was invited by the editor to write

Thank you Editor Wei Tiancheng for his appreciation

you can take a look at

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also happens to be issue 1001

signed by Zhao Yue

feel very lucky

so try harder

Zhao Xiaoyue  See

I apologize to time for missing everything every minute

I apologize to my old love for regarding my new love as my first love


under a little star

good night to you and the world