27 years old, haven't had sex yet.

27 years old, haven't had sex yet.

What's wrong with older virgins?

what's wrong with older virgins is a wonderful question.

when you ask this question, you probably have a negative attitude towards "older virgins", but if you get rid of the first two words "old age" and only the word "virgin", I'm afraid it will be greatly appreciated: female teachers clamor that "chastity is the best dowry for women." young boys browse on the forum, "can you accept that your future wife is not a virgin?" What's more, it is said that the first contact sperm DNA is always preserved in a woman's body.

thus it can be seen that there is nothing wrong with "virgin". The problem lies in the word "old age". Like food, no matter what delicacies are out of date, they will lose their edible value and can only rot and stink.

  Miss Mei is 27 years old. Because she has no sex life, she can only claim the label "older virgin".

the reason is very simple: I didn't want to when I was young, but I didn't have a boyfriend when I suddenly thought about it, so I didn't set up a momo account for this and became an older "virgin". She originally thought that older virgins were like 80-year-old nuns, but it was only when people said that they knew that 25-year-old virgins were older virgins without having sex. Alas, I am not reconciled to claiming the label. I can only blame time for passing too quickly.

before the age of 21, Miss Mei's concept of sex is avoided: premarital sex is not allowed by tutors, women should keep their purity until the first night, and sex is only a means to have children after marriage.

this idea has been deeply rooted in Miss Mei's mind as she grew up. There were all such people in her world before the age of 21. When talking about love, they could only hold hands and kiss each other and hug their shoulders. When the dormitory closes at 11:00, everyone goes back to bed on time. If staying out at night means opening a room for in-depth communication, it is considered unorthodox, and there is a lot of discussion in the girls' dormitory. Love before the age of 21 is content with companionship and meeting each other, and there is no regret for having no sex.

here's another word about kissing. Although it was a milestone in love relationships in the world before the age of 21, she didn't like it. After the first kiss, her lips were all swollen. The smell of other people's saliva suddenly reminded her of the strict tutor of not falling in love in college. Her heart was cold. As for holding hands and hugging shoulders, she liked it very much. She didn't seem to be alone anywhere.

finally, at the age of 21, Miss Mei dated a boyfriend who was three years older than herself and brought up the matter of "having sex" for the first time.

Miss Mei was so frightened that she seemed to have been in contact with a wild animal, and finally took off her veil of tenderness. Fortunately, this man was not impatient and did not let Miss Mei make up her mind to break up immediately. He patiently told the story to Miss Mei: neither would he, but his ex-girlfriend taught him that sex is not terrible. Once he has experienced it, he will know how wonderful sex is. Both men and women can benefit from sex.

"then I'm not a virgin."

"what does it matter if you are not a virgin? I'm going to marry you anyway. "

Miss Mei is silent. In her 21-year-old heart, it is true to like someone, to love each other, to fall in love, but never to get married.

after some time, Miss Mei did not want to continue this fruitless argument and began to make up stories. She said that when she was very young, she read a novel, in which the description of sexual behavior was very painful, and she was afraid of pain, so she didn't want to. The story told by Miss Mei is true, but Miss Mei did not know at that time that the girl in the novel had been raped. In her mind at the time, there was no difference between rape and sex.

"your idea is wrong. If you don't get married all your life, will you be a virgin all your life?"

Miss Mei met a rather gentle boyfriend. Although they argued, they did not quarrel, liked each other, and did not break up. However, the boyfriend did not give up, he believes that since a problem exists, there is always a crux of the problem, as long as find out the crux of the problem, we can find a solution to the problem.

the crux of the problem he found was that Miss Mei was frigid and that Miss Mei not only had wrong ideas and fears about sex psychologically but also avoided or had no response to intimate contact physically. He told Miss Mei his conclusion solemnly, and summed up the current cold treatment methods on Baidu: traditional Chinese medicine and psychotherapy. To further show his sincerity, his boyfriend said he could accompany her and bear part of the medical expenses.

Miss Mei was so dismayed that she felt that she had been accused of being unwarranted. She thought "premarital sex" was not a good word, but "frigidity" sounded even less like a good word. "premarital sex" is about willingness, while "frigidity" is about being able to.

but I also seem to be highly consistent with the "frigidity" symptoms stated in the encyclopedia. "is it frigid?" Miss Mei couldn't help asking herself whether "frigidity" could be used as an excuse to refuse her boyfriend's "sex." weighing the emotions and the pros and cons, Miss Mei told her boyfriend that she thought she might be frigid, but she didn't want to treat it.

is Miss Mei frigid? Of course not, just not old enough.

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at the age of 25, Miss Mei met a gentleman who was not together. The obsession with this gentleman activated a silent corner of Miss Mei's body, and some unspeakable signs made Miss Mei happy to find that she had finally matured-although the body was completed 25 years ago, the development of secondary sexual characteristics was completed 10 years ago, and the legal adulthood was completed seven years ago, but only from that moment did Miss Mei feel that she had completed the process of growing up and that her physical and mental nature belonged to herself. She felt her desire so clearly that she found that any empty dogma in front of it had no restraint.

from "intellectuality", she learned how to satisfy her desires, and Miss Mei made it come true on an ambiguous afternoon. It was such a happy and wonderful feeling that she found for the first time that there was such a beautiful view after the "danger does not enter" door was pushed open, and she knew that her dopamine production peaked in a shallow moan. It was so unforgettable that it surpassed the peak of alcohol and food.

"if I don't get married all my life, will I be a virgin all my life?" Miss Mei suddenly found the absurdity of the virgin curse. "No, life is too short. If you meet someone you like, why not sleep with him?"

Miss Mei did not sleep with that gentleman. Her courage did not prevail over morality. She hoped that the matter of sex would be raised by the other party, so she might feel less guilty.

in Miss Mei's eyes, her affair with this gentleman began with her husband's special care for her. although he did not take the initiative to tell Miss Mei about his long-distance female friends, she was also informed by Miss Mei. She thinks that men are always half-hearted just for that. At the age of 25, she is ready not to marry for the rest of her life, and if she has to have sex with someone, she would rather choose someone she loves.

so she expected the gentleman to push herself down, but it was a pity that this gentleman only had time to talk. As time passed, this gentleman disappeared from Miss Mei's life, and Miss Mei was still a virgin.

compared with the 21-year-old Miss Mei, the 27-year-old Miss Mei is reborn. She can make up for the lack of sex education by herself. She will not talk about the change of color, but will not pay easily. It is convenient for online shopping with healthy limbs, and when you are dissatisfied, you don't have to be someone else.

Men who know before the age of 21 who do not support premarital sex have also given up their pursuit of "virginity" because they are getting older to realize the reality. Perhaps over a long period, they have lost control of their lower body and pushed over several people. however, it is impossible to marry a person without the right time, place, and place, and some of them want to marry or fail. By themselves and others, they know that they can't be double-marked, and they no longer care about virginity. Some people compare the expectation of his wife's "chastity" to a house, "any hand is fine, as long as no one has ever died."

Miss Mei has also met someone who asks if she is a virgin, a blind date who is less than 1.7 meters tall but falsely claims to be 1.7 meters tall. After clearly expressing the idea of continuing the relationship, the blind date squeezed out a sentence, "can I say that you are not a virgin?"

Miss Mei rolled her eyes and said positively, "No." "Oh, I don't mind, in fact, you already have several boyfriends, isn't it normal?" the blind date hurriedly added. After a few days, Miss Mei viciously scolded the other party with a "big idiot" and then stormed the door, not because her blind date inquired if she was a virgin, but because the other person was so arrogant that she was boasting all the time about how powerful she was and how immature she was. Only she could protect her.

the 21-year-old boyfriend broke up because "I don't think you love me enough", then fell in love with someone else within three months, and even turned to seek coitus before breaking up with her. The reason is that "I'll still fall in love with you".

after many years, Miss Mei finally realized that "I don't think you love me enough" means "you won't have sex with me. It's not my fault to break up. It's yours."

"I don't think you love me enough." he may be right, Miss Mei, 27, thought. In the face of a sexual request from the man she loved, she would not refuse as a virgin before marriage. But at the age of 21, the apple is not yet ripe, love is just love, and it has nothing to do with sex.

"My body is my own. I want to be the last person, it must be because I like him, and I want to marry someone, not just because I fucked him." Miss Mei wants to.