"you have to know how to refuse, and you can't be too casual."

"you have to know how to refuse, and you can't be too casual."

When people are high-sounding, they are sometimes even inferior to animals. We have to wake up and always know what we are doing.

The chat history of

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Wechat is a melting pot. If you are allowed to get your partner's phone and fill in the search bar with all kinds of creepy keywords, there will always be some conversations you don't want to see.

I have seen a movie called "perfect Stranger" before, and several couples seem to have no big problem. During the party, they played a game together, that is, put their cell phones on the table. At the moment of the party, everyone has no privacy from each other. Without privacy, this has become one of the biggest problems. In many cases, the mobile phone has become everyone's black box, in which there are a lot of secrets, and some secrets are very likely to break up a relationship.

however, the reason why many couples are still able to stay together is because of the guilt of doing something wrong with each other, the restlessness after the two people are together, and the things they know they have kept and deleted in their chat records.

I have a very close male friend. When he was most vulnerable after breaking up with his ex, to get through this period, he agreed to the pursuit of a girl who was in hot pursuit of him, but he did not love her. The girl's desperate efforts did not arouse a trace of love. But in the spirit of some responsibility and guilt, my male friend never broke up with her, but went to cater to her every day, and was still thinking about other girls.

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being single is a happy time, but once you enter a certain relationship, many problems and contradictions are not discussed, which does not mean that it does not exist. Everyone knows exactly what they are doing or whether they will still love. People should learn how to break up, and they should also learn how to resist temptations from all sides when they have a one-on-one relationship.

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people always become weaker as they live, so sometimes it's good to compete with themselves. The older you grow and the more you see, the dirtier you feel that the world is dirty and that people and human beings are dirtier. And these are things that have never been seen before.

I often feel sad, because my heart's acceptance and feeling of the world tends to slow down unconsciously, even when I am still a teenager, I always feel that a lot of things and many people will still get better and still believe a lot of people unconditionally. But the result is always lost again and again in the hurt.

Learning does not harden the heart, but it does not keep up with age. Loss and expectation change with each other, and in the end there is still more pain.

so one of the traits that people appreciate most,

must be that they know how to refuse.

sometimes many people think that rejecting others is cruel, but the consequences of not refusing must be crueler than refusing. For example, in the face of a person who pursues himself, but has no feeling-to reject a person he does not love, to refuse is to cut off, to set the other person and himself free at the same time, although there may be a brief embarrassment, the other person will be unwilling, but he and the other party must be relieved. Know that it is no longer possible, do not leave hope for each other, let each other give up is to give freedom, but also to respect.

for those who do not know how to refuse, there must be some "point of interest" in this temptation, which makes them indecisive. The typical feeling in a relationship is-"Ta is good, too. If you don't try it first, maybe you'll feel it." Do not like others, you must refuse, never try to like the feelings, there is also self-persuasion and make do with. Your first feelings are always best suited to your wishes.

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Don't delay others or yourself. Even at work, or after having a relationship, you must not hesitate to face the temptation. Try to love when you are sure and refuse if you don't like it. People who know how to say no are always the coolest, and rejection is always the cleanest shortcut to the answer.

Today, I saw something sent by a friend, including a sentence from a boy. He said, "if a boy says how many girls he has dated, I just think he is very LOW." If he said he was married to a girl he liked very much, I would think he was a man. "

I am a very traditional person. In today's dirty society, it is extremely easy to have sex. It is easier to go to bed than to hold hands. A pair of skin and a figure with a little impulse will do. The rest of the things are empty and extremely empty. But nowadays, it is very difficult to love someone with your heart, so I will be full of respect for those who know how to love.

when people are high-sounding, they are sometimes even inferior to animals.

We need to wake up and know what we are doing from time to time.