"can you put a picture of us in our moments?"

"can you put a picture of us in our moments?"

People who care about you will give you enough sense of security, otherwise they don't care enough about you.


she cried because he refused to take po photos for moments.

the opportunity to cry is because they don't post photos, but both of them know how fragile the relationship is. when she complained to her friends more than once, she said that there was no sense of security when she fell in love with him, and she always had to worry about whether he would go to the bar again and chat with other little girls.

he doesn't understand. He never understands why she always has no sense of security.

it is common for him to go out to dinner alone with close female friends and help female classmates go halfway across the city to buy a pair of limited edition shoes. There is a girl he has known for a long time, who likes to complain to him and call his brother every time he is lovelorn. He thinks about how kind and good it is to help a little sister, but she just doesn't understand, and always has a cold war with herself because of this.

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We always wonder what they will gladly accept for their loved ones. Is it a valuable gift or a sincere promise? you know, in fact, many people really don't want much in their relationships. They don't need any gifts, and they don't even have the expectation of commitment. What they want in a relationship is a feeling that allows them to feel at ease and be themselves.

Rita found that he had changed slowly after he fell in love. It turns out that the girl who only likes to stay at home and watch videos, because her boyfriend likes to go out to hang out for social dinners in bars, she forces herself to become a girl who likes to hang out at bars. She said some blunt and polite words, drank a glass of toast to others, and quarreled with her boyfriend every time she got drunk.

spend less and less time at home, obviously there are more and more people around, but Rita feels more and more lonely and unhappy. She had a chat with a girl she knew not long ago. As a result, the girl didn't understand her at all. Instead, she talked about herself. She silently drank the mojito in front of her, only feeling more depressed.

she dare not be herself in front of her boyfriend, dare not shirk when her boyfriend invites her to all kinds of dinners, and dare not tell her boyfriend that I hate going out often and that I just want to stay at home.

Rita does not have sense of security.


I want to sleep comfortably next to you.

this is my little secret.

what you don't know, I like it when you hold me from behind, bury your head in my hair, and breathe into my neck. I like your half-dream and half-awake murmur, calling me vaguely, your body temperature covers my body. I like that your ears will be red when you kiss me, you will rub my hair, and you will say that I am not tired of thinking about it many times.

these are the sense of security you gave me, so that I can feel at ease whenever I am wronged.

because you are with me.

I remember you got drunk the other day and told me that you didn't have sense of security.

I asked you: why?

you lean on my arm like you are acting coquettish. You say you are confident in everything you do, but you are less sense of security to people.

you were drunk and cooped up in my arms and said to me: I don't have sense of security, you have to hold me tight.

I know that you are already accustomed to being independent, so it is inevitable that when you meet the next person, you will habitually want to close yourself off, afraid of being touched by the same story, and always show a kind of indifference and meaninglessness.

sometimes the more you escape, the more you realize how much you don't have sense of security in your relationship, vicious circle, adverse reactions, love, longing, and concern for others with a sense of scrutiny.

I can't tell the lie from the reality, the routine and the heart. No matter who I hold, I feel so far away, like a whole galaxy separated by two hearts.

to love someone is to give her sense of security.

there are many people who are attracted to you, but few can make you feel at ease.