100,000 yuan

100,000 yuan

This is a story I heard, the protagonist of the story is selling bean sprouts on the street. The story took place ten years ago in No.1 Middle School in the county seat. The county seat is a small county seat, closed, with a population of only 50,000 to 60,000. Ten years ago, 100,000 yuan could buy two houses in the county seat. Now, 100,000 yuan can buy half a house.

this is a story I heard. The protagonist of the story is the one who sells bean sprouts on the street. Let me start with the background of the story. The story took place ten years ago in No.1 Middle School in the county seat. The county seat is a small county seat, closed, with a population of only 50,000 to 60,000. Ten years ago, 100,000 yuan could buy two houses in the county seat. Now, 100,000 yuan can buy half a house. Ten years ago, this bean sprout seller was still in high school. She had a single mother. Her mother was a bean sprout seller. Her mother is the only child who uses the money to sell bean sprouts to send her to high school. She is also good enough to be in the top of the class in every exam.

the teacher said that if she tries harder, she can be admitted to Wuhan University. If she goes a little backward, she can only be admitted to an ordinary university. Her mother told her that she was not required to go to Wuhan University. If she could not pass the examination, she would not study at all and go home to help her mother sell bean sprouts. In order to get rid of the fate of selling bean sprouts, she studies very hard. She knew that she was different from other children in her class. She had only one mother, who sold bean sprouts and could not earn any money from dawn to dusk. In addition to her good study, she is also beautiful. The boy had a private chat in the dormitory and rated her as the most beautiful girl in the class. Many people like her, but no one dares to express their love, first, because the atmosphere of the county is simple, students are not allowed to fall in love. Second, because she studies well, she is silent and rejects people thousands of miles away. There is a boy in the class whose father is a contractor, and his family is one of the relatively rich families in the county.

the boy likes her and has been chasing her silently, but she has a general attitude towards him. That boy, who is very handsome, just doesn't study hard and relies on the money in his family to call friends. He will come and chase her, but he doesn't know what to say. Instead of chasing her hard, he just buys her heart with small things every day. Her family is poor, she doesn't buy cookies, but she doesn't buy any. He often takes small snacks and sits in front of her seat, talking to her, talking to her and her left and right, chatting and eating, eating and leaving, not disturbing her study. He pursues implicitly, and she is cheerful and generous. She is Oblivious enough. She does not attach importance to it, nor is she disgusted with him. On the contrary, she thinks that he is not bad. He pursues implicitly, and she is cheerful and generous. She does not attach importance to this matter, nor is she disgusted with him. On the contrary, he thinks that he is not bad. He chased for a while and found that she did not see that he was chasing her, or that she was busy studying every day and did not care, so he wondered to himself whether something should be done to clarify the matter and move her. After pondering it over and over, he came up with an idea and put it into action: he stole a bank card from his family and gave it to her. There are 100,000 yuan in that card, which is one of the deposit cards of their family, which is usually locked in the cupboard by his mother. He once secretly came out to check the balance, and he knew there were 100,000 yuan in it. How did he know the password? When I was withdrawing money with another card with his mother, I saw his birthday in reverse. He tried it with this card, and it was exactly the same as the password of that card. He gave her the card, told her there was 100,000 yuan in it, and told her the password. He told her that this is his lucky money over the years, all stored in the card, ask her to help keep it, so that he will not spend it at any time.

she doesn't know how rich the rich are, or how much lucky money the children of the rich have. She was moved by the trust, saying that I will hold it for you, it will not cost you, and you can come and get it from me whenever you want it. She felt that she was doing a good deed, saving the dude's burning soul. He still did not express his love clearly, but took the opportunity to hold her hand. That card was not commonly used in his family. He later realized that his mother, who spent all day in the mahjong parlor, found that she had lost her card after two months. He told his father about it, and when they analyzed it, they thought that there was an insider in the family, which was him. The card was opened in the name of his father. He went to the bank to check the balance. As soon as the money was not moved, he breathed a sigh of relief. His father thought it was a child's vanity, so he took it out to show off and asked him to hand over the card so as not to lose it outside. At first, he refused to say that the card had been given to her, so he was beaten up and said so. That's what happened. She just kept a card for her classmate. Although he told her the password out of trust, she didn't touch a penny in it. But his father did not think so, his father did not expect that his hard-raised son would steal the money from the family to buy two houses to please a female classmate. His father was surprised and angry, surprised that he and she were so bold, angry that he did not study hard, steal family money, and puppy love. His father brought it to school. In the teacher's office, he shouted and scolded the matter in a loud voice. He was naturally partial to his son, and there were a lot of slanderous words in his words, describing her as a scheming, bad woman who cheated boys out of money.

this story soon spread in the county. At that time, more than 90% families could not save 100, 000 yuan for the rest of their lives. And one of her students, a dead father with only one mother selling bean sprouts, unexpectedly accepted 100,000 yuan from her male classmates. She became the most famous student in the county. The words fox and beauty are used to describe her. For a while, everyone was pointing fingers at her, and even the teacher called her into the office and scolded her for a long time. She distinguished. She said she was just keeping a bank card for her classmate. She didn't know that he had stolen it. No one believed her. The sum of 100,000 yuan was too large to buy two houses, which was enough to make the whole county boiling. People reprocessed the matter and added a lot of beautiful colors. In the end, she slept with a lot of male classmates, had a lot of abortions, and received a lot of money from male classmates.

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many people come to visit her in her class and their home. Envy her ability to get a man to give 100,000 yuan. Many children saw her, called her a bitch, and threw stones at her. Even her mother's bean sprout stall was overturned many times by a good half-year-old child. Her mother was so angry that she beat her so hard with a stick that she couldn't get out of bed for a week. After that, she dropped out of school and helped her mother grow bean sprouts at home. She became very silent, silent all day, lifeless, dry and yellow, and no longer beautiful. She had a bad reputation and few people kissed her, and after a few yearsAn old bachelor from the countryside came to her home and became her husband. The man has a bad leg and walks with a bit of a limp. He also had a bad temper. After drinking, he beat her and her children and called her a bitch.

does not make money, the whole family depends on her mother to sell bean sprouts for a living. After a few years, her mother died, and she took over the bean sprout stall, growing bean sprouts at home every day and going out to sell bean sprouts. As for him, things were so vigorous that his father transferred him to the city to study in high school in order to avoid the limelight. After graduating from high school, he studied in a junior college. When he was in college, his father opened a factory in the county town and made a lot of money. as soon as he came back from graduation, he inherited his father's factory, married the only daughter of the county public security bureau chief, and gave birth to a pair of children. His wife often goes to her bean sprout stand to buy bean sprouts.