A good mouth wins a while, and a good heart wins a lifetime.

A good mouth wins a while, and a good heart wins a lifetime.

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in this world, everyone can say good things with his mouth, but not everyone can do good with his heart.

Confucius said, "clever words are seldom benevolent."

A person with sweet words and pretending to be kind is less kind.

people with good intentions may not say good words, but they will do good deeds.

to be a man, rely on your heart, not your mouth; do things with your heart, not your mouth.


good words can only win for a while

Tagore said: "hypocritical sincerity is more terrible than the devil."

rhetoric will not only deceive others but also hurt others.

people with bad intentions often take advantage of good words to gain benefits.

during the Tang Dynasty, Prince Li Zhi was surrounded by a close confidant named Li Yifu.

Li Yifu was so sweet that he coaxed Li Zhi very happily.

after Li Zhi ascended the throne, Li Yifu quickly became the emperor's confidant, and his power became even greater.

later, Li Yifu was canonized as prime minister for his meritorious service in helping Wu Zetian become queen.

Li Yifu is sanctimonious in front of people and able to speak and treat people respectfully.

but do all the dirty work behind the scenes.

rampant behavior, embezzlement, and bribery framing ministers. Such things are innumerable.

finally, Li Yifu was jointly denounced by many officials of the imperial court because of his deep resentment.

his whole family was exiled, and he was depressed.

Li Yifu was a great minister because he could say good things, but he was destroyed because he had a bad heart.

good words can make a profit for a while, but over time, even perfect words will be exposed.

as the saying goes, "he who is kind-hearted dares to speak bluntly, and he who has a sweet mouth hides secrets."

the mouth is unforgiving and the heart is sweet.

those who can speak may not have a good heart, and those who are clumsy may not have a bad heart.

people with bad intentions are good at saying good words and deceiving others with good words, but such deceit is temporary.

after being exposed, such a person will only be spurned.

to be a man, a good heart can win the hearts of the people.

in life, those who say good words can win temporary benefits; those who have a good heart can enjoy peace for the rest of their lives.


good intentions can win a lifetime

Shakespeare said:

A kind heart is more popular than beautiful words.

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A good heart can warm not only others but also yourself.

Lisa is a waitress in a restaurant in New Jersey.

at 05:30 one morning, two exhausted firefighters walked into the restaurant and ordered two large cups of coffee.

they have just returned from the rescue at the scene of the nearby fire and are very tired.

Lisa saw that they worked so hard, so she paid the bill for them and left a note. It says:

two firefighters were so moved that they shared the note and photos of the restaurant, only to win praise from many people.

later, two firefighters found that Lisa's family was not rich.

her father is paralyzed in bed, and the huge medical expenses make her life difficult.

with the help of firefighters, people donated more than $60,000 to Lisa's family! 'i never tried to get anything in return when I paid for them, 'Lisa said.' I just want them to be happy.

Lisa's kindness was well rewarded.

Rousseau said:

good people, with their good intentions, to help others.

such people, when they encounter problems, more people will lend them a helping hand.

because a kind heart is a gold.


to be a man, rely on the heart, not the mouth

Chen said, "it is better to be more empty than less real."

No matter how much a person says, it is not as appropriate to do something with his heart.

on the road of life, only by keeping a sincere and kind heart can one walk more smoothly.

A middle-aged company went bankrupt and owed a lot of money, and all the valuable things in the family were sold to pay off the debt.

the child is about to start school, but he has no money on him, so he has to borrow money everywhere.

many friends who used to be close to each other refused when they heard that he came to borrow money.

he was very disappointed and felt that there was no hope of borrowing money.

finally, he contacted an old friend before starting a business.

the two have not been in touch for a long time, and the middle-aged do not have any hope.

but unexpectedly, after asking about the amount of the loan, my old friend lent him the money without saying a word.

when the middle-aged people received the payment, they burst into tears.

A few years later, middle-aged people are making a comeback and their careers are bigger than before.

those friends who had refused to lend him money came to curry favor with him. Those people all said:

and when he contacted his old friend, the old friend didn't mention borrowing money that year but was happy with what he has achieved now.

Middle-aged people suddenly realize that a person wants to be nice to you, not in his mouth, but his heart.

La Rochefoucauld said: "sincerity is an opening of the mind."

sincerity is reflected in actions, not in words.

to be a man, you rely on your heart, not your mouth; to communicate, you rely on truth, not on skill.

it is hard to change your heart with sweet words. Only by comparing your heart with your heart can you get the truth.

A person's sincerity is not reflected in how well he can speak, but in his ability to speak when you need it. Do something.

there is a saying: "if you trust the wrong person, you will destroy one person."

this is true.

good words are like honey, they get tired when they eat too much; kindness is like a spring breeze, and they will be warmer if they blow more.

kind words can help people win for a while, but not for a lifetime;

good intentions may not be discovered, but they can keep you warm forever.

people are doing it, heaven is watching.

good words do not necessarily have good results, with good intentions, there will be good rewards!